Why the Internet is Better Than God July 22, 2012

Why the Internet is Better Than God

Irish comedian David O’Doherty recently had a stand up special on Comedy Central.  Being quite the fan of the D.O.D., I tuned in and was delighted by his thoughts on God:

David O’Doherty – Irish History
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God used to be huge where I come from.  Like bigger than MySpace or R.Kelly.  Not so much anymore.  I think, to be honest, whatever people used to get from the Lord, I just get the same thing now from the Internet.  Because they’re similar in that they’re, like invisible, but all around us.  And they know freaking everything! That’s the advantage the Internet has over the Lord is that you can ask the internet quite specific questions. Like, we were always told as children “Ask God anything, God is always listening.” So I would be like, “God, why do bad people always seem to do so well in the world?” and God would be like “Well, David, here is a very ambiguous book.” But with the Internet, you can be much more specific.  You know, be like “Did OMC have any hits apart from ‘How Bizarre’?” “No he did not.” Thank you Internet!  Lord, look and learn!  Can’t illegally download Deadwood off you, either.

Seriously, go check this guy out.  Later in this special, he has a fake duet with Shakira.  It’s pretty awesome.

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  • ProdigalCathode
  • that might be the funniest atheist humor ever. good lard, i am doubled over with lol. 

  • Definitely up there.  That was fantastic.

  • Bill

    Another similarity between God and the Internet:  someone is wrong at church.

  • “Sorry this video is unavailable from your location”. Ahem, God would never pull that kind of shit, would he?

  • David McNerney

    Right I’ve had enough of this shit!!!

    David O’Doherty is Irish! He lives down the road from me! That sense of humour that you are currently enjoying is genetic – it because we share a common ancestor!!!

    “Sorry this video is unavailable from your location”  
    (In a condescending American accent – have a nice day my arse!)


    I’m going off to punch a f*#king leprechaun…

  • Tainda

    Except the intarweb is real.

    Now women on the intarweb?  Complete fabrication!

  • T Ricky

    I really want to hear an Irishman attempt an American accent.

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