Edward Tarte’s Seminary Memories: Benediction August 16, 2012

Edward Tarte’s Seminary Memories: Benediction

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  • A3Kr0n

    This video should go viral. Excellent!

  • Robster

    Seminaries sound like a place of punishment, they could have called them by a more attractive name, like “bar” or “club” or something better than seminary. Also, isn’t Benediction the current pope? The Mother Mary seminary. Was she there? I read yesterday that Mary had been assumed or was it consumed and that was something to celebrate. Catholics seem to love eating bits of their deity and said deity’s family. The little goldy thingy the priests put the cracker in, are they like a mini microwave? Crackers would emerge crispy fresh before being assumed by all the happy campers in church as they wait for the tasty wine bit to come around. So much to learn for so little reason.

  • viaten

    To see it for real:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeYpwlXM8C4
    Watch a couple minutes from 1:40, 4:35, and 24:20.

  • Robyman4

    Edward, I didn’t know your age but I sure didn’t think you were 77. I thought you were much younger. You are looking great, sir! And your intellectual abilities are as keen as ever. Thank you for all of your posts – I have enjoyed every one.

  • Chadfroese

    Wonderful playing, Edward. The most difficult thing about being an ex-Christian atheist is no longer singing such beautiful hymns every week; religion has had a near-monopoly on (Western) music for so very long.

  • God of Reason

    For your enjoyment, from Edward Tarte’s youtube channel, a math question that he completely fails at. 

    “If it takes exactly 10 minutes for 10 sheep to jump over a fence. At that rate, how many sheep can jump over the fence in an hour.”
    His brilliant reasoning suggests that it is 55. See for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ySGy_ZJO74Oh and for an added bonus, he argues with almost every single person who corrects him and is convinced he is right. 

  • Edwardtarte

    God of Reason, if you haven’t already, please watch my latest math video, I Clap For You, which as I say in the video is closely related to the Sheep puzzle.  

  • Edwardtarte

    God of Reason, I forgot:  my “I Clap For You” video has an accompanying solution video, and I invite you to watch it also.  It is in the solution video that I state that that puzzle is related to my Sheep puzzle.

  • God of Reason

    They are not identical problems. I have no problem with the solution to the clapping video. 

  • Edwardtarte

    I would like to put God of Reason’s comment in context, and in the process, I hope, challenge what I see as his ungracious tone.   Like Hemant, I am a math teacher (1968 to the present). On YouTube I have a collection of about 75 math videos, about 73 of them offering prizes for correct answers:)  About 60 of them are accompanied by solution videos.  You can browse my playlists at my YouTube profile page.  My recommendation, in case you would like to try one, is:  at YouTube, search edward tarte date-names.

  • Edwardtarte

    My Sheep challenge and my Clap challenge are mathematically and logically equivalent.

  • kk

    I think you’re wonderful, Mr.  Tarte!  Keep telling it like it is…You’re an inspiration to many!

  • ofpfury

    Thanks for that link.  It blew my mind.   Like a bad Star Trek episode.  Amazing that humans with working brains can carry out such rediculous rituals.  A shame that comments are not allowed there..

  • Medea Ginger Hertz

     I know what you mean…

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