David Barton’s Book Will Rise Again August 9, 2012

David Barton’s Book Will Rise Again

From NPR:

[David Barton’s] book has already been pulled off the Thomas Nelson website, and the publisher is in the process of pulling down its availability as an e-book from retail partners. Publishing rights are being reverted to the author

This decision doesn’t leave Barton without a publisher, however. Barton’s own organization, WallBuilders, published his previous books.

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  • So true!

    Indeed, how else can a moral relativist (which I think defines the majority of secular humanists) develop a sound ethos without asking and discussing just these sorts of tricky questions? Questions about the efficacy of torture and racial profiling have certainly not been settled with any absolute certainty, so they remain valid questions, both pragmatically and philosophically. The only position I’d hold to be absolutely invalid is one which does not admit to the possibility that it’s wrong… and I don’t think Harris has made that claim.

  • At least his book is real. Not factual, but real.

  • Sometimes I think the central core of religious faith has  less to do with Jesus or any other deity than the will to believe that hacks like Barton could be any other than con-artists.

  • Squirrelly

    Has it been three days already?

  • jdm8

    Is this a response to some other article?

  • 3lemenope

    I think he was aiming for the “Richard Dawkins Weighs in on the Sam Harris Vilification” article.

  • Edmond

    I’m sure the little numbers at the bottom give a factual account of the number of pages…

  • Yeah, I wondered where that went. Very odd… Disqus is really screwed up today. I don’t even think this topic was present when I made the post! Guess I’ll try again.

  • mikespeir

    They’re trying to take away his right to publish lies.  It’s persecution, I tell ya!

  • Gunstargreen

    I want to say “at least a Christian publisher giving him the boot should hurt his credibility” but I’m not going to kid myself. The people who believe his nonsense aren’t even going to notice this happened or care.

  • M J Shepherd

    Oh they’ll care if Barton makes a big stink about being shut down. Just not in a good way.

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