Atheist Billboard in Washington State Says God & Government Are a Dangerous Mix July 19, 2012

Atheist Billboard in Washington State Says God & Government Are a Dangerous Mix

That billboard, reading “God and government are a dangerous mix,” was just put up in Wenatchee, Washington by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. (An identical billboard will soon be up in Okanogan.)

“Our efforts this year are to once again remind the public that ‘We, the people’ need to preserve our Founding Fathers’ goal to give this country’s citizens a secular government without dangerous religious entanglements,” said Kurt Wyant, a member of FFRF and spokesperson for NWC Freethinkers of Wenatchee.

“Some issues on our next state ballot deserve reflection in regard to secular government. One of these is Referendum 74, asking whether we support our state legislature’s decision to give gay couples the right to marriage. A citizen does not need to be a secular person to support a secular government. We should have a government that is fair to all citizens, regardless of individual religion or philosophy, and support the separation between church and state.”

The same billboard went up in the same town last year, too.

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  • The cities appear to be quite isolated. I find Bellingham and Lynden to be quite conservative. I think a lot of people’s heads would steam.

  • Good stuff. I wonder if secular organisations ought to work harder to get liberal Christians (and people of other faiths) on side, because the intelligent religious person can see that secular democracy is the safest option for all religions (that’s why the Founding Fathers chose it). 

    The word “secular” has a loaded, anti-Christian meaning to many Christians, even though it’s not there in the dictionary definition. “Freedom from Religion” could also be interpreted as an anti-religion message.

    Politically, something that puts the emphasis more on freedom or fairness might gain more traction. I am speculating. Are there statistics on how these terms poll with believers?

  • Joe Zamecki

    Excellent billboard! Very nice. 

  • Alan Christensen

    I’m trying to remember whether it was Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine or Roger Williams who said something like, “Government and religion corrupt each other.”

  • Darcy

    Nice. Now we need some like it in the Seattle area. 😀

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