Just Released: Atheist Voices of Minnesota August 15, 2012

Just Released: Atheist Voices of Minnesota

The atheists in Minnesota are vocal and proud and a bunch of them just released a collection of their thoughts called Atheist Voices of Minnesota: An Anthology of Personal Stories:

Greta Christina wrote the foreword, which you can read in full here:

What’s more, coming out has a snowball effect. When we come out as atheist, other people will feel safer coming out. And they’ll make the next wave of people feel safer. And so on, and so on, and so on. When we tell our stories — about how we deal with illness and mourn our dead, how we get married and raise our children, how we grow up and grow old, how we love the world and find meaning in a finite life — people who have no religion and think they’re alone can learn from our experience. And people who are questioning their faith but fear what that might mean can see that it doesn’t mean disaster, that in fact it can mean joy and integrity and liberation. Telling our stories about our atheism makes the world safer for other atheists… and for atheists-to-be.

Social change is a long game. But every atheist who tells their story — as the writers in this book have done — is part of the game.

And I wrote this blurb for the book (because my state *almost* borders Minnesota):

This is an important compilation of what it means to be godless, how difficult it can be to come out publicly as an atheist, and why faith is not a virtue. Not only do I see a lot of my own history in this collection, the variety of voices speak to current and future atheists all across the country. … I highly recommend it.

All the net proceeds from the book will support Minnesota Atheists, so check it out! You’re supporting a great group and getting something wonderful in return.

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