Muslim Cleric: If Women Don’t Want to Get Raped, Politicians Should Make it Illegal for Them to Dress Provocatively July 20, 2012

Muslim Cleric: If Women Don’t Want to Get Raped, Politicians Should Make it Illegal for Them to Dress Provocatively

York University (in Canada) has been the site of several sexual assaults over the past few weeks and students are angry because they don’t feel the school has done enough to prevent future attacks.

They’re really not going to like this.

Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana, a Muslim cleric, wrote to the Toronto Sun to offer his own suggestions as to how these crimes can be stopped:

Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana (Terry Davidson – Toronto Sun)

I wanted to mention that the reason why these sex attacks are continuously happening is because the Canadian laws, which gives too much freedom to women, are the cause of these sex attacks. It has been revealed that every 5 seconds a woman is being sexually assaulted in North America. Women in North America are falling victims of the Democratic Freedom that you they passionly believe in. The reason why a woman gets raped is because of the way she dress. Women dress so provocatively so much that they receive too much attention for themselves and that attention at times leads to death.

If the law enforcements and the Canadian politicians were very serious about solving this problem, they would introduce laws that would make it illegal for women to dress provocatively in the streets. It is true that many people would object to this if that were to happen. and this will definitely create protests and opposition. However by arresting sexual predators is not going to solve the problem because as long women continue to dress like this there will always be perverts and rapist who will continue to remain on the loose.

The whole letter is beyond idiotic, but that last line is the kicker for me: If women dress a certain way, we should blame them for whatever the perverts/rapists do.

Nowhere in the letter does he call on the rapists to not rape them. Because, you know, that would be crazy.

It’s possible the whole thing could be a Poe. Atangana’s website looks like a four-year-old made it… but there are pictures of the guy and responses to his letter. (Just FYI, even other Muslims are saying this guy’s full of shit.)

And then, just to capitalize on the inevitable hordes of people coming to their site to see this letter, the Toronto Sun editors, in all their wisdom, also created what has to be the most gratuitous use of an online poll ever:

I can’t even decide which of the first two options to vote for…

You know, we’ve seen this problem all over the Internet where women (and some men) try to explain the concepts of misogyny and feminism to people who just don’t get it. This might be a better way to educate them. Just make them read this letter. They’ll stop arguing immediately.

(Thanks to Richard for the link)

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  • Perhaps the good cleric would agree to punishing the rape victim if she had been wearing “provocative” garments?

  • Worrying that 1192 people have voted for the “He has a point” option on the poll, albeit a small percentage of those who have voted.

    Words fail me in trying to offer some sort of coherent comment on his opinions. I am just sitting here thinking “What an arsehole” over and over again. Fortunately there are many articulate feminist deconstructions of rape culture, and why the “women who dress ‘provocatively’ are asking for it” argument is obviously completely and utterly false.

  • If Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana  doesn’t want to get kicked in the balls repeatedly, politicians should make it illegal for him to be such a raving fuckwit.

  • He wants laws about what women can wear? Gee.. I wander what muslim-boy thinks the women should be allowed to wear. Could it be a burka by some random chance?

  • Did you guys know that it’s possible to be attentioned to death?

  • K Tsojane

    The truth of the matter is that perverts don’t need revealing clothes as motivation to do sexual acts. Their imagination alone is suffient to elicit them to commit these offenses. Rape also happens to women that aren’t dressed provocatively, so this argument of the fellow collapses and dies right there.

  • Chaucers Left Testicle

    Ahh! The sweet sound of moderate Islam..

  • Jennie

    Do people not understand?  Rape is nothing to do with sexual gratification, it is an exercise in power……almost the ultimate expression of power over another person…sex is just the weapon.

  • Trololo

    Guys, in a way he really does have some point. It’s all about self-awareness and personal safety. You typically don’t go to ghetto at night, waving a solid pile of $100 bills in one hand and all-golden Vertu phone in another, because that kind of behaviour will obviously lead you to being mugged or even beaten. No matter if criminals are held in prison or not, there will always be aggressive people and you should be aware of them. The same thing with wearing, say, Orioles hoodie in presence of Yankees fans. And SAME with women. Just don’t provoke offenders. Freedom doesn’t mean you should be stupid, don’t think about your safety and yell everywhere that you are victim of discrimination. Think about consequencies – isn’t this the thing  that all the parents teach their children?

  • Danitoba

     Matt Gurney of the National Post responded to the Sun article and makes a point we should heed.

  • The Regina Universe

    Using Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana’s own philosophy, it is MEN who should be placed behind bars until they can prove they will not rape women.  Wouldn’t that make more sense than restricting what women wear?  Ridiculous!

  • InvincibleIronyMan

    The answer is simple. Men shouldn’t be allowed out to wander the streets on their own without a female chaperone to stop them from raping people.

  • Stev84

    The prevalence of rape is just as high in Muslim countries. The difference is that it’s hardly reported because it’s usually the women who end up being punished for dishonoring their families and not being virgins anymore. In sharia law, the standards of evidence are also stacked against women to the point of being unprovable.

    Sexual harassment is also an everyday occurrence there. Muslim men never learned how to deal with women. They also go nuts whenever they see a little bit of skin because they aren’t used to anything. They get just as aroused by revealing clothing, but their standards of “revealing” are ridiculous.

  • Nataly Burgess

    Words fail me in trying to offer some sort of coherent comment on feminists nowadays. From ancient times women could rule, fight and be equal with men if they deserve that. Men have stiff competition in their society, and weak guys get no profit in life. If you are strong and wise – there is no matter what gender you are, you’ll succeed. Feminists just yell that women are held as slaves and that nobody listens to them. Thing is, nobody listens to complete morons – no matter black, white, male, female, earthling or martian humanoid.

  • Michael

    Definitely hogwash. It starts with the falsehood that modestly dressed women do not get raped and moves further from reality as it progresses.

  • Trololo

    Totally agree to this, but we’re speaking about personal safety, not about Muslims. They have their own problems. And we are proud for being so advanced and having all the humanistic rights, we just forget to use our intelligence. That’s bad.

  • What is it about Islam that makes men unable to control their  hatred of women, since rape isn’t about seeing a “hot chick” and wanting to get your rocks off, but control and humiliation.

  • Glasofruix

    Banks don’t want to get robbed, politicians should make it illegal for them to handle money.

  • Stev84

    It’s really not just Islam, but the desert religions in general. Fundamentalist Jews and fundamentalist Christians have the exact same mentality. Fundamentalist Christians are huge about girls and women dressing “modestly”. It’s taught from a very young age and they also sexualize girls from early on. So do ultra-orthodox Jews. Muslims have just take it the farthest and of course in the Middle East and some African countries, they have the force of the law on their side.

  •  Did you just reply to someone whose name is “Trololo” who made an argument for rape being the victim’s fault? Come on, think this through.

  • Slow Learner

    Troll or Poe?

  • newavocation

    Religion is a weapon too!

  • SoulMan

    what an imbecile…is this kind of thinking really prevalent in the Muslim world? ridiculous

  • Tim

    We can have a discussion about crime-prevention and precautions for personal safety that women (and men) can take some other time.

    But this isn’t what this Fuckwit is saying.  He actually wants to make it illegal for women to wear clothing that he deems provocative and he is trying to blame the victims. 

    He is an idiot. 

    I speak as a man who is atracted to women both those dressed modestly and those dressed provocatively.  I’ve never raped anyone and find offensive the idea that I would want to rape anyone (I see an attractive woman in the street and I might think that I want to have sex with them but that doesn’t mean that I want to rape them – I am certain that I wouln’t get a kick out of non-consential sex.  Even if I had no morals or fear of the law it just wouldn;t appeal to me having sex with someone who wasn’t into it too and it would tak a lot of fucked up conditioning for me to get turned on by even the idea of forcing myself onto someone)

  • I agree. They use religion as an excuse to do what ever they want and try to justify it and blame the victim. It’s all about power and control.

  • Sara Mallory

    Leave it to the Sun to give a platform for this nutjob.  The Sun is basically Fox News North.  This dude would be nothing more that an annoying street preacher if the Sun didn’t decide to give him the attention he so desires.

  • Matto the Hun

    By his reasoning… it should be illegal for people (especially clerics of any stripe) to say moronic things like this because it only incites me to commit violence against them.

  • m6wg4bxw

    I wonder how often women wearing burqas are raped. I wonder how this cleric would excuse men who rape women wearing burqas (if they exist). I wonder how burqa-related sexual fetishism fits into all of this. 

  • m6wg4bxw

    I don’t doubt that power-tripping plays a part, but your statement is naive. 
    To borrow from an analogy used by Glasofruix…  That’s like saying that bank robbery has nothing to do with acquiring money.

  • Martian humanoid.

  • Revyloution

    Totally Julie.  Someone who can’t see the difference between flashing expensive things in a crime prone neighborhood, and a woman in downtown Toronto wearing a mini skirt and a cute shirt is a mental midget.  I hope he takes the time to read the posts above that explain that rape isn’t perpetrated by men who get out of control by looking at cute girls,  it’s done by men who want to feel powerful and like humiliating women.  I’d bet that forcing women to wear a particular garment doesn’t reduce the rape-rate in any substantial way.

  • amycas

     I love the part where xe said women can be equal to men “if they deserve that.”

  • amycas

     …Yes, let’s all ignore the countless psychological studies that have been done on rapists and those who sexually assault and listen to a random person from the internet.

  • amycas

     My personal safety should have nothing to do with what I’m wearing, especially since there has been no study that links “provocative dress*” with sexual assault.


  • The Other Weirdo

     I wonder, though. That may be true in Western societies, but is it really true in sexually repressed ones?

    And besides, which people are you referring to? Regular people on the street or that idiot who’s the subject of the article?

  • The Other Weirdo

     It’s not just them. Fundamentalist Christians and Jews are pretty much the same way. The only real difference is that Muslim culture permits it, while the wider culture in which the other two groups live does not.

  • Annie

    So, if I happen to be a kleptomaniac with a hat fetish, and I ran up to Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana and stole his tagiyah right off his head, it would be his fault for wearing something so tempting to me? 

  • I_Claudia

    A funny thing has happened with my reactions to the most disgusting sexist rape-apologists. Their disregard for the dignity and autonomy of women is so extreme that I break through some kind of nausea event horizon and my brain simply refuses to contemplate the monstrosity of the “argument”.
    Instead, I find myself deeply irritated and indignant on behalf of…men. Seriously, think of how insulting these statements are for a man. He’s essentially telling men “All men are rapists really, and lack even the most fundamental self-control. Women have to cover up because obviously men are too primitive, sex-crazy and itching for the chance at sexual assault to be expected to act decently”.

    Obviously this little turd is offensive to all women everywhere, but surely men must find his message personally offensive as well.

  • The Other Weirdo

    OK, I just read the National Post article that covered this story, and I didn’t realize this guy was a street preacher. Are any of them actually sane?  Also, I didn’t know that Toronto now has Muslim street preachers. Learnt something new, I guess.

  • The Other Weirdo

     We’d probably just rape the chaperones. We’re men. We’re like little children without an ounce of self-control, self-awareness  or self-reflection. We automatically go into rape mode whenever we see a flash of skin. Man, this guy’s got us all figured out. Or just projecting his own inadequacies unto the rest of us.

  • Gaby A.

    This weekend should be fun…I live in Toronto and this piece of work “preaches” in front of our large downtown mall, the Eaton Center. I’ll try and see if I can get any video and pics should people – ahem – engage him.

  • Krwillis

    Okay… on that note, if women don’t want to be raped then all men should be locked up until they are “released” by a women who approves of them, since Al- Haashim implies all men have no morals or self-control. 

  • m6wg4bxw

    My objection is to a categorical negative. Even if most or all rape is “an exercise in power,” I don’t believe that sexual gratification plays no part in the act.

    Perhaps I suffer from — aside from Internet randomness — a case of personal incredulity. It’s merely my opinion. Please don’t ignore any psychological studies on my account. 

  • Tim

    I agree Claudia.  It kind of reminds me of these Jesus and Mo T-shirts.

    It isn’t just the implication that men have no self control that is offensive to men.  The implication that it is self-control or male morality which is the only thing that is stopping me raping is pretty offensive too.   Even if I was a complete amoral Asshat with no fear of getting caught I wouldn;t go around raping women.  Most normal men realise that consentual sex is more fun.  If I was an amoral Asshot, I’d go round seducing women not raping them. 

  • The Other Weirdo

     On the one hand, I want to be offended by what this guy said. After all, just because he lacks the basic skills of dealing with women doesn’t mean the rest of drop into automatic rape mode from which there is no exit until we’re done. On the other hand, how can you be offended by what the obviously mentally ill have to say about anything at all?

  •  Yes, the wider culture for the most part does frown on it, but do I recall reading about some ultra-orthodox neighbourhoods in NYC where the Hebrew  “Scholars” are pretty brutal to any goyim women who come through the neighbourhood?
    Some of the fundy Christian cults I’m familiar with criticize “worldly” women for immodest dress and not being subject to some man, but I don’t recall even the most out-there rattlesnake handler advocating normal western dress as justification for rape.

  • Pedro Lemos

    I guess by his logic, being alive is the cause of murders. There should be a law preventing people from being alive. These irresponsible politicians…

  • Manet

    Well the way he explains it, us men dont know how to control ourselves. Well im sorry but I evolved into a human beign and I have self control, respect, and a mind.

  • Words fail me in trying to offer some sort of coherent comment on feminists nowadays.

    Words failing you still didn’t stop you from offering your incoherent comment anyway. 

  • digitalatheist

    not that good burka wearing muslim women ever get raped and stoned for getting raped… or at least a year in prison.

  • I_Claudia

    Actually sexual gratification playing a part is not mutually exclusive with the initial statement about power. A rapist derives sexual gratification from the act of violence and control. Thus, the primary stimulus has little to nothing to do with the attraction to an individual woman, because sexual attraction is not really the dominant motivator, vulnerability is.

    Of course, rape is often used as a weapon to punish “unruly” or “rebellious” women, or simply as an outlet for the frustrations of a sick individual. In those cases, women dressed in a manner society does not approve of can be at greater risk, NOT because their attractiveness becomes to high, but rather because a rapist knows such a woman will be more likely to be belittled, not believed or outright told she was “asking for it”.

  • Stev84

     The thing with Poes is that you can’t tell by definition

  • m6wg4bxw

    It’s a good thing I’m not a rapist. Based on the feedback I’ve received, I’d apparently be doing it wrong. When I consider committing the act of rape, sexual gratification is much more motivating than exercising my power. I have much to learn.

  • Thackerie

     Yep. You’re right about nobody listening to complete morons. Nobody’s listening to you.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    I fully agree, if men cannot control their urges when they see women, then it is not the women who need to change, it is the men. Maybe we should start a campaign to have male eyes removed when they become adults if they are religious and cannot be trusted (it’s a religious requirement to have foreskins removed so, what’s good for one body part must be good for another, yes?).

  • Pollo Diablo

    Oh yeah, makes sense! Because York University is the sex offender equivalent of a ghetto, and wearing a low neckline, short skirt or body hugging clothes are totally just as over the top as waving around bricks of cash and a golden phone!

  • Patterrssonn

    You should try listening to feminists on earth, theyre much more rational than the ones from your planet.

    Or maybe your translation device has confused feminist for MRA.

  • Melissa

    Wow!  This guy has a low opinion of men.  Does he really think that men cannot control themselves and their sexual urges around “provocatively” dressed women?  

  • Melissa

    Wow!  This guy has a low opinion of men.  Does he really think that men cannot control themselves and their sexual urges around “provocatively” dressed women?  

  • Patterrssonn

    We already know you have much to learn but from your posts it’s hard to tell if you have enough brain function to accomplish it.

  • Apex
  • m6wg4bxw

    Do you care to weigh-in on whether sexual sexual gratification plays a part in rape? That’s what I’ve been discussing. And while questioning my brain function is quite a compelling case for changing my perspective on this, I’d rather be persuaded by something more informative (and relevant).

  • Pepe

    I’m hoping the 1000+ people who’ve voted on ‘He has a point.’ are all joking.

  • Anon
  • Guest

    How about men not raping women, eh? Maybe steel cage  “rape prevention underwear” in the form of a steel codpiece? 

  • Tr

     That’s because I drink a lot, that makes mу think of weird things.

  • Wat32

     OK, if your going to lock us up because we are all potential rapists, I demand individual cells and separate showers since we might start raping each other ( I hear this happens in prisons).

  • Wat32

    It’s my understanding that in the Muslim world that many if not most rapes go unreported as the female victim could easily be labeled an adulterer, if the rapist was married, which is some of these countries carries a death sentence…… for her.  The problem is that these ideas are ingrained in their religious beliefs. These beliefs are rigid and any suggestion that they should be changed is tantamount to heresy.  I read a while back of several killings of politicians in Pakistan who wanted to have the blasphemy laws change.

  • Patterrssonn

    Well since Claudia has fairly conclusively answered your question already and you’ve come up wih the grotesquely moronic phrase “it’s a good thing I’m not a rapist”, questioning your intelligence is definitely relevant. Of course you might not be a total moron, perhaps you’re just a Libertarian.

  • the question is why the Sun would publish a lunatic’s comments like this. there are many lunatics and disturbed people out there with outrageous opinions. a major paper is under no compulsion to publish such garbage. this is tacit agreement with the nutbag’s statements. and much more violent than anything he alone could do to women. 

  • let’s not leave out all the other ‘non-desert’ traditions. hell, you can go all the way back to some ancient pagan religions. misogyny is almost built in to organized religions. the faiths of modern day asia, africa and other non-monotheistic cultures have plenty examples of this sort of shit, if you look for it. for some reason, the invisible beings that guide believers have a hate on for grrls, most of the time. we’re icky and need to be controlled. 

  • guest

    however marital rape would still occur if we adopted the Muslim culture (obviously not all muslims do so but the culture allows for it) of taking away women’s freedom so the problem would not be solved, what next shall we all be circumcised?

  • guest

     you both have valid points and if you do in fact know about psychological research you’ll find that a lot of it is contradictory and something as complex as this phenomena there is no definitive answer, another point to make is that some rapists after the incident will then self gratify over the memory suggesting some sexual gratification is gained.

  • guest

     (oh and just to point out I am a random on the internet but I also have a  Psychology degree and am very familiar with these kind of debates and no Psychologist worth their salt would say “all sexual assault is an of power” you need to also look at the many variations of rape, a drunk woman who half way through says no and a male who decides to carry on is probably thinking more of sexual gratification in that moment in time than power)

  • Tr

     Personally I think he does not excuse rapists. He just says that dressing like Nookie leads to certain consequencies 🙂 All of you, Americans, have very strange understanding of what RIGHT is.


  • Baby_Raptor

    Come back when you have two brain cells you can rub together and half an idea of what Feminism actually is. 

  • Baby_Raptor

    How about we start teaching men to not be animals?

    It’s not my job to control you. 

  • m6wg4bxw

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to notice the over-simplification here. …Not that it matters, and I’m not sure why I thought I should bother sharing my opinion. 
    Thanks for adding to the discussion, random or not.

  • Anti-Islamist Canadian Female

    This is what Islam teaches, people. If it offends you, get off your asses & stop preaching ‘tolerance’ for Islam. This is what you’re tolerating. Women & men should both be insulted by this raving lunatic’s spewage.

    For any Muslim out there who is just itching to tell me to read the Quran, learn about Islam, live in a Muslim country etc, been there, done that. I’m an ex-Muslim atheist married to an ex-Muslim atheist and have spent well over a decade living amongst lunatics like this. The reason that statistics for rape are lower in Muslim countries is because women who have been raped are often forced to marry their rapists, or are stoned or hung to death for adultery. If the rape victims are not executed, they are often killed by their family members for bringing ‘shame’ to the family. Sharia law also demands that SEVERAL MEN BE WITNESS TO A RAPE for the claim to be justified. These are some of the many reasons rape is not reported anywhere near as much in Muslim countries as it is here. Because it’s dangerous for a woman to report being raped.

    This asshole should be thrown in jail for promoting rape. Or fuck off to a country where this shit is put up with. It’s bad enough I had to put up with listening to this asshattery while living overseas. Now I’ve got to listen to it in Canada. Fuck off, and hands off my body, my rights & my choice to dress as I see fit, Muhammad.

  •  Guess what, cupcake:  Just because I am in a “ghetto at night, waving a solid pile of $100 bills in one hand and all-golden Vertu phone in another”, does not give /anyone/ the right to assault me.

  • amycas

     The way women dress does not lead to anything. There is no correlation between how provocative* a woman dresses and her likelihood of getting raped.

    You say we have a strange understanding of what “right” is? Are you talking about human rights, or “right” int he context of morality? If it’s human rights: I do not lose my human rights to bodily autonomy because I wear a short skirt or other provocative* clothing.
    If it’s morality: Style of dress is almost decidedly a-moral. A skirt or low-cut top is neither moral nor immoral. You would think that the person raping would be the one condemned for immoral behavior.


  • YO Friendly Atheist,

    You say there is no God and that Homo sapiens are part of the ANIMAL kingdom!







  • YO I-Claudia,

    When you talk about women, you are talking about a very small %, the larger & are COWS.



    What is the total number of
    legal abortions since 1973?

    Since the legalization of abortion in 1973,
    there have been approximately 50 million abortions performed in the United States.

    Source: Guttmacher Institute,
    2011, August. Facts on Induced Abortion in the United States.

    How many abortions are
    performed in the United
    States each year?

    According to the Guttmacher Institute, there
    were 1.21 million abortions
    performed in the United
    States in 2008, the most recent year for
    which data is available. This amounts to 3,322
    abortions per day.

    Source: Jones, Rachel K. and
    Kathryn Kooistra. “Abortion Incidence and Access to Services in the United States,
    2008.” Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 43, no. 1 (2011,
    March): 41-50 Now REMEMBER this is just America. In Russia, the average “COW” has between 8 to 10 abortions.”COWS” MAKE THE NAZIS LOOK LIKE BOY SCOUTS WHEN IT COMES TO SLAUGHTERING INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS!

  • YO Tim,

    We are living in a Jungle. 

    There are No Laws! Presidents can sanction MURDER whenever it suits them.

    The Muslim cleric knows that and tries to CONTROL what is happening around him.

    Problem with Islam is that its Prophet “THIGHED” with a 6 year old & when she was 9, he had FULL SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH HER.




    Erectile Dysfunction



    From the Hadith of Bukhari:

    Volume 1, Book 4, Number 229:

    Narrated ‘Aisha:

    I used to wash the traces of Janaba (semen) from
    the clothes of the Prophet and he used to go for prayers while traces of water
    were still on it (water spots were still visible).

    Volume 1, Book 4, Number 231:

    Narrated Sulaiman bin Yasar:

    I asked ‘Aisha about the clothes soiled with
    semen. She replied, “I used to wash it off the clothes of Allah’s Apostle
    and he would go for the prayer while water spots were still visible. ”

    Volume 1, Book 4, Number 232:

    Narrated ‘Amr bin Maimun:

    I heard Sulaiman bin Yasar talking about the
    clothes soiled with semen. He said that ‘Aisha had said, “I used to wash
    it off the clothes of Allah’s Apostle and he would go for the prayers while
    water spots were still visible on them.

    Volume 1, Book 4, Number 233:

    Narrated ‘Aisha:

    I used to wash the semen off the clothes of 


    You are ignorant of the SEXUAL DRIVE of Muslims. The Donkeys in their countries go around in pairs, to confuse the Muslims. When they see ASS they immediately “MOUNT IT”.

    So the 2 Donkey TRICK confuse the Muslim; he doesn’t know which one to mount & he’s left standing there with his LANGER in his hand. 

  • YO Yvonne,

    Its BECAUSE of the ARSEHOLE that Muslims will MOUNT ANYTHING. 

    And when you see the ARSES  of some of the Homo sapien “Cows” today, you can’t blame Muslims for being confused.

    For a Muslim ANY ARSEHOLE will do!

  • YO Dick,

    Last time I looked I was living in a democracy – Free Speech etc.

    Take your head out of your arsehole & give a Muslim a go!

  • YO BABE,


  • YO Jennie,

    Do people not understand? Abortion is nothing to do with LIFE, it is an exercise in power….IS the ultimate expression of power over another person…abortion is just the weapon.



    What is the total number of
    legal abortions since 1973?

    Since the legalization of abortion in 1973,
    there have been approximately 50 million abortions performed in the United States.

    Source: Guttmacher Institute,
    2011, August. Facts on Induced Abortion in the United States.

    How many abortions are
    performed in the United
    States each year?

    According to the Guttmacher Institute, there
    were 1.21 million abortions
    performed in the United
    States in 2008, the most recent year for
    which data is available. This amounts to 3,322
    abortions per day.

    Source: Jones, Rachel K. and
    Kathryn Kooistra. “Abortion Incidence and Access to Services in the United States,
    2008.” Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 43, no. 1 (2011,
    March): 41-50 

  • YO NEWA,

    Which do you want? 


  • YO Jorge,

    Even in NATURE there are PARASITES.

    Get YOUR head out of your arse & give the cleric a go! 

  • YO amycas,

    Did you hear about the SNAKE who died after biting a “COW” in the TIT. 

    It died from SILICONE POISON.

  • YO xyz,


  • YO I-Claudia,

    The SIMPLE fact is, the MALE Homo sapien is confused!

    In NATURE, the BITCH comes into HEAT & sends out a chemical message to ALL DOGS to come & MOUNT her.

    When the BITCH of Homo sapien goes “out in the town” & “dressed to attract”, the BITCH is sending out the “MESSAGE”, “I’m looking to be mounted”!

    The Male Dogs of Homo sapiens are aroused & try & mount her. Some succeed, some don’t & have to do with a WANK.

    In the JUNGLE:

    Its all down to ESTROGEN & TESTOSTERONE. 

  • YO xyz,

    YOU will NEVER understand WOMEN.

  • YO P,

    Are you a COW or a BULL?

  • YOU guest,

    Behavior is learned. Disregard for other people, violence…
    It all has to be taught. Children seeing or experiencing physical or sexual
    violence demonstrates that it is acceptable and perpetuates the cycle of abuse.
    That is the same for both genders.


    Abuse is a human problem and not a gender problem?  Abuse manifests itself in cycles and patterns?
    For example, perhaps a domineering abusive mother’s father was abusive to her,
    so she became abusive to her son, and her son became abusive to his children
    (if he didn’t become a murderous rapist)? If abuse runs in families like this,
    then why do we concentrate so much on “men’s violence”, when we
    should be concentrating on “human violence”?

  • YO Weirdo,

    He is NOT an idiot! He is a VICTIM of his CULTURE.

    When you have studied the Quran, Hadiths & The History of Islam, you will see, IF POSSIBLE, that RAPE & PLUNDER runs through his veins.


    If you had studied The Babylonian Talmud, you will see where the PERVERT MINDSET OF HOLLYWOOD comes from.

    “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is
    nothing, for when the girl is less than this (three years and a day) it is as
    if one put the finger into the eye.” The footnote says that as “tears come
    to the eye again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl
    under three years.” Kethuboth 11b. 

  • YO Julie,

    I see you attend Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, so you will be able to tell us all about FEMALES HAVING SEX WITH ANIMALS.

    OK, Julie?

  • YO K,

    NO, NO, NO!

    Muslims have RAPED thousands of females in places like Sweden, Holland etc in the past few years & the MEDIA have tried hard to cover it up. PUPS as young as 13, have gone around in GANG BANG GROUPS & RAPPED; when police came to the door of one of them, who was caught, his MOTHER said, 



  • YO Regina,

    When the Prophet of Islam looked into HELL, he said it was FULL of women.

    How come, he was asked?



  • YO GM-R,

    I REPEAT: 






  • YO Timeless,

    We could get rid of the BURKA overnight, if CRIMINALS would start wearing them “on the job”!

    And when those STUPID BLACKS rob stores, KNOWING IT HAS CCTV installed, without BURKAS, it makes me mad.

    Come on!

    Wear a BURKA & scare the SH-T out of someone TODAY!

  • YO Annie,






    What is the total number of
    legal abortions since 1973?

    Since the legalization of abortion in 1973,
    there have been approximately 50 million abortions performed in the United States.

    Source: Guttmacher Institute,
    2011, August. Facts on Induced Abortion in the United States.

    How many abortions are
    performed in the United
    States each year?

    According to the Guttmacher Institute, there
    were 1.21 million abortions
    performed in the United
    States in 2008, the most recent year for
    which data is available. This amounts to 3,322
    abortions per day.

    Source: Jones, Rachel K. and
    Kathryn Kooistra. “Abortion Incidence and Access to Services in the United States,
    2008.” Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 43, no. 1 (2011,
    March): 41-50 

  • YO Dick van Dyke,

    Have you ever listened to the BITCH, Sarah Silverman?

    She is a Talmudic Jewess, who would have been a victim of incest as a child.

    Silverman goes after Sheldon Adelson

    Silverman is at it again. On Monday, she
    released a video offering to perform a sex act on billionaire casino mogul
    Sheldon Adelson if he redirects his millions toward President Obama’s 2012
    reelection campaign and away from Mitt Romney. The producers of the video say
    they’ve beentaking heat from
    Jewish groups for targeting Adelson, who was in the news again this week for
    making a new $13 million donation to Birthright and
    for being the subject of a federal investigation. But, the producers say, their
    pro-Obama campaign — called the Great Schlep for the eponymous pro-Obama video
    Silverman did in 2008 — will continue. “The goal is to have Romney decide
    whether he wants to pervert democracy by taking funding from one individual who
    will have outsized influence on a majority of issues that are way outside of
    the mainstream of what most American Jews think,” said Great Schlep co-founder
    Ari Wallach.

    Silverman like millions of Jewish women was a victim of incest as a child!

    The Oedipus complex was the invention of Sigmund Freud!


    Freud originally discovered, in the treatments partially
    conducted under hypnosis, that all his patients, both male and female, had been
    abused children and recounted their histories in the language of symptoms.
    After reporting his discovery in psychiatric circles, he found himself
    completely shunned because none of his fellow psychiatrists was prepared to
    share the findings with him. Freud could not bear the isolation for long. A few
    months later, in 1897, he described his patients’ reports on sexual abuse as
    sheer fantasies attributable to their instinctual wishes.


    Freud’s father was a pedophile! In a letter to his friend
    Wilhelm Fliess, he wrote:

     “Unfortunately, my own father was one of
    these perverts and is responsible for the hysteria of my brother (all of whose
    symptoms are identifications) and those of several younger sisters. The
    frequency of this circumstance often makes me wonder.”

    Fliess’s son,
    Robert Fliess exposed his own father as being another paedophile, who had
    sexually abused him when he was a child.




    The Talmud is Judaism’s
    holiest book (actually a collection of books). Its authority takes precedence
    over the Old Testament in Judaism. Evidence of this may be found in the Talmud
    itself, Erubin 21b (Soncino edition):

    “My son, be more careful in the observance of the words of
    the Scribes than in the words of the Torah (Old Testament).”

    Jewish scholar Hyam Maccoby, in “Judaism on
    Trial,” quotes Rabbi Yehiel ben Joseph:


    “Further, without the Talmud, we would not be able to
    understand passages in the Bible … God has handed this authority to the sages
    and tradition is a necessity as well as scripture. The Sages also made
    enactments of their own … anyone who does not study the Talmud cannot
    understand Scripture.”



    Second century Rabbi
    Simeon ben Yohai, one of Judaism’s very greatest rabbis and a creator
    of Kabbalah, sanctioned pedophilia—permitting molestation of baby girls even
    younger than three! He proclaimed, 

    “A proselyte who is
    under the age of three years and a day is permitted to marry a priest.” 1

    Yebamoth 60b,  

    Subsequent rabbis refer
    to ben Yohai’s endorsement of pedophilia as “halakah,” or binding
    Jewish law. 2  Yebamoth 60b

    Has Rabbi ben Yohai,
    child rape advocate, been disowned by modern Jews? Hardly. Today, in ben
    Yohai’s hometown of Meron, Israel, tens of thousands of
    orthodox and ultra-orthodox Jews gather annually for days and nights of singing
    and dancing in his memory.

    References to pedophilia abound in the Talmud. They
    occupy considerable sections of Treatises Kethuboth and Yebamoth and are
    enthusiastically endorsed by the Talmud’s definitive legal work, Treatise

    The Pharisees Endorsed Child Sex

    The rabbis of the Talmud are notorious for their legal
    hairsplitting, and quibbling debates. But they share rare agreement about their
    right to molest three year old girls. In contrast to many hotly debated issues,
    hardly a hint of dissent rises against the prevailing opinion (expressed in
    many clear passages) that pedophilia is not only normal but scriptural as well!
    It’s as if the rabbis have found an exalted truth whose majesty silences

    Because the Talmudic authorities who sanction pedophilia
    are so renowned, and because pedophilia as “halakah” is so explicitly
    emphasized, not even the translators of the Soncino edition of the Talmud
    (1936) dared insert a footnote suggesting the slightest criticism. They only
    comment: “Marriage, of course, was then at a far earlier age than now.” 3

    In fact, footnote 5 to Sanhedrin 60b rejects the right
    of a Talmudic rabbi to disagree with ben Yohai’s endorsement of pedophilia:

    “How could they [the rabbis],
    contrary to the opinion of R. Simeon ben Yohai, which has scriptural support,
    forbid the marriage of the young proselyte?” 4

    1 Yebamoth 60b, p. 402. 

    2 Yebamoth 60b, p. 403. 

    3 Sanhedrin 76a. 

    4 In Yebamoth 60b, p. 404, Rabbi Zera disagrees that sex with girls under three
    years and one day should be endorsed as halakah. 

  • YO Jay,

    Was Islam’s “perfect man” sexually

    Summary Answer: 

    Muhammad had sex with just about anyone he
    pleased, thanks to Allah’s extraordinary interest in his personal sex life, as
    immortalized in the Qur’an.

    Although the Qur’an didn’t have the space for
    addressing topics like universal love and brotherhood (which Muslims sometimes
    insist are there, but aren’t), the list of sexual partners that Muhammad was
    entitled to is detailed more than once, sometimes in categories and sometimes
    in reference to specific persons (Zaynab & Mary).

    Muhammad was married to thirteen women,
    including eleven at one time. He relegated them to either consecutive days or
    (according to some accounts) all in one night. He married a 9-year-old girl and
    even his adopted son’s wife. On top of that, Muhammad had a multitude of slave
    girls and concubines with whom he had sex – sometimes on the very days in which
    they had watched their husbands and fathers die at the hands of his army.

    So, by any realistic measure, the creator of the
    world’s most sexually restrictive religion was also one of the most sexually
    indulgent characters in history.


    ALLAH & 6 YEAR

    Like Muhammad, Muslims are looking for a 6 year
    old child to marry. They will “thigh” with her until she is fully
    mature, when she is 9; then they will have full sexual intercourse with her.
    She might squeal like a pig while their large penis repeatedly enters her small
    vagina. But Allah wills it, so it got to be OK.

    O yeah, thighing is where they put their penis
    between her thighs & masturbate until they cum and then shoot their
    “load” all over the place:

    Erectile Dysfunction



    From the Hadith of Bukhari:

    Volume 1, Book 4, Number 229:

    Narrated ‘Aisha:

    I used to wash the traces of Janaba (semen) from
    the clothes of the Prophet and he used to go for prayers while traces of water
    were still on it (water spots were still visible).

    Volume 1, Book 4, Number 231:

    Narrated Sulaiman bin Yasar:

    I asked ‘Aisha about the clothes soiled with
    semen. She replied, “I used to wash it off the clothes of Allah’s Apostle
    and he would go for the prayer while water spots were still visible. “

  • YO Stev84,


    Talmudic Judaism teaches:

    Sex with a “Minor” Permitted

    What exactly did these sages say?
    The Pharisees justified child rape by explaining that a boy of nine years was
    not a “man” Thus they exempted him from God’s Mosaic Law: 
    “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination”
    (Leviticus. 18:22)
    One passage in the Talmud gives permission for a woman who molested her young
    son to marry a high priest. It concludes, 

    “All agree that the (sexual) connection of a boy aged nine years and
    a day is a real connection; whilst that of one less than eight years is
    not.”  Sanhedrin
    69b 5

    Because a boy under 9 is sexually immature, he can’t
    “throw guilt” on the active offender, morally or legally. 6

    “…the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual
    act.” 7 
    The Talmud also says, 

    “A male aged nine years and a day who cohabits with his
    deceased brother’s wife acquires her (as wife).”8

    Clearly, the Talmud teaches that a woman is permitted to
    marry and have sex with a nine year old boy.

    5 Sanhedrin 69b. 

    6 Sanhedrin 55a. 

    7 Footnote 1 to Kethuboth 11b. 

    8 Sanhedrin 55b. 



    Talmudic Judaism teaches:

    Sex at Three Years and One Day

    In contrast to Simeon ben Yohai’s dictum that sex with a
    little girl is permitted under the age of three years, the general teaching of
    the Talmud is that the rabbi must wait until a day after her third birthday.
    She could be taken in marriage simply by the act of rape.

    R. Joseph said: Come and hear! A maiden aged three years and a day
    may be acquired in marriage by coition and if her deceased husband’s brother
    cohabits with her, she becomes his. (Sanhedrin 55b)

    A girl who is three years of age and one day may be betrothed by
    cohabitation. . . .(. Yebamoth 57b)

    A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by
    coition, and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabited with her she becomes
    his. (Sanhedrin. 69a, 69b, also discussed in Yebamoth. 60b)

    It was taught: R. Simeon b. Yohai stated: A proselyte who is under the
    age of three years and one day is permitted to marry a priest, for it is said,
    But all the women children that have not known man by lying with him, keep
    alive for yourselves, and Phineas (who was priest, the footnote says) surely
    was with them. (Yebamoth. 60b)

    [The Talmud says such three year and a day old girls are] . . . fit
    for cohabitation. . . But all women children, that have not known man by lying
    with him, it must be concluded that Scripture speaks of one who is fit for
    cohabitation. (Footnote to Yebamoth. 60b)

    The example of Phineas, a priest, himself marrying an
    underage virgin of three years is considered by the Talmud as proof that such
    infants are “fit for cohabitation.”

    The Talmud teaches that an adult woman’s molestation of a
    nine year old boy is “not a sexual act” and cannot “throw
    guilt” upon her because the little boy is not truly a “man.” 9 But
    they use opposite logic to sanction rape of little girls aged three years and
    one day: Such infants they count as “women,” sexually mature and fully
    responsible to comply with the requirements of marriage.
    The Talmud footnotes 3 and 4 to Sanhedrin 55a clearly tell us when the rabbis
    considered a boy and girl sexually mature and thus ready for marriage. “At
    nine years a male attains sexual matureness… The sexual matureness of woman is
    reached at the age of three.”

    9 Sanhedrin 55a. 

  • YO Dick van Dyke,

    It is CLEAR that BITCHES are returning back to Goddess religion:


    The famous Sheela-Na-Gig, an image of a
    grinning, imp-like bald woman holding open her exaggeratedly enlarged vulva.

    Although some people think of them as
    pagan in origin, archaeological evidence indicates that Sheela-Na-Gigs
    originated during the Medieval era, where they were intended by Christian
    sculptors to function as a warning to women against the sins of immodesty and
    passion. Sheelas can be found in Romanesque churches throughout Europe,
    including the continent and Great Britain,
    but it is in Ireland
    that they are most numerous.

    If the Irish did not invent the
    Sheela-Na-Gig, they certainly named her, for the term Sheela-Na-Gig seems to be
    Gaelic in origin, although its meaning is disputed. (The derivation i favour is
    that Sheela-Na-Gig is an aural misrendering of Sidhe Lena Gig — pronounced
    Shee-Lena-Gig — which literally means “Fairy Woman (Sidhe) With Her (Lena) Big Genital Appendage (Gig).”)

    One theory that accounts for the
    enduring popularity of Sheela-Na-Gigs in Ireland is that these stone
    carvings became “lucky” emblems to the Goddess-loving Irish, who,
    upon entering the churches where they were supposed to shun or feel chastened
    by the impudent, ugly little women, instead took to touching the Sheelas’
    privates to gain the blessings she bestowed.

    In modern times, folks who honour women
    spiritually have reclaimed the Sheela-Na-Gig as a symbol of feisty female strength
    and humour.

    Cast in pewter, this talismanic
    Sheela-Na-Gig is strung on a black cord, ready to wear — and, yes, you can rub
    her little thang for good luck! 

  • TCC

    You are a disgusting individual.

  • Patterrssonn

    You know it’s odd but no one’s ever asked me that question before. Are you asking my gender?

  • Patterrssonn

    Please TCC you’re feeding the troll, or at least a crap poe.

    Edit. Actually I just read a few of his posts I think the guys just a fucking idiot.

  • Peter

    I entirely agree. Barbarians like this offend and insult all civilized women AND men. We work hard to be fair and open to all cultural and religious viewpoints but we should not confuse ignorant idiocy with valid diversity.

  • So… only women who are dressed ‘like Nookie’ get raped? Really?

  • Gábor Biró

    I have one better: Women are raped because they leave the house. We should force them to stay indoors, that way they surely won’t get raped!
    Of course provocative dressing is a factor, of course we have to pay a price for our lifestyle. But these issues cannot be solved by taking away our liberties. That’s cowardice. We should solve them by improving education and striking down even harder on those who commit such atrocities.

    What’s next? Bowing for the demands of terrorists?

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