How Do I Get To Take His Class? August 21, 2012

How Do I Get To Take His Class?

San Diego State University’s The Daily Aztec has a nice profile of Professor Roy Whitaker, who teaches classes like “Hip Hop and Religion” and “Atheism, Humanism and Secularism.”

Roy Whitaker (Antonio Zaragoza – The Daily Aztec)

After giving a lecture talk in 2008, Whitaker began to develop the idea behind his hip-hop course, slowly integrating the issues into a world religions course.

At least one week would be dedicated to pop culture and religion. Eventually, this concept became its own class, focusing on how hip-hop culture and religious ideology cross paths.

Whitaker said religious studies has historically looked at traditional religions, texts and prophets, while often ignoring other types of prophets — “prophets of the hood” — who struggle with some of the same issues addressed in religious stories.

Awe. Some.

Someone put this class online. Please?

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