Any Atheists K-12 Teachers Out There? August 7, 2012

Any Atheists K-12 Teachers Out There?

Craig and Aimee Howley at Ohio University are doing research on K-12 teachers/administrators who are also non-religious.

A great deal of research in education focuses on the experiences of marginalized groups. The aim of this study is to investigate the experiences of one such group — teachers who describe themselves as atheists, agnostics, or freethinkers. Little is really known about the experience of atheists in any realm of social discourse in the United States, and no study has investigated the experiences of atheists who are employed as teachers. The role of teacher is particularly interesting as a site for studying the experience of atheists because teachers are considered to be bearers of community standards, and few (if any) communities uphold atheism as a legitimate point of view, let alone as a principle on which community life is grounded.

I’ll be speaking with them next week. If you’re up for doing it, you can find Craig Howley’s email address here!

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  • s

  • TCC

    So we should just E-mail him saying that we’re interested? I’d definitely be glad to participate.

  • Wleebarbo

    I would also be happy to participate. I will send an email.

  • Centrally Located Independent

    well, i was subbing last year but have my own classroom this year… does that count?

  • Don’t know of any, but I do know quite a few atheist marketers, so if there’s ever a study of that sub-segment of the population keep me in mind

  • Yes! Email him directly.

  • Not sure… feel free to email him and ask.

  • Matt

    United States only? Bah. I’m a teacher in Australia…

  • AC

    I also teach high school math and am a strong agnostic humanist. After clicking the link, I noticed that some of my credentials just so happen to come from one of the same institutions as this Mr. Howley (small world).

  • Emily

    What about USAmerican teachers who won’t be teaching in the US?  

  • I’m not sure… email him and find out!

  • Guest

    Wow, no agendas in that research.  You can tell by the unbiased and neutral attitudes contained within the blurb. 

  • Rich Lane

    I sent an email just now.

  • I passed the info along to a friend of mine who teaches in Michigan.

  • Heidi

     You could email them anyway. An international perspective might be helpful even if it doesn’t fall within the scope of their study.

  • Mccord

    I’m doubtful that many atheist teachers who are experiencing discrimination or work in a threatening environment will respond due to fear for their jobs.  It’s possible you will only hear from those in  positions where they feel secure which might skew the data.  Do you have a way of promising anonymity to anyone fearing for their jobs?

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