Seen in St. Paul Tonight August 10, 2012

Seen in St. Paul Tonight

The game featuring the Mr. Paul Aints minor league baseball team took place tonight. At the moment, they’re losing 2-0… so, um, say your prayers!

American Atheists’ Dave Silverman threw out the first pitch. From what I hear, the ball *almost* made it to the plate. Guess he should stick to his day job 🙂

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  • Final was 2-0…but the game was fun anyway.  The Aint’s put on a good show and everyone had lots of fun.

  • Poot

    We had tickets but my wife was ill so we stayed behind.  We’re so proud of our city and so proud of the Aint’s for having a great sense of humor and most importantly, and open mind.  I hope there was no “trouble” from the locals.

  • It was a really fun night. And I heard one of the roaming beer vendors say, “You atheists are so nice and you tip great!” so thanks for making us look good, whoever that was!

  • sandy

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