Bryan Fischer Agrees with Rep. Todd Akin About #LegitimateRape… Of Course August 20, 2012

Bryan Fischer Agrees with Rep. Todd Akin About #LegitimateRape… Of Course

Because Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer knows soooooo much about women’s health:

As Brian Tashman at Right Wing Watch points out,

… rape does not make pregnancy either impossible or unlikely, and there are other types of rape than “forcible rape,” such as statutory rape or cases where consent isn’t offered or is impossible.

Even Akin has apologized for what he said (though, if he has his way, he still won’t give women control over their own bodies).

But I guess in the eyes of Fischer — and pre-apology Akin — infertile women and men and people who are passed out can’t get “legitimately” raped. They’re wrong. Horrifically wrong.

Incidentally, about 32,000 unwanted pregnancies are caused by rape every year in the United States.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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  • Margaret Whitestone

    Fischer is truly a vile, contemptible troll of a man.

  • Miss_Beara

    These man trolls think that they know women’s bodies more than women. And they think they know what is best for women’s bodies more than women. And they think that they can make serious decisions on women’s bodies instead of women themselves. 


  • A3Kr0n

    What’s going on inside these people’s heads?

  • Saw a great comment on FB:

    Leave Todd Akin alone. Tons of legitimate rapes have no chance of leading to pregnancy. So far, priests raping altar boys and Penn State football coaches raping young “at risk” males have led to zero reported pregnancies.

  • jdm8

    Yet, some of them get offended and say people violate protocol and decency if you use the medically correct terminology.

  • What Margaret said but with several expletives in front…

  • So it’s only legitimate rape if the level of force used was brutal enough to injure the woman so badly that she’s unable to conceive.

    That actually seems to be a little bit worse than what Akin said.  If I were Akin, I’d thank Fischer for his support and ask him to stop helping.

  • pagansister

    An amazingly stupid statement.  I know at least one woman who was the result of a rape.  This man said he got his information from doctors?  I’d hate to be a patient of the doctor(s) that told him that bit of so wrong information. 

  • pagansister

     Must amend my statement above.  I think it was Akin who mentioned he got his info from a doctor(s).  Sorry.  However both men are obviously capable of making amazingly stupid statements regarding this subject.

  • LesterBallard

    What a insult to trolls.

  • Good point.  I know a woman who was gang raped at knife point and got pregnant  (and had the baby).  Not that I think any kind of rape is any more ‘legitimate’ than any other, but if if your body was going to reject anything due to stress, I would think a knife at your throat would do it.

  • akin apologized to what — exactly?
    it’s ill-conceived and wrong… how?
    just because he hurt someone’s feelings?

    that was a non-apology and he’s retracted nothing.

  • pagansister

     Yes, Rich W.  If being raped at knife point doesn’t set off the rejection factor, what would?!      I agree—rape is rape—-the very word says NO  Consent was involved! 

  • nakedanthropologist

    Wow….just wow.  Fischer is truly an evil and descipcable man.  His, Akins, and a host of others who hold such ignorant, hateful, and hurtful beliefs are a bain to the citizens of the USA – and we can only hope that his cruel beliefs, words, and actions are loudly opposed by decent US citizens.

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