I Don’t Hate Homosexual People in Their Totality August 17, 2012

I Don’t Hate Homosexual People in Their Totality

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  • fett101

    Or, “I don’t hate everything about you, just the parts that are different from me”.

  • randall.morrison90

    Kind of like the atheist who told me, “I don’t hate you personally, I just think everything you believe is delusional and dangerous.  But that does not make you a bad person.”


  •  It is like that, except that there’s nothing wrong with being gay, and being gay is not a choice, and a person *is* straight or gay but *has* beliefs.

    So really…. it is not like that at all.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Yeah, well, Atheists aren’t a huge majority who slanders you for profit and actively keeps your rights from you. We just think your belief in a Sky Daddy is dangerous. 

    Totally the same thing, though, right?

  • Coyotenose

    I don’t hate everything about you, just the entire way your brain and biochemistry operate and help you relate to every other human on earth.

  • AnonoesBOOM

    Oh don’t worry, I don’t hate you either – just the part of you that is bigoted against me.

  • Instead of gay, substitute any of the following to see the parallel:

    black, white, male, female, Jewish ancestry, Irish ancestry, any other particular ancestry…  all things out of one’s control

  • Guest

    Hate – an utterly meaningless word that is used by people with weak cases for their cause in order to cover up that they have weak cases for their cause.  Used to actually mean something else.  Not today. 

  • Patterrssonn

    I don’t know, bigots have been called on their hate for quite a while now. Just because these evil pricks dress their hate in pretty language and try to justify it by religious none sense doesn’t make it any less vile.

    I don’t even know if hate is a strong enough word for what these evil dirty foul mouthed religious bags of shit do.

  • Patterrssonn

    I think they’re mistaken, if you use religion to rationalize your bigotry against gays then you are a “bad person”.

  • Guest

    Then it sounds as if those evil dirty foul mouthed religious bags of shit have no other way to avoid being charged with hate than converting to your absolute moral standards. 

  • Randomfactor

    That works for me.

    Or maybe they could just stop trying to apply THEIR standards to other people using the secular world’s laws.  You know, start worrying more about their own sins. 

  • M J Shepherd

    If only sexual orientation was a choice, that might be a valid comparison.

  • Patterrssonn

    Let me get this straight, you’re asking me, if the assholes stop spreading hate and lies and attacking gays will we stop accusing them of promoting hate?

    I think this is the point where I say Well duh!

  • ImRike

     I really wouldn’t care what you think of me or if you hate me, as long as you are not trying to make me abide by your absolute moral standards. What difference does it make to you how I live my life? I’m not trying to convert you to my moral standards, I’m just trying to get you to let me live my life the way I see fit. I don’t even care if you pray to your imaginary being to send me to imaginary hell when I die, just so long as you won’t force me to live by your moral (or any other) standards.

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