Jesusophile Explains Why He’s Against Gay Marriage July 16, 2012

Jesusophile Explains Why He’s Against Gay Marriage

It’s good to see Jesusophile is still alive and well:

It gets really good around the 3:15 mark 🙂

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  • Is this Poe or is he serious?

  • His gesticulations are kinda gay.

  • Also, if he marries a gay man, like he doesn’t want to, wouldn’t that make him gay?

  • Yes, he’s a Poe.  Been a long time since his last video.  I’m quite happy he’s returned to YT.  His “Hi!” gets louder every time he makes a new vid 🙂

  • Megan

    This person is so obviously gay. How sad. Also, “just because I don’t want some people to have equal rights doesn’t mean I’m against them.” ?!?!?!?!??! *head explodes*

  • Minus

    No, he’s not a Poe.  He’s fuckin’ INSANE.  And sorely missed, very nice to see him back.  I see he grew the other half of  his mustache back.  Trying to pass as normal I guess.

  • That would explain why this is the first video I’ve seen of him.

  • Cheepak Dopra
  • Luce

    I hope he does get influenced by the gay movement and becomes “a gay” himself, because people like him shouldn’t be having children. What an idiot.

  • You all realize this is satire right?  


  • Tez Skanza

    Now I’m not a violent person, but I feel like I want to hit this guy with a shovel.


  • Hjl1

    Please someone tell me if this is a joke or not. I am confused.

  • AngelWingsRGudWithHotSauce

    haha! what’s a little nipple touching between friends??

  • Pepe

     He’s gotta be a Poe.

  • Wes

    Are people seriously unable to tell that this is parody? It’s not a Poe–it’s a straight forward satire. A Poe is something that doesn’t contain any obvious indication that it’s parody and might be mistaken for the real thing by a non-stupid person. This is too obviously a parody to be a Poe. If you think this is real, then… geez, there’s just no hope for you.

  • I’ve been subscribed to him forever waiting for a new vid. Yay 😀

  • Nakshatradevi

    I wonder if he’s seriously oblivious to the fact that he’s a flaming homo?

  • holeydood3

     It’s a joke.

  • AngelWingsRGudWithHotSauce

    Hey Hemant, after some careful thought, I think we should be normal friends who hug and kiss each other on the cheek like this guy and keanu…

  • I feel all squishy inside. I blame you.

  • Conspirator

    I agree, the satire is completely obvious in this.  Yes Christian “logic” is often screwed up.  But not even they claim that if gays can be married that they might somehow marry someone of the same sex when they don’t want to as if getting married just happens to you while you are walking down the street.  

    Now if somehow things change and one day people can be married without them realizing it then I’m afraid I’ll have to change my stance and be against gay marriage.  I know it’s selfish of me, but I really have no desire to be married to a guy and wouldn’t want to risk it.   But so long as free will is involved I’m all for gay marriage.  

  • Funny LOL! It’s obviously Satire and he’s probably having fun with the comments that claim otherwise.

  • Tineke

    I am pretty sure that this guy is Dutch, and I think  I know his brother since they almost look like twins. His brother went on national television because he believes that he has the soul of  dragon (otherkin), that one was even weirder than this guy. So yeah, they are a pretty weird family, and they have a very weird sense of humor.

  • Ohhhhhhh *_*
    I didn’t know him. And now that i do i think i’m in love and i want to marry him. But but but.. if gay marriage was legal, he might be influenced and end up married with a gay man. So i wouldn’t be able to marry him.
    So i’m against gay marriage
    And that’s logic at work. 

  • Deven Kale

    If you watch his next video, he admits that Jesusophile is a character, so it’s almost definitely satire. Some of the BEST Christian satire I’ve ever seen! I’m definitely going to subscribe to him, this guy is just awesomely hilarious.

  •  Oh, marry the guy and CHEAT with women!
    It’s all the rage in the religious community!

  • Tez Skanza

    Poe? What is it?   The Google, it’s not working…

  • Poe = Satire indistinguishable from fundamentalist Christianity.

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