‘Atheists Helping the Homeless’ Hold 41st Giveaway August 12, 2012

‘Atheists Helping the Homeless’ Hold 41st Giveaway

Earlier today, the group Atheists Helping the Homeless based in Austin, Texas just held their 41st giveaway — over 100 people went through their line:

Among the items they gave away: pre-packaged food, toilet paper, socks, soap, combs, razors, sunblock, and shampoo.

If you’d like to donate a little something to help them continue events like this in the future, you can do that here 🙂

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  • Guest

    That’s nice to see.

  • Joe Zamecki

    Hemant, thanks for posting this!! :o)

  • A3Kr0n

    That’s a great thing to see. I wish there was a non-secular group providing help in my community. We have the Salvation Army & ECHO, both faith-based, and receiving tax dollars. There’s also GIFTS (God Is Faithful Temporary Shelter). GIFTS doesn’t really want my help because I’m not with a church, although they don’t come right out and say it, but I do volunteer at a non-secular homeless shelter that is owned by a former Catholic hospital. The shelter is in the old convent, and is surrounded by a Catholic church, and school. I need to start something, somehow.

  • Joe Zamecki

    Well we’re always looking for folks who want to start a chapter of AHH in their town. It’s a lot of work though, and only one other group has managed to make it happen, in Dallas/Ft. Worth. They kick ass: http://www.DFWAHH.org

    To anyone wanting to try to start a chapter of AHH, please contact me! ZameckiJ at G Mail dot com  🙂

  • Margaret Whitestone

    Good for them. I love seeing things like this.  

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