If Chick-fil-A Wants to Act Biblically, Then At Least Go All the Way July 25, 2012

If Chick-fil-A Wants to Act Biblically, Then At Least Go All the Way

Last post about Chick-fil-A, I swear… (until the next time its owner says/does something crazy.)

Jackson Pearce made this amusing video which raises a few points we’re not hearing in other places:

(Thanks to Daniel for the link!)

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  • martymankins

    That was pretty cool. And from a big fan of the straight chicken eatery.

    The “biblical” statement Mr. Cathy mentioned was so “pick and choose” on many levels.  One of which is being closed on the sabbath.  If they are going to follow biblical principals, then they need to be closed on Saturday, not Sunday.

  • Ftbullies

    how the divine pen of Michel Nostradamus crushed the international atheist movement:


    for lies on top of lies


  • MyScienceCanBeatUpYourGod

    @ 2:49 –

    “To toss the word Biblical out there as a PR decision and a feel good way of saying you’re homophobic without risking your business, not only cheapens your Bible, but in my opinion, disrespects your God.”


  • Thanks Hemant that was delicious!!

  • Thanks Hemant that was delicious!!!

  • Until this troll is removed, I’d steer clear of that first link.  Must have a ton of javascript on it.  Bogged down my fairly hefty PC until I killed the process.

  • The youtube comments are amusing.  People butthurt over cherry picking the bible, and trying to deny Dan Cathy his 1st amendment rights.  So much meta irony.

  • Nostradamus was about as “divine” as a half-assed student who got kicked out of medical school.

    oh wait, that’s exactly what he was!

  • also, this video is by far THE BEST response to Chick-Fil-A i’ve seen yet! she’s awesome!

  • NickDB

     Thanks for the heads up.

  • Maddie_Faddenoid

    Honestly, I’m disgusted that anyone ever ate at Chick-Fil-A. I have found no evidence that their chickens are free range. Which means that the hundreds of thousands of chickens they use in their food are more than likely kept in tiny s**t-filled “spaces” where they go crazy and peck their own feet off just for some mental stimulation, are pumped full of hormones and over-inflated with poor quality food that makes them get fat extra quick, and are killed at a few months old. To me the fact that the founders and customers would inflict that on animals just for a freaking sandwich is a much bigger issue than whether or not the founders of the company support the rights of two homosexuals to make vows to each other in a legally binding ceremony. One day our descendents will look back at us as barbarians because of the horrifying way we treat our fellow creatures. Shame so few Christians or atheists care as much about the whole lives of hundreds of thousands of sentient beings as they do about this one non-essential aspect of gay people’s lives. Don’t get me wrong; I feel for gay people who can’t marry. It’s just I feel more for living beings that are physically suffering abuse, and I can’t understand the anger over the former and the utter dismissal of the latter.

  • Glasofruix

    Oh please, i predict that somewhere in the future a plane will crash, a boat will sink and a conservative congress member of the US of A will be found buttfucking a dude.

  • Glasofruix

    “thousands of sentient beings”

    Chickens? Sentient? Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

    On the side note, mistreating food does not make healthy meals, so i’m against animal abuse, especially if that animal is going to en up in my plate.

  •  [citation needed] When has anyone’s first amendment right been curtailed? I find it insulting that people keep saying this. He has the right to say stupid things if he wants. Just like you are allowed to make this vacuous claim. Now it’s other people’s turn to respond. That’s how free speech works. Derpity derp derp. He can now say more stupid things if he so chooses. As can you. Nobody is trying to stop people from saying things. However, we also have the same rights.

  •  Just to get your facts straight this is what free range means:


    All the rest of the hippie-zoophile blabble it’s ot even worth saying a thing about it. It’s the same BS PETA says all the time.

  • Borax

     Correct on every level, good sir. One thing I’ll add is that when I decided not to give any more of my money to this company and also encouraged all of my friends to do the same, I was also not infringing on anybody’s rights. If someone want’s to say stupid shit, they deal with the consequences.

  • cipher

    how the divine pen of Michel Nostradamus crushed the international atheist movement

    Looks like Dave Mabus/Dennis Markuze is out of the psych ward. Great – ’cause it isn’t as though there are already enough lunatics online.

  • Borax

     There will also be an earthquake that occurs on the same day as some planetary alignment.

  • cipher

     Look – the factory farming industry does treat these animals like crap. Being upset about it doesn’t make her a PETA guerilla – and she’s right; we ought to care about it.

  • 3lemenope

    Um, yeah, that’s the appropriate use of the word. “Sentient” just means capable of experiencing experiencing as a self. All mammals, most birds and some reptiles show significant signs of sentience. What they *don’t* generally display is sapience, that is, thinking in terms of abstract manipulable objects. Only a very few animals (including, obviously, humans) have demonstrated limited sapience, usually around language use and abstract problem solving.

  • The Other Weirdo

     Did the Divine N got his start publishing cookbooks?

  • Nah, that post was way too short to be from Mabus. He always rambled for at least a full screen worth of gibberish.  Maybe  it’s a Mabus wanna-be.

  • Gus Snarp

    I guess I’m fortunate that the hateful companies are usually easy for me to boycott. I think I’ve eaten Chik-Fil-A maybe five times in my forty years, and I hated it every time. The fries are OK, but the sandwiches are awful. Dried out, over-cooked chicken on a flat, pathetic excuse for a bun with a piece of soggy lettuce. I just don’t get why someone could like them so much for their food in the first place. So yeah, I’ll boycott Chik-Fil-A, but they’re not going to notice. The only good thing about Chik-Fil-A: I did stop at one on a recent road trip, I had my reservations, but I had a family to feed and options were limited. What I liked: the kids meals came with books instead of toys. And they were not Christian books. This is an idea some other fast food chains should pick up on, since I won’t be going back to that one.

  • Reginald Selkirk
  • It was the most “annoying video “I’ve watched in” sometime” a) She talks a mile-a-minute. b) Is the “gratuitous” use of “air quotes” really necessary? “Geesh!”

  • cipher

    He may be testing the water.

  • I totally agree with this aspect of the conversation! No where are his free speech rights being violated. If he says something that some people do not agree with, then they have the equal right to stop going there to eat and to voice their opinion right back. 

    Now, here’s an interesting topic of conversation. 

    Without me spending the next 10 minutes trying to find the link to an old story, does anyone remember the one about the theater who would not display the atheist ads before the movies were played?

    The reason that I bring this up is that in Chicago, alderman Joe Moreno wants to ban Chick-fil-A from opening more stores in his area. I’m not familiar with the role/authority of an alderman so someone might be able to help me out here. I would think THAT act would be illegal. It would be a clear case of discrimination based on what Mr. Cathy has said. It’s basically a witch hunt because they don’t have the exact same set of standards

    First, does anyone here think this guy has the right legally to make such a ban happen? Second, if you think he does, then how is this situation different than the movie theater denying a group’s ads. 

    I admit that I wasn’t fond of how the theater acted and to be honest I don’t know if they legally can do that. I haven’t heard any follow up on that story though. 

    If the alderman can present another reason to deny them then so be it. Problem is he’s pretty much stated that their stance on gay marriage is the deal breaker. I actually would like for him to have the ability to say yes or no to them coming in, just as I would like the ability for the theater to decide who they can sell their add space to. 

    A second interesting topic is Mr.Moreno’s quote of ” They should be in the business of selling chicken, not promoting a political philosophy.”
    The problem with this statement is that every major and even some smaller companies set up foundations and through those they do support and promote different philosophies. EVERY major company does it. It’s their way of giving back to what they think is important. Just like Kraft has the right to support LGBTQ groups through their foundations, so does Chick-fil-A have the right to support who they want to. 

    It’s a two way street. I don’t think that supporters from either side however do a great job of recognizing this or responding to it. If people would sit down and do a bit of research, they might find it very interesting to note who their favorite companies’ foundations support. Often this practice makes you feel proud for the company and makes you want to support them even more. At other times it brings up questions and shouts of protest. Let your wallets speak more than your mouths. A wise man told me that the best way to really know what someone is about is to look at their finances to see what they do with them.

  • Thackerie

     Yes, I agree — it is a great video. I especially liked how she was able to pack so much relevant information into about 5 minutes while still speaking in a well-moderated, easy to understand voice. I’ll be sharing this one widely.

  • Agreed. The cuts aren’t excessive or annoying to me. The visuals are great. No big special effects. Just the facts with a dose of humor thrown in. Add some personality. If only more videos were like this one.

  • Glasofruix

    The planetary alignement isn’t incompatible with the buttfucking either :p

  • Glasofruix

    I think you’re off topic, as interesting as your opinion might be, there’s already an article where you can expose your point.

  • Glasofruix

    And as a known troll around here your opinion on irrelevant things matters because?

  • No

    Definitely like how she, to paraphrase, put it that using religion to justify bigotry is a blatant attempt at a get-out-of-jail-free card for being an asshole. Intuitively I’ve always understood that about defenders of anti-gay bigotry, I just never heard anyone wrap it up with a bow like that.

  • Glasofruix

    I assume free range is where the chickens run around in a field instead of being caged their entire (and short) life. If it’s that, free range chickens taste usually better and have a bit tougher meat.

  • I saw a lot from Mabus that were just links to his Depeche Mode video.  The name ‘FTBullies’ is refers to the #tag used on both sides in the sexual harassment policy argument that split up FtB a little while back.  Sexual harassment at TAM in particular was in the spotlight.

    I don’t think either side of that debate did this.  I think someone (Mabus or otherwise) looking for all the triggers they can.

  • How am I troll? Is it because I have a different belief than you? If you can’t read and consider another view-point then how are you any different than the people you claim to be bigots? 

    This is the whole reason that I’m on here in the first place. While I won’t ever de-convert or whatever you want to call it, I do look for common ground on different topics and sometimes my thought and opinions have been modified by posters who make good points. This only happens because I try to look at things objectively. 

    Do I do this all of the time? Of course not. But I assure you neither do you. 

    I read articles and books and watch the videos of the speakers and authors to try and learn where this sub-culture is coming from as I value all people and their opinions. I don’t dismiss a single person’s post as I know that the post itself is just a nick of the surface in what makes that person who they are. Do you do the same? It would appear that you do not.

    To say that my opinion does not matter is to admit that you are one-dimensional follower with a subjective viewpoint, something that most people on here claim to be against. You (the majority of the posters on this board) claim that Christians are closed minded and are full of bigotry. I admit this is often true. But many of us, myself included are trying to get better at this. By the way, you are guilty of the same thing. You’re just open minded to a different viewpoint and closed minded against religion are you not? So both the majority of Christians AND atheists are closed minded and bigots. We’re just coming from opposite angles correct?

    Yet, most people on here are not reading any religious authors are they? They say, oh I’ve tried religion and I saw it as false because I read a link to what someone said or because I was Catholic and Catholics are Christians. The problem with this is that to stop after reading one person’s opinion is really pretty lazy and pretty intolerable of another group. You claim to want tolerance…except when it comes to Christians and what they think of course. 

    My challenge to you and everyone else on this board is to try and read some sound Christian authors. Try a C.S.Lewis or a J.I Packer or N.T.Wright. Let me give you a hint, if you can buy the author’s book at Wal-Mart, then they aren’t very sound. Popular and rich, yes, but not sound. Just like I cannot find most atheist authors in Wal-Mart either. Intellectualism isn’t popular. Entertainment is. Entertainment sells. Telling people what they want to hear sells. Challenging people on their foundational beliefs usually does not sell very well. 

    So are you going to take me up on my challenge and read a few books by these authors? If you need specific titles I can give those too. Then you can learn what Christianity is supposed to look like. After reading your response, I’m not going to pass on judgment on the entire atheist community and pretend that everyone is an intolerant to opposing views as yourself. I’ve had some really good conversations on here and look forward to more. As you read authors that you do not agree with, it challenges us to think about why we believe what we believe, and sometimes we do find middle ground like I said before. Try it sometime 🙂

  • Glasofruix

     Most of the time i see you here you either rant how your personal jebus is great or how something is sinful and that we should stop doing it. That aside, your comment about the video was irrelevant because you were not commenting about the message but about the way that the person spoke, which is why your opinion does not matter.

  • I either go tl;dr or end up as a Poe…

    Two butthurts:

    1) “You’re cherry picking the bible, you have to read it in context!”
    2) “You demand your right to free speech but you want to deny Dan Cathy his!”

  • Maybe I should re-take my avatar shot and make sure one can see more than just the top of my ‘A’ pin.

  • So responses about a letter from the mayor of Boston, an odd FB post, the transitions,special effects and Nostradamus ARE all somehow more relevant to the content and get your attention but somehow I get dismissed. Your reasoning “irrelevant.”  I won’t put words in your mouth, but it looks like you have another reason behind dismissing my thoughts :/

    As for not reading the author’s: you’ve made my point pretty clear. Atheist authors try to push their points as well do they not? Historians try to prove their point and so on. Try to name a non-fiction work that does not try to push a point of agenda. It doesn’t exist because every author knows the audience whom they are writing to.

    I can see that you’re not even going to try to read a NON-FICTION title by these authors. Again, this makes my point on being so close minded. Congrats?!?! 

    Don’t worry, even though your being stubborn, I still won’t dismiss your thoughts and opinions. Maybe someday you can give me the same respect as well.

  • Glasofruix

    “Atheist authors try to push their points as well do they not?”

    They do, and often they use verifiable evidence to prove it, which is not the case in “how to better lick your deity’s ass” by Chris McCristy Jeebuson.

    “I can see that you’re not even going to try to read a NON-FICTION title by these authors. ”

    Why should i? Their writings are outside my circle of interest (which is, fiction, science and the both combined) and are frankly without substance (or any sort of solid evidence). If i wanted to read 500 pages about the nonexistent i’d better buy a pack of paper for my printer. Would you read a book about how the pink unicorn that lives behind everyone’s ear wants people to drink hedgehog urine every sixth day of the month? That’s how ridiculous religious claimings are.

    “Again, this makes my point on being so close minded.”

    Again, what’s so open minded in reading stuff made solely for the purpose of wanking one’s already established set of beliefs? I can’t see ANYTHYNG that would “open my mind” to religion in those books, at best it would disgust me even more.

  • I don’t have time to read most of the arguments that follow, but I do think a public official working to deny a legal business is on very shaky ground.  We didn’t like it when the RI senator, while representing his office on a radio talk show, called Jessica Ahlquist an “evil little thing”.

    Working to deny a company their legal rights bothers me.  I get that CFA is working to deny human rights, but they are a private entity.  They can legally support the organizations they do.  If the public official would allow  some other fast food restaurant, then they have no reason to deny CFA.

    If the shoe was on the other foot and a public official publicly stated that an atheist bookstore was not welcome in a city, I’d be livid.

    The test of a free society isn’t that your particular freedoms are guaranteed. The test is that the other person’s freedoms are guaranteed.

    I don’t think denying CFA a business license is an effective way to advance the rights of people to marry the person they love.

  • Sam M.

    Seriously MJ, why don’t you stop your kindergarden-level diatribe , stop writing your asinine comments and go out into the world and preach your nonsense on some urban street corner where you can actually test some of those beliefs you claim to have. You know, faith in god and all that crap. I suggest the corner of Vermont and Jefferson in Los Angeles, but that’s me. You choose.

  • Glasofruix

    Oh yeah, not “that” kind of free range obviously.

  • Ken

    The problem here is that many people on these boards have wasted a large chunk of their lives with religious drivel, and DO know it inside out.  They often know more about the Bible than the Pope, and HAVE read the books you cite.  They have also thought it through and decided not to drink the Kool-Aid.  These are the people you proselytize to?  Good luck, but put on a crash helmet.

  • Theo-logy

    What I think is interesting is that Christians largely have not changed there view on homosexuality, but now are being labeled bigots and homophobes because of their stance. Also, this girl is merely parroting the latest drivel that had been posted on the net concerning biblical marriage which is untrue. What she said has twisted both the intention and the reality of what is in the Bible. She has set up a straw man.

  • anonymous

    She looks a lot like Clarissa…and she did a great job of explaining it all. 

  • veganheathen

    Thank you for mentioning that, Maddie. While providing equal rights to gays is of great importance, it’s easy to forget about the 9.6 *billion* farm animals just in the U.S. that are raised and slaughtered in inhumane conditions each year. If people could see the suffering that these animals are forced to endure, there would be much greater protests than those over Chick-Fil-A’s contributions to anti-gay causes.

  • Lionheart1440

    I see where you’re coming from, but keep in mind that, according to the Christian tradition, the old testament is a collection of Jewish beliefs and rules. Christians believe that now the only way for salvation is to love God, and not the rules and statutes the Jewish people had to follow in order to be close to him.

  • I would say knowing more about the Bible than the Pope isn’t that hard to do. Unfortunately I’ve been in several Catholic churches and I’ve only hear a scripture hear or there pulled out of context. I’ve never heard actual teaching from the Bible take place there :/

    I get that some may have heard it all before. What I don’t understand is saying that a person’s thoughts simply “don’t matter.” To say that to someone is dehumanizing and disrespectful to a high degree. No one want to hear that. It’s what many people on this online community are trying to fight against because they want to be heard and understood. 

    I find it sad when such a person does the exact thing that they claim to be against.

  • I can understand it being outside of your interest in reading. Thank you for explaining that. 

    As far as verifiable evidence goes, science can’t exactly verify everything can it if the authors weren’t there to see it? Some things can be explained yes. But try verifying where life came from and how the universe started? Try verifying one of an infinite amount of possible universes that we just so happen to live in.

    Archeology and history can actually do I nice job of supporting that some of what the Bible says happened actually took place. Isn’t archeology a type of science to some degree?  

    Again, I understand it being out of what you are interested in. But why say something as dehumanizing as what I say is irrelevant?

  • And I think I would pass out if more than 2 people had read an entire book by N.T.Wright. 

  • Glasofruix

    We know more today that we knew yesterday, given time science CAN explain everything, it will, however not happen during our lifetimes. I’m not going to debate with you what makes or not evidence, your arguments are the standard weak stuff creationnists use.

  • Glasofruix

    “What I don’t understand is saying that a person’s thoughts simply “don’t matter.””

    In addition to being a  troll you are not very bright, read my comments again the explanation about why that particular opinion of yours doesn’t matter is in there…

  • Muggin15

    I went over to Chick-fil-a ‘s facebook page just to check it out. There were a LOT of people saying “I support gay rights, but your chicken is good so I’m just gonna keep eating there.” I could not believe it! Don’t they realize when you give chick-fil-a your money that money (at least part of it) is then being donated to ANTI-gay causes?? I said before, the people at chick-fil-a can feel however they want and say whatever they want. I believe in freedom of speech. And if Mr. Cathy was donating his personal money that would be one thing, but money from the corporation is coming from the consumers and I refuse to let 1 cent of my money go towards anti-gay causes. Wise up people! 

  • Sure, some of the events in the bible took place.  Returning to the city of your birth for a census is not one of them for which there is any extra biblical evidence.  The entire story of Exodus is another that Israel has tried to find archaeological evidence for, and been unable.  Just two examples off the top of my head.

    As for the ‘there to see it’, there are many forms of evidence that don’t require direct observation of the start of the event.  We don’t need to be there when a tree sprouts to know how old it is.  And we don’t need any more than a tiny fragment to know how long ago it died.  Now, that doesn’t mean we’ll ever know with any certainty some of the questions you raise.  But this “were you there” kind of line is just silly.

  • Julie

    She is calling for a boycot of Chick-fil-A because of their stand on marraige being between a man and woman, and thusly creating a “hate” atmosphere against gays.   She is basically saying she is doing this because she feels they are singling out a particular group, (gays), and this isn’t right, because Chick-fil-A is “anti gay”.   Ok, I can understand that.   But she is picking and choosing who she will boycot.  If she is so against singling out a business for being anit whatever, then why isn’t she calling for a boycot against business like Home Depot?   They have a pro gay stance, support the gay agenda, but even go as far to fire individuals or discrimiate against some who are voicing their Christian beliefs?  They encourage employees to wear pins on their vest supports a pro gay gathering or event but disipline others who wear a cross or Christian symbol.   So if she is really fighting for “injustice” against a selected group of people, where is she on issues like that?   She is violating her own standards by not boycoting Home Depot or other business doing the same thing.   She is nothing but hot air.

  • Amy

    Not to mention that they’re trying to put a tiny business in Vermont (the screenprinter who makes the “Eat More Kale” t-shirts) out of business. 

  • Hmm….my two Master’s degreess, both with a 4.0 GPA would disagree with you. Maybe it’s your opinion that doesn’t matter. 

    I know there are many more smarter people on here than me, but I’ve never met a bright or wise person who didn’t know how to listen and learn in any situation and from any person.

  • Glasofruix

    What exactly would i learn from a comment that says “I think the video is crap because i don’t like that person’s voice”?

  • Anne

     FYI – Saturday is Sabbath for Orthodox (Old Testament) Jews.  Sunday is the ‘Sabbath” or worship day for the majority of Christians.

  • Nice assumption. Do you have a crystal ball that tells you when science can pull this off? 

    Can science explain why I asked one person out in high school and not another? I know that’s a random example, but you said it could explain EVERYTHING! Can science explain why I like strawberry ice cream more than chocolate?

  • About the same thing that you would learn from someone’s response of “also, this video is by far THE BEST response to Chick-Fil-A i’ve seen yet! she’s awesome!” I’m not knocking Cat’s response. But I am saying that my post was in line with several other posters who expressing their liking of the video without a deep explanation of it. I did the same and you said that my opinion doesn’t matter. You didn’t post that on Cat’s response.   Is it simply because I didn’t agree with you?

  • Glasofruix

    I’m literally speechless, seeing your arguments it seems that trying to explain something to you is like praying to gawd, it bears no result.

  • Glasofruix

    Because her/his response still was about the content not the container? Playing with words is not your forte, you shoud’ve realised that by now.

  • At least with a scientific explanation, we have some hope of correcting it if it’s wrong.

    Religious explanations don’t have the quality of being falsifiable.  You simply have to accept them as true.  Until science corrects them of course.

    (ok, that’s not strictly true, God could send a new prophet to explain where we’re wrong.  Oh wait, he did.  That’s why we know you’re supposed to pray facing Mecca)

  • 3lemenope

    I think you might want to get a couple of cushions, a friend, and some smelling salts. I’ve read Wright, as well as Tillich, Kierkegaard, Plantinga, Lewis, Chesterton, et cetera ad nauseam. So that’s one. And I’ll bet you all the change in my pockets that there’s at least one other regular here who has. 

    Now I agree that your reception here has been slightly less than pleasant (and somewhat unreasonably so), but you have to keep in mind that you’re the one willingly entering “enemy territory” so to speak, not the other way around. You’re talking to an audience in a community that is generally hostile to your point of view. In return, your assumption that because people fiercely disagree with your statements they must be ignorant of the intellectual foundation of the arguments is approximately as disrespectful.

  • Not Wright personally, but I have read a lot of other Christian apologetics, and not just the Strobel trope.  I read less of it now because as I age, I realize that every minute spend reading one thing is a minute I can’t spend reading something else.  I’m more interested in reading cosmology and genetics than arguments for faiths that just leave me shaking my head.  I realize that leaves me open to confirmation bias, and some of the most important things one can read are arguments against one’s current position.  I guess I’m just picky in that I want goodarguments.  Do you have a particular book by Wright that you would recommend?

  • What verse is it in the bible where there was a fundamental change in the Sabbath?  When did Sunday actually BECOME the day of worship for the majority of Christians?

  • Which verse in the Bible names the days?  And then tells us which is the ‘first’ day?

  • Are you suggesting that if we prefer to set aside Tuesday as the Sabbath because it ‘might’ be the seventh day, then that should be six of one, half a dozen of the other?

  • I quite honestly don’t know what the evidence is for any day of the week being the day God started. Being an atheist,  I personally don’t care when people rest.  I am genuinely interested though in knowing how it was decided.

    My impression (and I’m probably wrong) was that it was kind of like Christmas, and the picking of particular day was rather arbitrary.  So any day we pick has a 6/7 chance of being wrong (for Sabbath) (or 364/365.25 for the day Jesus was born, ignoring other indicators such as flocks in the field).

  • Ah, I see where you’re coming from. However, there is good historical support for Saturday actually being the seventh day of the week. As for having a day of rest (whether you’re a believer or an atheist), there is good medical research that shows just how important it is to live on that schedule (six days of work to one day of rest). And to build on that, there is good research that shows that the human body as well as other forms of life on this planet seem to work (like clockwork) on a ‘cycle of seven’.

    But when you get in to Christmas and things like that, we’re talking about pagan roots there. You’ve probably heard something along those lines before, but it’s true. Even Sunday worship for Christians is rooted in paganism. Many Christians don’t really know or care to know anything about it and then when presented with the history of how the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday (not by Jesus, but by a pope) the conversation has a way of dropping off.

  • Thanks.  Yes, no argument with taking a break 🙂

    I did a bit of googling after that since it perked my curiosity.  I’m well versed in the history of Christmas, just not of the Sabbath.

  • It’s pretty wild all of the stuff (regarding sabbath vs Sunday worship) that Christians don’t take the time to know about. Even when I was in high school this topic peaked my interest when my spanish teacher was going through the names of the days of the week and when we got to Saturday it was ‘Sabbado’ and he referenced the biblical sabbath. Then I got to thinking, “So why does everyone worship on Sunday?” Needless to say, it didn’t make much sense.

    Click on the link in my username and it will take you to sabbathtruth.com — there is a pretty good bit of information regarding the sabbath and how it has been twisted and how the church has perverted it as well as many other biblical doctrines.

    I once saw a picture of a hooded figure that was carrying a cart full of things like: Christmas presents, Easter eggs, halloween stuff, a catholic cup thingy, etc. and it said something to the effect of “Hey, the pagans called … they want their stuff back.”

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