Edward Falzon Visiting Ball State University August 17, 2012

Edward Falzon Visiting Ball State University

I met Edward Falzon a couple of weeks ago at a conference — awesome guy — and he’s written a book humorously paraphrasing the first five books of the Bible called Being Gay is Disgusting.

His book tour will stop at Ball State University on August 27th where he will be hosted by the school’s Atheists for Science and Reason group:

This event will take place at Ball State University in the Student Center, Room 310 A/B at 6pm. Seating is limited…

We are very excited to start off the 2012 school year with such a great event. As a very new student organization, we are thankful to Mr. Falzon for taking a detour to bring a different point of view and humor to Muncie, Indiana.

More information is here!

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  • Margaret Whitestone

    I can’t  attend the event but I just downloaded the Kindle edition of the book and I look forward to reading it.

  • dorothy30

    the book tour continues on thru the US. check Edward’s website for other cities

  • Guest

    Why do I get the impression that his will be a talk for folks who are not overly concerned about how Christians actually understand the role of Scripture and interpretation, and for those who have never bothered to study the subject?  I also get the strange impression, that if he is like so many atheists, he will take the Protestant Fundamentalist approach – a proportionally small and relatively recent branch of the historic Christian faith – and apply it as if that one singular approach is the only approach that exists or has ever existed.  Atheist nowadays seem to do that.  I can see why.  It’s wrong of course, and easily shown to be a false assumption, but atheists seem to latch onto that and not let go.

  • TheExpatriate700

    @Guest If other Christians don’t like it, maybe they should take a stronger stand against the fundamentalists.

  • Danny

    It’s too bad I graduated a while ago and now live 1000 miles away. I would’ve loved to see this. We didn’t really have guests talking about these subjects when I was at ball state.

  • Sonorus2012

    Which Christians?  I have spent quite a bit of time listening to sermons from my Southern Baptist upbringing and then Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopal, UCC, Methodist and Presbyterian Christians and Conservative and Reform Jews.  (I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.  I can check my old 1099s for all the various places I worked as a professional musician if you’d like.)  What I learned from listening to all of them is that every group, and perhaps every individual, has their own way of dismissing the parts of their holy book that are obviously not true or that contradict the other parts or that they just choose to reject.  It’s not that hard to go through the Bible and point out the ridiculous sections, take them apart, and show that no one could possibly take this at face value.

    Now if you’d like to read the book and show how your particular branch of Christianity interprets things differently, that might be interesting for others to read.  But don’t blame atheists for not tying themselves in knots trying to rationalize a book that often makes no sense and is occasionally openly immoral and in my opinion offensive.

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