A Chance to Win Free Tickets to the Pennsylvania Atheist/Humanist Conference August 21, 2012

A Chance to Win Free Tickets to the Pennsylvania Atheist/Humanist Conference

The Pennsylvania Nonbelievers are hosting a statewide conference in September — students can already get in at a steep discount — but you can win free tickets!

All you have to do is send your favorite freethought quotation and contact information to contest@atheistpa.org. The winner will be selected randomly and will have their name and quotation read by Dan Barker at the conference!

(***Edit***: Only PA residents over 18 are eligible to enter the contest and that travel and lodging are not included as part of the prize.)

Either way, you can check out the impressive speakers’ list and get tickets here!

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  • thepoint2012

    how the divine pen of Michel Nostradamus crushed the international atheist movement



    one applicant right here…

    get the POINT, Randi….

  • To take nothing away from PA Nonbelievers tremendous contribution to this conference, the conference is the result of a coalition of state and national organizations, including PA Nonbelievers, Lancaster Freethought Society, Secular Coalition for America, Freedom from Religion Foundation, Nittany Freethought, Steel City Skeptics, Pittsburgh Secular Freethinkers, and American Atheists. Just want our partners and sponsors to get the credit they deserve.

  • Parse

    I could go to this.  I have the money for it, I have the time.  I’m even not that far away from the place, so travel isn’t a concern.
    But I won’t.  At least, not while Justin Vacula is speaking there.  Given his participation in the ‘slime pit’ – including posting Skepchick’s Surly Amy’s home address (https://twitter.com/SurlyAmy/statuses/236725192502689792) – I feel that attending this conference would show my support for his actions, and I refuse to do that.

  •  Justin was included in this event because he is a PA native and public atheist speaker. The conference has no connection to Skepchick and will not benefit them in any way. If one speaker causes you to miss all the other great speakers at this event I respect your stance on what is important to you but I think you are truly missing out on something great. Perhaps during the 45 mins that Justin has for his presentation you can get something to eat, take a walk, or even go somewhere else to talk with others that feel the way you do.

  • Hemant, can you please change the post to read that only PA residents over 18 are eligible to enter the contest and that travel and lodging are not included as part of the prize? Full Official Rules can be found here: http://atheistpa.org/contest/


  • Done and done.

  •  Agreed – this is a joint effort, and the work and contributions by every organization involved is vital to this conference’s success!

  • Parse

    I understand the reasons why he was invited; do you understand why I think he shouldn’t have been?  The fact that the conference has no connection to Skepchick isn’t important; my issue is with his behavior and actions, and the thing I linked to is simply a recent example of them. 
    And yes, I am willing to miss the other great speakers because of Justin Vacula.  If I just vanish for his presentation, would anybody in charge notice?  How would that work towards making things different in the future?  Instead, I’m letting you (one of the people responsible for the event) know that the problem exists, and exerting what power I can to change it.  

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