Dan Barker Makes the Case for Atheism August 13, 2012

Dan Barker Makes the Case for Atheism

Brian Wilson put together this 15-minute compilation of Dan Barker making a case for atheism against Muslim apologist Adam Deen (who doesn’t appear in this particular video). If you aren’t the type of person who likes debates, this is a nice collection of talking points that come up on the atheist side of these conversations:

"She still preaches about jesus, just not the imaginary friend many people have."

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  • Justin Miyundees


  • That was awesome. I’ve known who Dan Barker is but this is the first time I’ve heard him give a presentation. I now know whose talks I’ll be looking up on youtube to listen to while I work tomorrow. 😀 Thanks!

  • Thin-ice

    Yes, Dan Barker is great. However, his shirt and tie combination was terrible! Dan, on the unlikely chance that you’re reading these comments, please have someone vet your tie/shirt combination. If you don’t have someone to vet it, follow this general rule: plain shirt, patterned tie; patterned tie, plain shirt!

  • Dcsimo


  • US Infidel

    Also, the tie and short can be both stripped, though the tie’s stripes should be broader than the shirt’s stripes.  WAY broader! Shirts with bottons on their collar are more of a casual shirts, should not really be worn at public events.  The tie’s color should always be bolder than the shirt as well.