A Brief Poem About God July 16, 2012

A Brief Poem About God

(via The Atheist Pig, which just keeps getting better and better)

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  • GodlessPoutine

    Amen!  Well that sums things up nicely!

  • Piet

    Wow, that is beatiful, hopeful and honest.

  • Sindigo

    I recently had the onerous task of designing a funeral service booklet for a couple who’d  had a still-born baby. Among the touching tributes and prayers was this poem:

    Why God takes the little onesI swear I’ll never knowYou had so much life to liveIt just wasn’t time to go.For comfort, now, I think of youWith tiny little wingsUp above, in a beautiful place,listening to angels sing.You’ll never know the pain I feelThe hurt you left behind.Oh, what I wouldn’t give to hold you one more time.I carried you in my womb, Then I carried you in my armsAnd now, until it no longer beatsI’ll carry you in my heart

    I honestly don’t know how someone can go through the pain that this poor couple are going through and gain any comfort whatsoever in the knowledge that their god not only allowed this tragic event to happen but that it was a part of his divine plan. 

    Of course, we all know that their are good reasons for such a tragedy and I don’t know the exact circumstances in this case. Maybe the baby wasn’t healthy or there were complications during the birth. Whatever the specifics were, if I were to find myself in a similar situation I hope I could take comfort in the facts of the situation. That all involved had done their best to avoid such an event and that such things sometimes simply happen in nature. That it was no-one’s fault.

    If you believe in a god who’s had your and, presumably everyone else’s destiny all planned out since the beginning of time I don’t know how you would do that. I really don’t. And that is a tragedy in and of itself.

  • Tainda

    I lost my niece and nephew to a rare genetic disorder.  My niece was only 3 months old and my nephew was 3 years old when he died.  

    I wish I could show my sister-in-law this poem but it wouldn’t help.  My brother isn’t religious (I think he’s a closet atheist) but my SIL is catholic and her family dwells on death constantly.  I still can’t imagine the pain they have gone through (13 years since my nephew died) but I wish I could tell her to live her life and enjoy the family that is HERE because it’s the only one she is going to get and enjoy it while she’s here.

  • MrBlake

    That jerk God, taking babies to paradise, where we’d all like to go…

  • Sarcastic

    That pig is so precious. I love it when anthropomorphized farm animals condescend to talk about human suffering as if they’ve actually experienced it.

  • KMR

    Theists don’t focus on the fact that God let their child die.  They focus on the belief that they will one day be reunited with that child in an eternal state of bliss.  That’s where their comfort’s at.

  • Sindigo

    If you’re so desperate to go, kill yourself.

  • Sindigo

    If that’s where the comfort lies, kill yourself. If you are reluctant, then surely life has something to offer and if that is the case why why would a just and fair god deny that to a child?

  • Sindigo

    Being sarcastic for the sake of being sarcastic whilst intentionally missing the point of cartoons makes you sound like a total ass.

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