New Patheos Atheist Blogs August 15, 2012

New Patheos Atheist Blogs

The Atheist Portal at Patheos just added a couple of new blogs to our roster!

We now have two former Quiverfull women (Libby Anne and Melissa), Christian apologist rebuttalist Bob Seidensticker, collector of all things unreasonable Daniel, and Humanist Chaplain Greg Epstein.

Check them out! And then everyone go yell at Greg for not posting enough.

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  • MegaZeusThor


    Say, what does Pathoes get out all you folks pointing out that deities are silly and don’t actually exist?

  • Adds to a (hopefully) productive conversation about religion on the web, which is part of their mission.

  • SlugabedWitch61
  • Tom_Nightingale

    You’d be surprised how humble many religious people are when it comes to criticism towards their beliefs.  Patheos happens to have some of them, which is I think precisely why Hemant chose to come here.  Why not talk to those with open ears?

    Had no idea Greg was writing on Patheos.  Greg, put more stuff here!  Just Ctrl + C your updates from Harvard and + V them here, will bring you more attention 🙂

  • Hemant: Thanks for the introduction!

    MZT: My own interest is in engaging with Christians, which makes Patheos a great place for me. I agree with many pastors who say that most Christians don’t think about their beliefs enough. 

    I do my best to help out by giving them something to think about.

  • Gregpeterson144

    I have been very favorably impressed by what’s appeared on Cross Examination so far.  I look forward to reading more.

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