Bryan Fischer’s Underground Railroad for Children of Same-Sex Couples August 10, 2012

Bryan Fischer’s Underground Railroad for Children of Same-Sex Couples

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer tweeted this the other day:

This seems like an appropriate response:

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  • The Captain

    I can’t even begin to curse out this man in public…. what a vile human being.

  • He appears to be advocating kidnapping.

  • Baby_Raptor

    My fiance and I were discussing wanting kids at some point in the next couple years when I read that. 
    The conversation went from “Okay, we want a filly. And if the first is a colt, we’re only trying once more.” to “Well, we’re not marrying, you’re not straight, neither of us are True Christians…they’d be after our kids next.” 

  • the article he links pretty much just says that people growing up with same sex parents turn out social awkward… but isn’t that defied by all the children of same sex couples that aren’t socially awkward?

  • The Other Weirdo

     My very thought. And then, when someone takes him up on it and actually tries it, he’ll claim he was merely stating an opinion and in no way intended for it to be actually carried out. Isn’t that what all the churches whose members shoot an abortion provider inevitably claim?

  • Miss_Beara

    I am guessing during the next couple of days he will give one of these two excuses, or perhaps even both.

    1. It was taken out of context.
    2. It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. 

  • And Robert Oscar Lopez seems determined to blame his social awkwardness on his mom and her partner, when really, he just seems to be socially awkward. It happens.

  • What other group of people also want “innocent children” delivered to them and their kind from some secretive “underground” transportation?

  • Tracker

    To the article: Maybe if they didn’t have to live a life apart. Didn’t have to be closeted it would have been a little easier.  Socially awkward is a way of life for most children/teens/adults no matter who your parents are.

  • Tracker

    Till EVERY child/teen of straight parents are shown to be uber-social I can not take any study of children/teens raised by gay or lesbians seriously.

  • Emilyb62

    If he were so worried about children, he might want to start with all the children in foster care, and all the children in abusive homes. I think a child in a stable, loving home…no matter what sexual preference the parents/guardians may be, is the most important thing.

    Some people I really wonder about.

    As a product of (shitty) foster care, I would have been thrilled to have a loving family that happened to be same sex…I wouldn’t have cared:-/ -oh, but that wouldn’t have been permitted, along with single parents….pfft.

  • 3. I was hacked.

  • SteveS

    This is what you get when you put someone with a personality disorder in front of a camera and a microphone and tell him to talk for several hours every day. 

  • Margaret Whitestone

    When you have someone who preaches so much hatred of LGBT people, it’s only natural his next step would be to recommend criminal actions against them and their families.

  • Erp

    For those not up on the news, this is probably in response to a kidnapping of a child by one mother (now an anti-gay Christian) to it is assumed a central American country so as to prevent the other mother from  having the contact that the family court had permitted.   Some of the accessories who had aided her are now on trial.

    Fischer is probably also commenting on other cases such as the same-sex couple in Florida who sought to adopt their two foster children (two brothers who had been severely neglected by their biological parents so that the younger one wasn’t speaking and the older was stealing food to give to his brother).  The couple had taken the children in, loved them, etc. for several years so they became ‘adoptable’ in the eyes of Florida by a straight couple (but it would probably mean separating the brothers).   The same-sex couple successfully sued in the Florida courts for the right to adopt on the grounds it was by far the best option for the kids (Florida does not permit gays to adopt though they can foster) since even leaving them in foster care with the couple meant the kids always had to fear being removed and separated.   Fischer would probably drag the kids away and split them up if necessary.

  • Patterrssonn

    4. The Devil made me do it.

  • Glasofruix

    And hetero couples never kidnap their kids to prevent the other parent from seing them, every good christian(tm) knows that.

  • Spencer09

    Does he not know the Underground Railroad ended in Canada where Gay marriage is lega?

  • Cincinatheist

    5. I was just touching that guy’s foot in the next stall to ask him if he could slide over an extra roll of toilet paper….

    Oh, wrong thread. Sorry.  

  • These people are scary. Fischer’s statement is very telling. If he could, he and his ilk would forcibly remove children from their parents. The only reason they don’t is because they can’t. But if these Christian dominionists ever get into power, I have no doubt they would implement a theocracy.

  • The linked article is full of the same lies that are propagated by the AFA all the time. The Regnerus study was thoroughly discredited.

    Only two of the 1.7 percent of respondents who reported a parental same-sex relationship reported living with that couple as parents for their entire childhood, meaning that the study has little to say about gay couples who deliberately chose to parent children through donor insemination, surrogacy or other means.

    That’s two people. Two people out of 3000. There’s nothing in the Regnerus study about those of us who were born or adopted into planned same-sex families. And there are no studies indicating that children of same-sex parents are more likely to suffer from social awkwardness (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) than other children.

  • With God, all things are permissible.

  • Margaret Whitestone

     Bryan Fischer and his loathsome friends are actually supportive of Isabella Miller-Jenkins’ kidnapping since it was done by the mother who converted to Christianity and declared herself “ex-gay”.  To these barbarians, any act, no matter how criminal or abhorrent, is OK if done by a Christian and in the name of one’s “deeply held religious beliefs”.

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