TV Show Looking for Atheist Parents… but There’s a Catch August 1, 2012

TV Show Looking for Atheist Parents… but There’s a Catch

I can’t vouch for this show but the press release was sent my way and it sounds interesting.

They’re looking for atheist parents (who presumably raise their kids without god)… who have siblings with kids they’re raising religiously.

Basically, they want to document parents who are closely-related but raise their kids in polar opposite ways.

Details are below. I now wipe my hands clean of this.

Do you and your sibling disagree about how to raise your kids?


Major cable network is casting a new documentary series about PARENTING.

This is a PAID opportunity.
Families must be located in the NY/NJ/PA/CT area.

For more info:
CALL: (646) 430-9358
Deadline: August 6th

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  • Gus Snarp

    I would never subject myself, let alone my children, to reality television that puts cameras in our house watching our every move, just waiting for a camera ready temper tantrum, or that one parenting moment that doesn’t go very well that will make all the viewers feel holier-than-thou because they would never feed their babies hot dogs and macaroni and cheese because they’re just too damned tired to try to get them to eat the organic non-dairy vegan soy dogs on gluten free rice flour buns.

    Besides, my sister’s an atheist, too.

  • TheExpatriate700

    I see no reason why any intelligent person would go on a reality show.

  • “Reality TV” is an oxymoron. All those crap shows are heavily edited and narrated or scripted to reflect whatever ‘reality’ they want to portray.

  • Tainda

    Why would I care what my sibling thinks about my parenting style?

  • mswool

    i hate anything where people are looking like jackasses arguing about private matters on t.v. for money.

  • mswool

    the problem is going to be that the only people that want to do this will be goobers that will make all atheists look like tards. You know they aren’t going to pick a religious person who’s nuts and an atheist who’s all reasonable.

  • Croquet_Player

    As much as I like to get the “atheists – we’re just regular people too” message out there, this sounds like a disaster.  Run away at great speed.

  • Spmk1968

    15 min and greed 

  • since day one. i remember reading a piece about the first one on MTV, after it was over. they interviewed the cast. i read with interest because one of the guys on the show went to a high school near where i grew up. he was the guy who didn’t get a lot of face time on the finished product that was the broadcast show. the reason why? he took himself out of it, by getting stoned. a lot. he knew they couldn’t show that on the show. it seemed after a few weeks and getting to see for real how it was going to be edited and what the point of the show really was (not “reality”) he just waited out his contract and smoked a lot of good NYC bud. i respected him for that. 

  • Sara W.

    Ooh, sign me up! My kid is waaaaaay better behaved then my train-wreck in-laws. That should be amusing.
    Of course, they might not take us because of that?

  • Oh hurray. More arguing, anger, manufactured drama, and pointless conflict on television. Just what everyone needs.  Bet you five bucks most of the scenes between the parents are heavily edited to make it look like everyone is super stressed out all the time.

  • sunburned

     This is a PAID opportunity.

  • Xeon2000

    Unless you bring fundies into the mix, I can’t imagine the parenting styles between two such parties to be that different. “Opposite parenting styles” is quite an over-dramatization. I could see them trying to capitalize on every pernicious stereotype of each side that they can isolate.

  • Ugh, I can’t imagine wanting to be on TV for the world to judge you and make assumptions. We don’t raise our daughter with no religion; we still tell her about different religions and on her own she figured out how creepy the Jesus hanging on the cross is.. haha. I don’t think I’d watch this show though. Sounds like a disaster already. 

  • Nena

    Teaching safe sex instead of abstinence, critical thinking instead of believe authority, and tolerance instead of bigotry are some pretty opposite parenting styles.

  • Emily

    I’m dubious for many reasons, but the first alarm bell went off when I saw that the name of the show is never mentioned.  

  • Tyrrlin Flamestrike

    *growls*  These guys never stop, do they?  

    The “niche” fandom convention I volunteer as staff for is plagued with requests for stooges to go on TV and forever ruin their reputation—- errr, for people to show the TV audience how people in our fandom “really” are.  Too bad the producers tip their hands early with certain requirements for someone to audition.

    Advice freely given, hard-earned, and heartfelt.  RUN.  Run away as fast as possible.  These TV shows want to show what *they* want the audience to see, and they’ll edit/cut/paste/imply whatever they can to make you look like a complete fool.  It’s not worth it.

  • Xeon2000

    Most of my extended family is Christian and they’re all about safe sex, critical thinking, and tolerance.

    Maybe you’re thinking of born again Christians or bible belt Christians.

  • Mairianna

     Yep.  The objectives of those shows are to make people look like morons for entertainment value.  The viewing audience learns NOTHING from them.  This would NOT be conducive to our cause. 

  • paulalovescats

    where does it mention atheism?

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