National Same-Sex Kiss Day At Chick-Fil-A! July 23, 2012

National Same-Sex Kiss Day At Chick-Fil-A!

Last week, as I’m sure you well know, the CEO of Chick-Fil-A, Dan Cathy, came out against gay marriage.  Of course, that led to lots of backlash… and lots of Photoshop jobs like this:

So they should be losing some business.  (Not mine, seeing as I never went there.)  Maybe this is my most controversial thing I will ever say on this site, but I think Chick-Fil-A is entirely overrated, and no matter how many of my Southern friends tell me differently, I am not waiting in an absurdly long line at the single store in Chicago for a piece of fried chicken with a pickle on it.

Anyway, back to the actual story.

On Saturday, Mike Huckabee, inserted himself into the controversy and declared Wednesday, August 1stChick-Fil-A Appreciation Day!  Because there’s nothing like a declared holiday on a Wednesday.   Here’s the event description on Facebook:

I have been incensed at the vitriolic assaults on the Chick Fil-A company because the CEO, Dan Cathy, made comments recently in which he affirmed his view that the Biblical view of marriage should be upheld. The Cathy family, let [sic] by Chick Fil-A founder Truett Cathy, are a wonderful Christian family who are committed to operating the company with Biblical principles and whose story is the true American success story. Starting at age 46 Truett Cathy built Chick Fil-A into a $4 billion a year enterprise with over 1600 stores. At 91, he is still active in the company, but his son Dan runs it day to day as CEO. It’s a great American story that is being smeared by vicious hate speech and intolerant bigotry from the left.

Too often, those on the left make corporate statements to show support for same sex marriage, abortion, or profanity, but if Christians affirm traditional values, we’re considered homophobic, fundamentalists, hate-mongers, and intolerant. This effort is not being launched by the Chick Fil-A company and no one from the company or family is involved in proposing or promoting it.

There’s no need for anyone to be angry or engage in a verbal battle. Simply affirm appreciation for a company run by Christian principles by showing up on Wednesday, August 1 or by participating online — tweeting your support or sending a message on Facebook.

Not as a response to Huckabee, but coincidentally gaining traction around the same time, is the National Same Sex Kiss Day at Chick-Fil-A, created by Carly McGehee.

I get what they’re doing here, but the sandwich looks kind of icky to me.

In honor of their support for love, equality, and the real definition of family, we’re holding a NATIONAL Same Sex Kiss Day at Chick Fil A’s around the country. So grab a friend (or 20) and head out to your nearest Chick Fil A! And don’t forget to post photos/videos of it here! For all the world to see!

So find a friend, meet at Chick-Fil-As around the country on August 3rd at 8:00p (ET), and smooch away!

More information is on the official Twitter feed @ntlsamesexkiss.

(via Buzzfeed)

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  • jdm8

    Shock! Playing civil rights keep-away doesn’t get you all the love and adoration you think it deserves?

  • Luther

    Sadly us vegetarians will have to find some other homophobic restaurant to boycott.

  • Mike South

    Does Huck realize the conservative Christian position is labeled as intolerant and bigoted because it seeks to deny people rights based on their sexual preference? Because that’s the very definition of intolerance and bigotry… The only thing I see our side being intolerant of is intolerance.

  • Haven’t verified it, but according to a pic on FB, Mike said this about the Aurora shooting:

    We don’t have a crime problem, a gun problem or even a violence problem.  What we have is a sin problem.  And since we’ve ordered god out of our schools, and communities, the miliatary and public conversation, you know we really shouldn’t act so surprised… when all hell breaks loose. 


    Too often, those on the left make corporate statements to show support for same sex marriage, abortion, or profanity…

    Profanity? WTF?

    but if Christians affirm traditional values, we’re considered homophobic, fundamentalists, hate-mongers, and intolerant.

    Imagine that. Wanting to deny people civil rights will get you a bad reputation.

  • Alex

    > …but if Christians affirm traditional values, we’re considered homophobic, fundamentalists, hate-mongers, and intolerant.

    I’m sorry, but if your “traditional values” just happen to be homophobic, hateful, and intolerant, then what else do you want us to think of you?

  • Alex

     Like saying “vagina” in public, you know.

  • great idea and actually for the first time I wish I was gay!!!

  • Simon Dunn

    Tis a pity this chain does not operate in the UK. I would love to boycott them!

  • Make Jeebus Smile. Eat Mor Chikin…

    If I go have one of their over-priced sammiches on Wednesdy, how many sins do I get absolved of?

  • Darragh Creamer

    I love the way the intolerant bigot chooses to accuse other of intolerant bigotry by supporting and intolerant and bigoted statement

  • John M.

    Same here!

  • Joey Tarheel

    You are absolutely correct:  Chik-Fil-A is dog food.  I could never understand the pedestal that southerners put it on.  A crappy breaded chicken breast, a crappy $.02 bun and a single pickle slice?  The only thing more over-rated than Chik-Fil-A is In-n-Out.  Also Christian dogfood.

  • I think for this I could actually kiss a man.  Or maybe holding hands and some big hugs would get the message across.

  • I’ve never been to In-n-Out, but I have an atheist/vegetarian friend who loves their grilled cheese.  I don’t have a problem with them putting secret bible verses on their stuff, as long as their not actively trying to impose their biblical rules on anyone else.  I can’t find anything in that regard, although I guess it would be safe to presume that they probably donated to Prop 8.

  • Sennyoart

    I’ve been Boycotting them since the ’90’s because they will NOT hire anyone who is not Christian (with personal references from the various church elders from an approved denomination). This, of course, is against the law, so the new homophobe thing really is more of the same stuff…

  • ganner918

    Typical response. “You are an intolerant bigot for opposing my intolerant bigotry!”

  • Eatme

    Who gives a fuck?  The chicken is good.  

  • Tainda

    I just read today that the Jim Henson Company has broken off their relationship with Chick Fil A because of the restaurants hate group support.

    No more Muppets for those morons!!

  • Patterrssonn

    A troll! How amusing, and refreshing.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Pathetic troll is pathetic. 

  • I don’t “consider” you to be homophobic, hateful, and intolerant. You ARE homophobic, hateful, and intolerant.

    Is what I would say.

  • Randomfactor

    If they want NOT to be considered intolerant and bigoted, all they have to say is

    “Our religion teaches that same-sex couples should not have the same rights as others, including the right to marry.  But you can believe differently and we have no intention of FORCING anyone else to follow our rules.”

  • Randomfactor

    You can boycott the waffle fries.

  • Randomfactor

    When people are being murdered by guns, you have a crime, gun AND violence problem.

    You may have other problems as well–like a destructive political mindset–but the other problems remain.

  • dru_devo

    Hey, I’m hetero, but for the right women or political statment I am so willing to do it again…. Says the retired Marine.

  • LouisDoench

     The waffle fries are the only good thing at Chik Fil A! Boycott in good faith.

  • LouisDoench


    or profanity…

    I have no fucking clue what this fucker is talking about…

  • LouisDoench

     Find a gay guy to kiss, I assume that they would be better at kissing guys than us straights  😉

  • Chakolate

    no matter how many of my Southern friends tell me differently, I am not
    waiting in an absurdly long line at the single store in Chicago for a
    piece of fried chicken with a pickle on it.

    Especially not when you can walk into any one of a couple of dozen Harold’s Chickens around the city and get the best of the best fried chicken.

  • Sarah

    That sums it up so well!

  • Please boycott chick fil a if you’re  gay. I really want a gay free restaurant to take my family too.
     Thank you.
    I don’t hate gay people, just think  it is gross. 
    I love my kid and he eats boogers, think that’s gross too.
    I do not support his booger eating but that dose not mean I hate him.
    Am I booger eating bigot?????

  • Onamission5

    Someone hasn’t had enough negative attention today, I see.


    Do you not realize that you are in mixed company?!  What kind of savage uses the anatomically correct terminology for part of a woman’s reproductive system?!  Where are your morals?!  Think of the children!

  • Mike South

     Exactly. I don’t know of any atheist who cares that Muslims don’t eat pork, but I’d certainly take issue if Muslims actively sought to ban pork products in America altogether.


    What happens if the minimum wage CFA employee sees that act and likes watching it? Who is the joke on?

  • TCC

    I’ll take Piss-Poor Analogies for $500, Alex.

    Also, “gross”? Grow up.

  • thprop

    But we have to stop the homosexual agenda.  Why if the homosexuals have their way, we would probably not have any more brave Americans who want to be astronauts.

    Boldly go, Sally Ride.  RIP

  • grow up?  poop on a penis is grown up? i don,t wana grow up i’m a normal kid…

  • nice answer  you are a smart one….

  • cool  glad your not there….. I knew there customers seemed really nice.

  • They are kidding right? First they hate gay people, want to deny them civil rights by donating money to the opposition, which is their right to do, but then when it hurts the bottom line, now they want gay people kissing in their stores??

    Please this is just Chick-Fil-HATE trying to save their own ass. As far as I am concerned Dan Cathy and Mike Fuckabee can both shove this idea up their collective asses!

    Who the Hell is Fuckabee to say who’s a GOOD Christian and who isn’t? That’s the whole problem here these people who call themselves “GOOD CHRISTIANS” don’t know the meaning of the term!

  • gays  4%    Christians 75%     good luck with your boycott   LOL

  • Isilzha

    I’m heterosexual, have been married 20 years and I won’t be eating at chick-fil-a either!  I’ve actually thought a few times, “hmmm, waffle fries sound yummy”, but I DON’T stop for them at chick-fil-a because they are religious bigots and I refuse to have a fraction of a CENT of my money go towards supporting their nasty ideology!

  • Timothymann33

    Bahahaaaaa fuckkkk u homophobes ur dead newayyyyy

  • Isilzha

    The argument from “gross”.  Yes, that’s a ‘legitimate’ reason to deny other people their basic rights and freedoms.  Keyan, I think YOU are GROSS!!

  • Isilzha

    and you…YOU are a troll…

  • Timothhymann33

    That ur moms a sllutttttttt

  • Isilzha

    No Muppets for morons!!!

  • Isilzha

     I have a fuck and it was given for this issue.  I don’t want my money to support bigots.

  • Jeff

    How is a piece of frozen then fried chicken on a dry bun, with just a pickle on it as a condiment, any good?  I don’t like their food, or their beliefs.  I ate there only a couple times when I moved to NC. I will stick to the other choices that have better food and better beliefs.  As usual with these idiots that allow their religion to dictate their choice to hate others, they will only have people that support the religion and not the boycott a company that promotes hate for others, but that is what being a christian is about here in the south.  Good thing that most of the churches are starting to realize that is wrong.

    Doesn’t the bible state that all things are created equal, and we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord?  Too bad that doesn’t apply to his people that were supposedly created in his own image.  They can do whatever, say whatever they want as long as they hide behind the bible to justify it.

  • Isilzha

    Yeah…go put your money toward issues you adamently oppose to show that YOU’RE not a bigot!

    Wait…why aren’t THEY donting to planned parenthood and LBGT issues and stuff???  

  • kdp

     I’m from (and in) Georgia, and I have no use for Chik-Fil-A food, either.  The sandwiches are dry as dust, and the waffle fries have zero appeal.  If I want chicken, I’ll stick to Zaxby’s.

  • Feline256

    I think I see a baby troll out on its first walk. Aww!

  • Deanna

    From twitter: @IJasonAlexander Only in the US could someone wearing a costume shoot people with an assault rifle, & the fallout would be a ban on costumes.

  • Support for same sex marriage 50% and rising.  Opposition 48% and dropping.

    Hey, you can dream.  Some people still think it’s gross for white people to kiss black people.

  • Degrandmjr

    did you turn them in to the state for thy had no rights in this

  • kaileyverse

    I feel like my money already NOT going there is a reason to celebrate.  

  • Luna_Lovegood

     Just stay in the UK, I’m sure that’s boycott enough. somehow, someday, I bet they’ll find a way to hate ferners (foreigners with a heavy southern accent (; ). haha wait, they probably already do, they just haven’t talked about it.

    Only been to GB once, would love to go back. Stay CFA free, my friend!

  • Luna_Lovegood

     All of them, as long as each bite is followed by the praises of Jeebus. Because every sin imaginable on earth can be absolved through God. you know. except believing. So I, a poor child born on a deserted island no one knows about, grew up knowing no such thing as the Christian God, but I lived a good, and righteous life, and for that, I will go to hell.

  • Whitewave31

    Yeah, that’s pretty serious discrimination and they can face some heavy penalties from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

  • Craigoh1981

    Leaving comments on things is fun! 🙂

  • Ripley

    Just wondering, are Chick-Fil-A’s open on Sundays?  Isn’t that the lord’s day, the day of rest.  WTH?  Stop being hypocritical!

  • They are not.  They make a big deal about not being open on Sundays.

  • Drunk2

    Huckabee had his chance in the spotlight, and lost. His words mean nothing to me, has no value, and does not surprise me at all. Probably needs a few more dollars to pay off the debt he racked up running for prez. He just wants to cry cry cry  like we gays are the bad ones. It is they they they that got this thing started when THEY wanted to deny us our rights.

  • Tara

    I think its funny that they think they are “upholding traditional christian values”.
    Christianity is supposed to be about LOVE and acceptance and forgiveness.   And upholding said values can be done with out donating MILLIONS of dollars to anti-equality groups. No duh theyd be viewed as homophobic and bigoted.  

  • Angrycookie03

     Umm …??? So what

  • SavoryChickenPls! :D

     I agree with the idea that some GOOD christians tend to be a facade and dont really understand what that means but The thing here with Chick-Fil-A is that people have a choice to believe as they wish just as they can date who they wish or eat what they wish for the most part.( I’d avoid lye soap if i were you. not tasty xo ) A company said to be founded on christian morals was going to have this issue eventually with the homophobia. The thing we often forget (ive worked in food for years) is that the owners of any establishment can refuse service to ANYONE or dictate rules for their establishment that are exclusionist LEGALLY but they DONT for the most part because they want our money. So if they say no homosexual behavior in the building or we wont serve you then well thats legal. Nobody ever said its very right or ok socially. Ive never much liked chick-fil-a but then again i dislike sugar in my fried chicken batter and theirs contains enough that i can taste it. The hate fueled war between gay rights and those who fear them is gonna happen either way its coming to a boil, has been for years, but no matter which side you support expect crazy comments and stuff like mr huckabee there. The Judeo-Christian bible does condemn homosexuality but it ALSO allows that free will is for all to decide themselves what is best for YOU. Just liek we will all decide if we will keep eating Chick-Fil-A huh?

  • Angrycookie03

     this is funny u said that i was just thinking to myself the people who call themselves “Good Christians” are the most stuck up-absurd, self absorbed ,hypocrites, bigotry filled people. I don’t think there is a Chick-Fil-A in Michigan Thank goodness.

    And I’m a believer of God (Spiritualist)

  • Angrycookie03

     Wow You’re Dumb, Hey I just met you and this is crazy but shut the fuck  maybe? actually not maybe please shut the fuck up.

  • Come on guys…grow up! “gays” are acting like 4 year-olds throwing a tantrum about this. That’s what they (chicfila) feel is right, what purpose does it serve to go there and kiss in public? It only invites more dissension…is it really worth it???

  • Living in the South, I agree that this place is really overrated. There are plenty of other places to get fried chicken (or one can do what I’ve started doing and learn how to make fried chicken yourself :P)

    I’m still going to miss their chicken soup though. Freaking delicious.

  • TruthinChrist

    Oh please do. And make sure you buy something while you are there because if you don’t you can go to jail for loitering and we would hate for that to happen so please everyone of you be sure to show up and buy something and show your disgust of a company that is willing to stand for what they believe in even if there are a bunch of hypocritical liberal idiots trying to bash them!!!  Way to go Dan Cathy!!! Chick-fil-a isn’t going anywhere btw. 

  • SavoryChickenPls! :D

     I dont profess to choose a side here but i can understand some of where they are coming from with this comment. The United states was created in a different time. It was founded in a heavily God fearing age and by such a narrow scope (thats all they knew) They founded it with the idea that the same would hold true 200 years later. Obviously people change, and the christian church is not the cornerstone of nearly ALL societal life like it WAS, but as little as 60-75 years ago it was something you became a social outcast for to be non-christian, or gay, or any other of a myriad of possible failures in peoples eyes at the time. Society is just as heavily made up of beliefs and hatreds as it was 200+ years ago in the time of America’s founding but now people are shifting their views and admitting that MAYBE being different is ok. The downside is that there are people who are too worried about public opinion to speak out (for either cause) and there are those who dont care. how many of us have refrained from saying something in life or at work or school because of what it could do to your life or social standing because its not “ok”? If a professed christian speaks out and says that we have a SIN problem then perhaps for those who werent raised that way or dont believe in such things we should just keep quiet and let our own beliefs govern us and not make us look like fools in society eh?

    Abraham Lincoln Said this: That I am not a member of any Christian Church, is true;
    but I have never denied the truth of the Scriptures; and I have never
    spoken with intentional disrespect of religion in general, or of any
    denomination of Christians in particular.

    Handbill Replying to Charges of Infidelity on July 31, 1846 (CWAL I:382)

    But he also said:We must remember that the people of all the States are entitled to all the
    privileges and immunities of the citizen of the several States. We should bear
    this in mind, and act in such a way as to say nothing insulting or irritating. I
    would inculcate this idea, so that we may not, like Pharisees, set ourselves up
    to be better than other people.

    The good president left us many ideas to chew on and many of these choices we face every day are our own to chose but why hate a man because he isnt like yourself?

    And last but not least: Men are not flattered by being shown that there has been a difference of
    purpose between the Almighty and them. To deny it, however, in this case,
    is to deny that there is a God governing the world. It is a truth which I
    thought needed to be told; and as whatever of humiliation there is in it,
    falls most directly on myself, I thought others might afford for me to tell it.

  • TruthinChrist

    Sennyoart, you are a liar. That is completely idiotic. They don’t discriminate on who they hire at all or who they serve. I used to work for Chick-fil-a when I was in college and I know for a fact that there were two gay guys working their as well and they were completely open and completely not Christians.  Soooooo if you are going to lie at least make it a good one. 

  • William

    Gay here… In a 16yr relationship with my partner and love Chick-Fil-A… Sorry but not participating in the boycott…

  • zoomzoomer

    Oh yeah.. gay people loving each other is gross.. but a serial killer hacking up innocent victims is not?  For a religious zealot, you don’t seem to have any problem with violent, unGodly films.

  • Can you show me where it says Christianity is about those things? I’ve seen so many things in the bible that points in the other direction, so excuse me if I don’t just accept that premise flatly anymore.

  • this is incredible sad to hear

  • Drakk

     You need to recalibrate your sarcasm detector.

  • When you go to Chik-Fil-A, buy a sack of KFC first, or any other fast food chicken meals. Take the KFC into the restaurant with you and purchase a small drink AT the Chik-Fil-A  to go with your food. Proceed to enjoy your KFC in their restaurant. Keep your receipt with you to prove you’re a paying customer, and see if they have the b*lls to kick out a paying customer. BTW, you may also consider taking a large cup in with you to pour their drink into.

  • Michael

     You forgot… Penis!

  • Michael

     Personally, I think this is over reaction. I like the place, the sandwich is great and the waffle fries are good. The guy expressed his…. unfortunate…. personal opinion.  But, the company didn’t refuse to hire gays, or refuse to serve gays. Or us atheists. I’ll still go there as I ever  have, once in a while.

  • matt

    They’re getting bashed because the ideals they are standing up for are intolerant and hateful.  Do you understand that?  That’s what the fuss is about.

    Haha – TruthinChrist….I prefer truth in Zoroaster myself.  Which one of us is right?

  • Go ahead and have your “great American success story,” and I’ll eat somewhere that is open on Sundays. 

  • matt

     “If a professed christian speaks out and says that we have a SIN problem
    then perhaps for those who werent raised that way or dont believe in
    such things we should just keep quiet and let our own beliefs govern us
    and not make us look like fools in society eh?”

    Is this sarcasm?  I can’t tell based on what is written before and after it. If it isn’t, then I’m sorry but that’s completely ridiculous.

  • CelticWhisper

     Reminds me of something a philosophy professor of mine said regarding normative statements and value judgments.  “If I consider homosexual activity to be distasteful, then that’s a perfectly good reason for me to avoid it.  It is not, however, a perfectly good reason for other people to avoid it.”

    If you find being gay “gross,” then you’re perfectly free to not associate with LGBT people and to engage in all the heterosexual activity you want.

    The burden is on you, however, to maintain that lifestyle and keep your own self away from that which you find disgusts you.  It is nobody else’s responsibility to provide you with a “gay-free” life.

    Pardon the unintentional pun, but liberty is a door that swings both ways.

  • Rwlawoffice

    Let me get this straight- A man says he is not opposed to homosexuals, hires them to work in stores, serves them as his customers treats them in his business like everyone else, but also believes that marriage is between a man and a woman and your response is to go to his stores and engage in homosexual behavior all in an effort to show how he is being intolerant of other people’s beliefs on same sex marriage.  Got it. Sounds like a great plan to show he is the one who is being intolerant and bigoted.

  • amycas

    Perhaps it was the location where xe applied that would only hire Christians. I wouldn’t automatically call somebody a liar.

  • amycas

     So does this mean that we’re now able to bar couples from getting married if it “grosses out” enough people? Sorry, no, other people’s relationships are not there for the sole purpose of turning you on or making you happy. I bet you’re one of those people who loves and supports “hot” lesbians, but if you think they’re ugly then they lose all support.

  • amycas

     ^^^I love this.

  • amycas

     And were black people just acting like 4-year-olds throwing a tantrum when they held their sit-ins and protests for civil rights?

  • They are a franchise.  Individual operations have a lot of leeway in how they operate.  I’m sure some are more inclusive of diversity than others.  Of course a religious litmus test on hiring is illegal, but it can be hard to prove.

    Responding to another ‘Truth’- you’d have to try really hard to get put in jail for loitering in a public restaurant.

  • amycas

     This may not work. Many restaurants have policies against outside food and drink.

  • amycas

     You’re forgetting that they also donated money ( a lot of money) to organizations that promote anti-gay legislation.

  • amycas

     His company donated money (a LOT of money) to organizations that promote anti-gay legislation. If all he did was say that he believes homosexuality is a sin or whatever, then fine, that’s his beliefs and I don’t care. But he went a step further and supported organizations that are fighting to force that view on the American people and take away lgbt rights. I can’t and won’t support that. Of course, you already knew all of that. You’re just being deliberately obtuse, like usual.

  • Rwlawoffice

     I am not commenting on your right not to spend money in his stores if you don’t agree with his positions.  My comment only went to this proposal that you go and engage in homosexual behavior in his stores to send a message that he is intolerant.

  • I looked it up, and it doesn’t look like they donated to Prop 8. A few employees did, but not the company as a whole, at least as far as I can tell. 

  • matt

     Except he IS the the one being intolerant and bigoted.

  • lalala88

    why is it always “the left” that they complain about? they make it seem like every christian is on their side. i know plenty of christians who uphold traditional christian values. values such as help the sick and the poor, feed the homeless, turn the other cheek, love thy neighbor, etc… there is no “value” of spewing hate and disguising it as a love of god. even if you don’t agree with homosexuality, as a christian, aren’t you supposed to believe that He is the only one who can judge someone and to love people despite their sins? 

  • Rwlawoffice

     I disagree.  It is not intolerant and bigoted to hold the position that marriage should be between a man and a woman.  Those that hold the other view saying it doesn’t make it so but it is the tactic that is used to try and stifle those that oppose them.  Call them names and hope they will be quiet. I could do the same for those that support same sex marriage- if you don’t agree with me you are intolerant and a bigot.

    Regardless, I still fail to see how your cause will be benefited by showing up at his restaurants and engaging in homosexual behavior. My guess is it will backfire. 

  • Well, yeah… that’s one of the many wonderful ways civic discourse in this country works.  He makes his support for his positions known in legal ways (speaking out against SSM and donating to anti-SSM causes).  We make our distaste for his positions known in legal ways (boycotting his stores, protesting in his stores).  Not seeing the issue here.

  • Rwlawoffice

     I don’t disagree with that. Of course it is your right to protest within the law and boycott.  My point is that I don’t see how it will advance your cause.  Coming from the opposite side of this debate I can tell you that most of those are supporting his comments will not view this as a way to show that he is intolerant but will show that those that are pushing same sex marriage are.

  • Onamission5

    Holding that view as it applies to your personal decision not to marry someone of the same sex, not bigotry. Holding that view as it applies to the private relationships of other people, and working to deny them the rights you get to take for granted, yeah. Bigotry.

  • Rwlawoffice

     Exactly how?  If a person has a belief that is opposed to yours, it is always bigotry? What if a person has legitimate secular based grounds to believe that society is best served to define marriage as being between a man and a woman?  Just because you disagree, why does that turn his views into bigotry and your not? Because you disagree with him, would you be willing to call yourself a bigot because you are intolerant of his views?  If you do then at least you are being consistent.

  • With all due respect, I don’t believe many people who find kissing somebody of the same gender to be more intolerant than donating tens of millions of dollars to causes attempting to limit the rights of LGBT are going to be convinced by much of anything on this issue, and I don’t think they’re the target of this protest.

  • You seem to confuse holding opinions with funding efforts to limit the rights of others. The moment somebody donates eight figures to causes aimed at preventing Chick-Fil-A from exercising their legal rights is the moment you can say that the opposition to Chick-Fil-A has reached Chick-Fil-A’s level of bigotry.

  • Onamission5

    We are not talking about mere disagreement. We are talking about denying basic civil rights to others. Wanting to deny rights to others, funding campaigns to deny rights to others, making public statements in favor of denying rights to others.

    But you knew that, and are just trying to paint yourself as a victim when those whom you seek to victimize dare to stand up for themselves. Poor you.

  • Rwlawoffice

     I am not confused.  The position of those that support same sex marriage is that anyone who disagrees with them, regardless of how they do it, privately or in  public they are called a bigot.  It is a tactic used to silence opposition.  However, if your position is that those that fund organizations that oppose same sex marriage are bigots, would you also agree that those that fund organizations that support same sex marriages are bigots and intolerant of others views?

  • There aren’t any “legitimate secular based grounds.” The entire organized anti-gay movement is religious in nature. That’s the problem. Their sole reason for denying marriage equality ultimately boils down to “my god thinks it’s icky.”

  • Rwlawoffice

     Not at all.  I don’t view myself as a victim in the least.  Nor do I view myself as a bigot because I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Nor do I think you are a bigot for believing that it should include same sex marriage.

    As for this denying basic civil rights, that is of course the issue isn’t it.  Rights are not absolute.  If the state has a legitimate basis to support the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman, it is not a denial of civil rights. 

  • If more Christians thought like that, they wouldn’t face nearly as much criticism. Forcing everyone in society to defer to their version of morality is really the root of the problem. If they weren’t trying to push their religion on everyone else, we would still think they believe a lot of crazy stuff, but their beliefs wouldn’t impact our lives in a negative way.

  • TiltedHorizon

    I agree with Rwlawoffice. Holding an opinion does not make one intolerant and/or bigoted. It is ‘action’ which gives validity to the charge…. like the length one goes through to ensure their opinions are enforced. IMHO, donating to organizations whose primary charge is to lessen the rights of consenting same sex adults are traversing the border of  bigotry and intolerance. 

  • You don’t care that they donated millions of dollars to prevent you and your partner from having any sort of legal recognition of your relationship?

  • Rwlawoffice

     The state defining which marriages it will recognize are strictly secular in nature.  They have nothing to do with religion.  That is why there are age restrictions, number of spouse restrictions and family relation restrictions.  None of these are based upon religion.  The same holds true for same sex marriages.  One obvious one is that marriage has traditionally been an institution for the protection of children, not for the love between two adults who can never have children on their own.  The fact that some older people marry and don’t have children or that fact that some never intend to have children doesn’t change this secular reason for the institution. 

  • When faced with people who pull the “it’s just icky” line (no God involved) I ask if they would regulate sex between consenting adults.  None have wanted to go that far.  So I ask, if two adults can have sex, why can’t they get married, regardless of how icky you think it is?

  • No, I wouldn’t, because they aren’t suppressing anybody’s rights.

  • Funny how there are literally zero secular anti-gay organizations then. They simply do not exist.

    One does not need to declare an intention to have children in order to marry. And many gay and lesbian couples have children. If the state has an interest in the stability of families and children, then it makes no sense to limit legal recognition to heterosexual relationships and leave children from same-sex families out in the cold.

    As you may remember, I have two lesbian moms. There is no secular reason to prevent their marriage, as a legal marriage would have done nothing but help my brother and myself when we were small children. Instead, our family was ignored and my parents had no legal ties to each other, and one of our parents had no legal ties to us. If there had been a separation or death, we could have been in for a very traumatic time indeed. 

    If it weren’t for religious homophobia, the state would very obviously see that having lifelong partners and their children be “legal strangers” to each other is in absolutely no one’s best interest.

  • Makes sense to me. I think secular homophobes get stuck on the “it’s just icky” part, but perhaps on some level they realize it’s irrational. In any case, most of them don’t seem inclined to fight to the death over it. Religious homophobes are far worse because there’s no argument that can ever persuade them that legal marriage should be permitted. They’re not interested in evidence, since their minds are already made up.

  • What are the secular reasons to deny same sex marriage?

  • ck03

    If approximately 75- 80% of the country identify as christian, and over 50% of the population is in support of gay marriage then obviously there are christians who are in that supporting percentage.  You seem to have forgotten that not all christians believe in judging
    others, trampling on the rights of others, or participating in bigoted
    behavior (even though there are quite a few that do, and quite loudly).

    And it is not only gays who support gay marriage.  I am a heterosexual (and an atheist) who supports their right to pursue happiness, and I will not eat at Chic-fil-a.  I’m not concerned about percentages or if my business will break them (because it won’t), but I choose not to associate with bigots.

  • ck03


  • Bloop8050

     No not sarcasm at all. The points shown afterwards were intended to give a very wise mans insight (much more so than i shall ever be) on the idea that we shouldn’t “set ourselves up” and make ourselves better in our own eyes than anyone else. I realize that we all have causes that we support and ideas we hold to be true. That much is evident by all of the different factions in society that we see every day. What im saying is that we shouldn’t hate or dislike another because of who they CHOOSE to be because if we do then there is never any understanding or progress for our cause there is never any true ground gained.  just the hatred and chaos its been for CENTURIES directed towards anyone who isn’t socially acceptable. Speak out all you like and be who you want to be i dont deny anyone that right but if you do and someone else responds to what you have to say in a way that hinders your idea or cause dont be surprised.

     Sir Issac Newton said:

    ” For every action there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction.”

  • Rwlawoffice

     The fact that you don’t have to declare your desire to have children in order to get married does not change the secular reason that marriage as an institution connects children to their parents.  Changing marriage to be defined based upon the desires of adults and what they want is a fundamental change.  Your mothers could have both had a legal connection to you and your brother without changing the legal definition of marriage. Them getting married would not make the other mother who did not give you birth parental rights without additional changes in the law. 

  • *Citation needed

  • What Kevin said.  You claim marriage is all about children, not “based on the desires of adults”, but I can’t see any basis for that.

    Marriage has also been a political institution in which families united to increase their wealth and power.  What the newlyweds wanted wasn’t even secondary.My wife is a naturalized US citizen.  Had I been gay, I would not have been able to sponsor the person I  love to come to the USA.  If I can live in the same country with the person I love, then why can’t any other American?

  • Your mothers could have both had a legal connection to you and your brother without changing the legal definition of marriage.

    Actually, no. That was not possible. Certainly not in the 1980s, and in many states still not possible today.  If my parents had been married, then I could have been on my non-biological mother’s health insurance plan, just like any other “stepchild” would have been. But that wasn’t possible. So both my parents had to work so that all of us could have health coverage. Just one in a series of financial obstacles set in my family’s path.

    And of course your comment is disingenuous because you know as well as I do that anti-gay conservatives fight tooth-and-nail against second-parent adoption. They fight against legal adoption just as hard as they fight against marriage equality. See Oklahoma and Arkansas for two recent examples.

    They don’t want children of same-sex parents to exist, period. But of course since we do exist, they don’t want us to have legal protection. They think our parents should be punished for daring to have had us in the first place.  

  • Rwlawoffice

    Actually as a stepparent your non biological mother would have very little rights and connection with you. In most states she would not have custody rights for example. The biological father would unless he rights had been terminated. However, most states do allow for adoption by same sex couples, either individually or jointly. That is a legal connection that would have given you more protection . It would solve the health insurance issue to.

  • LifeInTraffic

     Actually, you are wrong about being able to refuse service to anyone. Anti-discrimination laws apply to private businesses provide public accommodation, such as food , transportation, or housing.  Sexual orientation isn’t, at this point, a protected status in all states and isn’t protected federally; but, things like race, sex, and religion are. So, restaurants can’t refuse to serve Asians, for example.

  •  *faints*

  •  You might want to get your snark and sarcasm meters calibrated.  They seem to be malfunctioning in picking up obvious snark and sarcasm signals.  Good luck with it!

  • Rwlawoffice

    If you will look at the family law statutes in our country you will find that the basis for most of them are for the children. The standard of who is considered a parent, the presumption of paternity with child born in a marriage, the prohibition on marrying a relative etc… The whole institution is to protect children and tie parents to their children.

  • TiltedHorizon

     So you are saying there are laws preventing booger eaters from the same rights you enjoy?

  • (Moving this up because the box was getting too narrow.)

    Actually as a stepparent your non biological mother would have very little rights and connection with you.

    Actually, that’s not true. The main issue when I was a small child was health insurance. My biological mother would have liked to stay home with us, but she had to go back to work so that we could have coverage. As my brother was born two months prematurely and had numerous health problems during his first year of life, this was a great concern. If my parents had been legally married at the time of my brother’s birth, there would have been no problem with all three of us being covered by her insurance. 

    In addition, if my parents had been married, my non-biological mother would have been able to legally adopt us via stepparent adoption, the way that heterosexual couples do, instead of having to wait over a decade for second-parent adoption to become legal in California. By the time my family’s adoption actually was complete, it was many years after the point at which it would have helped us either financially or in the (luckily hypothetical) case of separation or death.

    In most states she would not have custody rights for example. The biological father would unless he rights had been terminated.

    Children born via donor insemination do not have legal fathers and as such this is not a concern. Again, if they’d been married, she could have done a stepparent adoption as early as 1979, instead of having to wait until 1993.

    However, most states do allow for adoption by same sex couples, either individually or jointly.

    This is also not true, Robert. Trust me, I keep very close tabs on the issue of LGBT adoption, and in many states it’s a confusing mess. Very few states guarantee the right to second-parent adoption. If my brother and I had been born today, in 2012, our non-biological mother would still have no legal rights to us in several states.

    That is a legal connection that would have given you more protection. It would solve the health insurance issue to.

    Indeed it would, except for the fact that it didn’t exist when my brother and I were born and still does not exist in many states today. And you conveniently ignored the fact that anti-gay conservatives fight just as hard against it as they do against marriage equality. Robert, if there were a proposition in your state to ban same-sex partners from adopting their non-biological children, would you have voted against it? This happened in Arkansas in 2008, and anti-gay organizations came out in full force to prevent parents and children from having legal ties to one another. Marriage wasn’t even on the ballot. They wanted to prevent children in same-sex families from having two legal parents.

  • TCC

    Actually, I bet that plenty of people would just go to jail rather than buy something (since that’s sort of the point of the protest). That would just be more publicity for Chick-fil-a’s bigotry.

  • TCC

    “If the state has a legitimate basis to support the definition of marriage as being between members of the same race, it is not a denial of civil rights.”

    Still work for you?

  • Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy hates no one.  Shame on you for twisting the truth: that Dan Cathy stands firmly on the word of God. What he has shared is not his opinion…it’s  his Bible. 

    As a newspaper person (hoping to rise above the ranks of ‘classified ad writer’ I suspect), you should focus on reporting the truth rather than proffering lies.

  • stupid is

    cause in the history of the entire world there has never been a straight man who had anal sex with a woman?  If you really think about it all sex is gross when you just think about body fluids.  

  • SavoryChickenPls!

     but the problem is they can just make something up the rights of the buisness are covered first so thy dont have to be honest about why they remove you.

  • Obamasucks69

    Great I’ll be their in support of Chick Fil A. and any gays lezbos get in my face block my walking path you’re going to get knocked out of the way.

  • Michelle

    I have an idea! If you don’t like what chick fil-a is doing, don’t support them! I think they are representing themselves as a bunch of ignorant, close-minded bigots. I will not support them by purchasing their products.

    As a homosexual woman, I think that getting a bunch of gays to kiss at Chick fil-a is tacky and doesn’t prove anything. It will attract attention, yes, but is that the kind of attention that promotes a cause?

  • Paula May

    Here is what Huckabee is really whining:

    “Everyone’s being a big fat meanie because me and my bff’s (supporters/Chick-Fil-A) are big bullies because we want everyone to be just like us. It’s not fair!”

    Somewhere – someone did this man and Chick-Fil-A’s representative’s a strong injustice by not teaching them tolerance and LOVE.

    Dude: you bash on individuals and then cry like a freaking baby that people aren’t treating you and your “friends” with respect. How the hell do you expect ANYONE to show respect and understanding of such hateful views which are backwards and IGNORANT in the first place?

    it seems the generalized right wing Christian forgot one of the most important lessons from that which they preach: “Do unto others as you would have done to you.”

    Get over your petty concerns and start treating human beings like human beings. You might find we’ll do the same in return, idiot.

  • Paula May

     btw – for those of you who aren’t aware of what I was talking about:

  • Gee, that sounds hateful. You realize that you’re fulfilling all the worst stereotypes of a conservative Christian, and going one further by advocating violence. Not exactly a shining example for your side.

  • It is his opinion. He should own it. So he bases his opinion on a book. So what? He has the right to do that. He also has the right to donate millions of dollars to organizations that fight to stigmatize and delegitimize LGBT people and their families. But when he does that, he shouldn’t be surprised if other people perceive him as hateful for trying to take away other people’s civil rights.

  • Alex

     > What he has shared is not his opinion…it’s  his Bible.

    As if that somehow magically makes it any different.

  • Alex

     I think you misunderstood who’s doing what. The same-sex kiss-in is organized by a third party. I’m not sure CFA would ever endorse something like that.

  • Alex

    Let’s see. Does dislike of black people make you a racist? Think about it. Well, not necessarily a hateful, robe-wearing neo-Nazi racist, but a racist still. I’ve met plenty of people like that, peacefully living their lives, contributing to society, and complaining about “niggers” on calm summer evenings. Your life, you decide. Just as long as you keep your homophobia to yourself, nobody will actually give a shit.

  • Obamasucks69

    I’m not a christian, but I guess by your response then it’s okay for the gays and lezbos to block and disrupt businesses, and my path.

  • So you’re just a run-of-the-mill violent homophobe? If people are blocking your path, then walk around them. Civilized people don’t hit other people just because they’re doing something they don’t like. Protests on public property are perfectly legal. If protestors are blocking private property, then let the police deal with them. No need to go all vigilante. By the way, you’re not spelling your gay slur right. It’s “lesbo,” not “lezbo.” Thought you might like to know.

  • Obamasucks69

    Hey anna civilized people don’t block the paths of normal people trying to go about their own business day in and day out so yes if they are blocking my path to a chick fil a then I’m nocking them out of my way. I will ask once nice for them to move aside then all bets are off.

  • Obamasucks69

    Hey anna civilized people don’t block the paths of normal people trying to go about their own business day in and day out so yes if they are blocking my path to a chick fil a then I’m knocking them out of my way. I will ask once nice for them to move aside then all bets are off.

  • I assume you are an adult, and if that’s really the level of maturity you’re operating at, well, don’t be surprised if your little display of machismo gets you arrested.

  • Danielkinney

     they will not franchise to a GAY person .    and if you openly come out you will get fired for being gay.  They have some loop hole they are using to use this practice.  DO ur RESEARCH

  • Danielkinney

     i have a few things that CFA could stand for lol

  • Danielkinney

     wow.  u r really wise …………

  • Danielkinney

     i wonder if there will be a GAY FREE HEAVEN for you and your family???????

  • pddemarco1

    What is the “homosexual agenda”?  I never heard of such a thing. 

  • pddemarco1

    CHICK-FIL-A-HOLE !!!!!!

  • John

    Kisstallnacht! Christian businesses out!

  • Obamasucks69

    Yes Anna I am an adult, and I don’t put up with krap like what the flamers are going to do. No I would not go to jail  the flamers would provoke me into knocking them out of the way by block a walking path. see here in my state we don’t tolerate BS like that where you live in Gay Ol’ San Fran the $hit hole city of the west.

  • Gay and proud

    Tomorrow we can do a hot dog day for the gays , I just cant wait for Friday same sex kiss in day

  • Liz

    “In honor of their support for love, equality, and the real definition of
    family, we’re holding a NATIONAL Same Sex Kiss Day at Chick Fil A’s
    around the country.”

    Same sex marriage is a perversion and has never been the real definition of “family.” Just because we are against same sex marriage, it doesn’t mean we HATE people. We simply disagree with their ways.

  • Liz

    “In honor of their support for love, equality, and the real definition of family, we’re holding a NATIONAL Same Sex Kiss Day at Chick Fil A’s around the country.”

    Same sex marriage is a perversion and it has never been considered the real definition of “family.” Just because we disagree with same sex marriage does not mean we “HATE” people. It simply means we disagree with their views.

  • For an adult, you seem awfully immature. Seriously, I feel like I’m back in seventh grade hearing words like “flamers” and “lezbos.” A grown man shouldn’t start knocking people out of the way because they’re doing something he doesn’t like. Adults who display such behavior usually wind up in trouble with the law because of their lack of self control.

    Why are you so homophobic, anyway? You said you’re not a Christian, so obviously you don’t have a religious objection to homosexuality. So what is it? I don’t really understand why you seem to find it so threatening.

  • I disagree with Christians’ views, but I’m not trying to stop them from getting married and having families. Your words are unpleasant, but it’s your actions that are hateful. Trying to take away people’s civil rights because you don’t agree with them is the problem here.

  • T

    Guess what the pedifile who sexually abused me as a 7 yr old child thought he “loved me”. “loving someone” and doing what “feels good” does not make it right. When people have deviant behavior they are just doing what they think feels right no matter who it hurts.  Our bodies are not made to have sex with the same sex. Perhaps some people just should not be sexual at all.  People who cheap on their spouse think that what they are doing feels so good…is that right also?  I love over eating and should lose about 80 pounds. Should I just keep eating? What if I get a whole group of people to tell me that I should just embrace what feels good. Will I automatically become healthy based on the opinion of others. Or is there a truth in that sometimes our behavior is not natural and is wrong. Wake up America. It is the homosexual community that turns on its own if any of them decide they do not want to be gay anymore. They are very intolerant. If you know someone who wants help have them seek out a group called Exodus.  

  • T

    I can tell you that it will backfire. People rally around those who are quiet. It will be a diplay for the young children and there are many verses in the Bible which explain what it will be like for those who try to be a stumbling block for children. THere is not one gay couple in the history of the world who can make a child without a test tube. Thank goodness that the gay community is making it public. There will be a lot of prayer and hopefully people from Exodus to be there at ChicFila.

  • Even Exodus is acknowledging that you can’t ‘cure’ homosexuality.  You can only repress it.

    Considering people like Ted Haggard who manage to get married and have children, but still struggle with the reality of being gay, that would seem self evident.

    Some people take a lot more evidence than others. 

  • doing what “feels good” does not make it right

    No.  But it doesn’t make it necessarily wrong either.  Whether it feels good or not isn’t the measure of something being right or wrong, or else all sex would be wrong.

    no matter who it hurts

    That is the measure of right and wrong.  The question is, who does it hurt if two adults consent to hold hands, or kiss, or have some kind of sex?  Does it impact you in any way?

    That you were sexually abused was obviously wrong.  And if it had been a woman who did it to you would not make it any less wrong.  Your lack of consent was the measure of wrong, not the sexes of the people involved.

  • Guest

    No. They don’t. He didn’t try to pass a law, ban gays from the store, or call you all fags and bitches for not being straight. he only said he upholds a Christian value. You can shut up for being intolerant of  a person for their beliefs. Which IS what you are going. It’s called freedom of speech and freedom of religion. You guys let other hate groups do what they want: March in Parades for the Ku Klux Klan, Protest Funerals with Westboro: but somebody simply STATES something and suddenly he’s bigot!
    Do I smell hypocrisy and stupidity? Yup. And it’s coming straight(ha!) from LGTB. 

  • Kristina Chin

    Too bad they don’t actually do that. I’m working at Chick-fil-a with a couple of Jews, Muslims, and Atheists. One of them is gay. 

  • Kristina Chin

    Too bad they don’t actually do that. I’m working at Chick-fil-a with a couple of Jews, Muslims, and Atheists. One of them is gay. 

  • Is anyone as confused about this as I am, supposedly it is a LGBT org getting the same sex event together for Aug 3 at Chick Fil As all over, but is all just makes no sense at all.

    There are way too many mixed messages in this event.  Good intentions may truly be there, but they are way too unclear.  All in all.  This is a dangerous line the event is treading on.

    Understand the viewpoint of all the free publicity we as a GLBT group will be giving to a group that does hate our rights as humans.

    Turn it around and go back a just a few months ago when One Million Moms, tried to get Ellen fired as JCPenny’s spokesperson.  Another backfire on the bigots, JCPenny got a ton of free business and Ellen still has her job.

    These pics will sending a mixed message, do they/do they not support us, and the only winner will be chick-fil-a gaining the business of the uninformed.  Thus this event just sounds too staged.

    This page said, and I quote:

    National Same Sex Kiss Day “Mike, this is a protest event organized by members of the LGBT community. This is not an event in support of Chick-fil-A. Please check out our event page.

    “Here’s an excerpt: Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week you’ll have noticed that Chick Fil A has officially come out against the LGBTQ community.” 

    They then go on to tell me,

    “In honor of their support for love, equality, and the real definition of family, we’re holding a NATIONAL Same Sex Kiss Day at Chick Fil A’s around the country. So grab a friend (or 20) and head out to your nearest Chick Fil A!” 

    WHAT!  I have no idea what you just said.  They way it is worded, they really sound like a republican fake photo of a little girl used to support chick-fil-a’s viewpoints.  

    They are telling me that CFA has officially come out againts the LGBTQ community, then they say in honor of their support…

    Maybe they were trying to be sarcastic, BUT THAT DOESNT WORK WITH TEXTS, FACEBOOK POSTINGS, ETC…

    I used to write for a newspaper, and I hate writing, but we were always told to write at a 4th grade level so the masses understood your message.

    All in all, this still smells fishy.  GO WITH MY IDEA PEOPLE AND BY ALL MEANS TAKE YOUR PICS, BUT DO IT AT A KFC!

    By all means protest, it is your American right to do so, but step above the slander of Chick-Fil-A and really give them a slap by taking your pic with a company logo that does support you.  That way there is no confusion on the real meaning of your message.

    I will be posting this to several of my groups to hopfully kill any confusion.  The truth will be passed on.

    Here is a copy of the convo on their wall.


    Mike Hicks I made one comment based on what I saw on the news, but then I looked for any info I could find and it brought me here. I am really confused by this page. It says “Showing Chick-fil-A Our Thanks For Their Support Of Love, Equality, And The Real Definition Of Marriage” SINCE WHEN!!! Since Aug 1 when Chick Fil A was handing out coupons for free chicken sandwiches to fill the locations that had republican representatives of Huckabees’ idea? 

    This idea of same sex kiss day on aug 3 may have the best intentions, but FOR THE WRONG COMPANY. By all means I say we do it, but don’t do it for a company that doesn’t even stand behind their own words with lies just to get your money back. As in my original statement:

    “I just saw this on the nightly local news after the olympics, Chick-Fil-A is now “inviting” all same sex couples to come and “Stand outside” their locations this FRIDAY and take pics kissing, then “they want you to post it to facebook, twitter, etc… I say do it, BUT AT A KFC! Chick-Fla-No-Original-Ideas is trying to use what this one couple did today to thumb their nose at Chick-Fil-A’s stand in an effort of “public relations” AKA FREE PUBLICITY! DONT FALL FOR THEIR PROPAGANDA , by all means lets do it, BUT AT A KFC! I love what these guys did, but please do not give Chick their wanted ammo of “our support” on friday. GIVE THAT FREE PUBLICITY TO A COMPANY THAT SUPPORTS YOU! Like holding a bag of Oreos! DO IT FOR THE GOOD COMPANIES!”
    22 minutes ago · Like

    National Same Sex Kiss Day Mike, this is a protest event organized by members of the LGBT community. This is not an event in support of Chick-fil-A. Please check out our event page.

    Here’s an excerpt: Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week you’ll have noticed that Chick Fil A has officially come out against the LGBTQ community. (For those of you who have been living under a rock, or just want to read it again, here’s the article

    In honor of their support for love, equality, and the real definition of family, we’re holding a NATIONAL Same Sex Kiss Day at Chick Fil A’s around the country. So grab a friend (or 20) and head out to your nearest Chick Fil A! And don’t forget to post photos/videos of it here! For all the world to see!

    National Same Sex Kiss Day at Chick Fil A
    Tomorrow at 8:00pm at Chick fil a
    11 minutes ago · Like

    Mike Hicks Like I said, it is a good idea in theory, but be warned, Chick Fil A in no way supports the LGBT community and these photos, with all good intentions, will be used as propaganda by the company. Do it but do it with a company that supports us. GIVE THEM THE FREE PUBLICITY! They are the ones who deserve our photos. Like I said, It was reported on our local news of the eat at chickfila republican sponsored event (huckabee) as an idea proposed by Chickfila and they want you to post your photos on facebook, twitter etc today for Friday. Please do not give Chick Fil a any ideas of our support of their viewpoints as a company with these photos. That is truly all they will use it for.
    2 seconds ago · Like

    Mike Hicks Use any of these products for your idea

  • Pat

    They aren’t simply stating their opinion on gay marriage, they’re donating money to groups that spread slander about LGBT people like the Family Research council. They aren’t just against marriage equality, they’re lobbying against it. Thousands of LGBT individuals are denied marriage benefits, hospital visitation rights, and child custody, and the groups that Chic-Fil-A donate to are trying to keep it that way. Then there’s the ex-gay quackery they fund, the anti-bullying measures they try to block, and the actual criminalization of homosexuality that people in the FRC say they support. They’re trying to codify their prejudice into law, and it’s freaking HURTING people. People, CHILDREN, freaking DIE because of it!

  • The KKK and Westboro *are* hate groups. They’re allowed to march. Practically nobody supports them, obviously, and they have the right to say the things they’re saying. But nearly everybody knows that they’re hate groups. But Chick-fil-A isn’t known for being a hate group. It’s a restaurant popular with many people, regardless of sexual orientation. And nobody wants to support hate.

  • Wow, a whole 12,000 people registered. There are counties who had more people go to CFA yesterday. Not impressed. Good effort though…

  • Aclark_78741

    Right Rich…( would it count if I could kiss myself?) I’d hold a dudes hand.

  • Arnobius Sicca

    Ironic that you advocate similar tactics to the Westboros

  • Gfd982003


  • Gfd982003


  • Gfd982003

    “For the wages of sin is death.” Christians believe the Bible, so what do you expect?
    One Christians says they believe something and a bunch of Sodomites get their feelings hurt and reliate by trying to discredit a business. Where did thousands of Chicfila supporters hurt anybody’s business by eating lunch? NONE! Those in the wrong always take it too far. But hey, that’s what you get when men and women die for freedom…people who abuse that freedom.

  • Gfd982003

    Go ahead, I dare you to find and post any proof that Chicfila or Dan Cathy are saying hateful things like you are on this forum…I dare you.

  • Gfd982003

    My dog doesn’t get civil rights, so am I wrong there, too?

    My cat cannot vote, should I contact the ACLU?

  •  This is the stupidest argument I have ever heard. Do you even listen to yourself talk? Do you honestly think this would convince anyone to change their opinion other than to now consider you one of the most clueless people in the history of the internet? You have successfully wasted everyone’s time so I hope you are at least sorry for that.

  • Kentartokihs

    Couldn’t you all protest in a less disgusting way? Chickfila is frequented by families and children. I don’t mind same sex relationships, but I prefer not to see people making out in public regardless of what sex is kissing. It seems kind of low class and uncreative.

  • Westboro Church can no longer protest funerals….
    and the reason gays AND heterosexuals are upset, is the MILLIONS of DOLLARS donated to HATE groups….

  • You people are sickening….   truly….  Hope yuo have never practiced oral sex, that’s considered the same as sodomy…. You hurt your cause and you hurt RELIGION…

  • thebigdog13

    you guys just do not get it… it is not a question of what christians do or say.. it is what God’s Word says… homosexuality is wrong, it is a sin, just as adultery , stealing, lying, is wrong.. wrong is wrong, sin is sin… God is the creator, his world ..he has every right to declare His Will

  • AshnBham
    New Words & Slang
    Thank you for your submission! It will be reviewed by our staff and entered into the Open Dictionary within 3 business days if it meets the criteria for entry.
    (Adjective) : 1. A bigot. 2. Someone who finances or supports suppression of others because of race, gender or sexual orientation. 3. Also the name of a corporation that finances or supports oppressive programs over minorities. Use: I wish he would stop being such a chickfila and learn to respect all of humanity.
    Submitted by: Anonymous on Aug. 03, 2012 00:00
    Please begin to support, use, and get published this new word that was born out of the recent controversy.  Let’s see if we can get this word to pop up on Google searches.

  • Donald Young

    My two gay friends were just kicked out of the Chick-fil-A for having sex in a booth.  Protest that fascist company!!!!!!!  It’s so sickening that people have the NERVE to prevent TRUE LOVE. Obama 2012

  • There are many reasons to boycott Chick-Fil-A – starting with the fact
    that they promote animal abuse. The fact that they are also homophobic
    shouldn’t come as a surprise. What is surprising is how blind the
    organizers of this event are to their own hypocrisy: demanding fair
    treatment for gays while simultaneously participating in the
    exploitation and oppression of nonhuman animals. Homophobia, racism,
    sexism, speciesism…they are all linked. It’s interesting to note that
    Cathy’s rationale for justifying his homophobia is the same one used by
    so many to justify their needless consumption of animals: because “the
    Bible” tells us so.

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