Christian Logic in a Flowchart July 15, 2012

Christian Logic in a Flowchart

Summary: Keep praying. Don’t question it.

I’m sure God will do what is best…

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  • LGWj1

    Must be the abridged version. It is missing:
    – Pray harder
    – Pray differently
    – Get more people to pray
    – Pray somebody says is special
    – Donate more
    – Get more people to donate more
    – Donate to me
    – Sacrifice more animals
    – Sacrifice your children
    I am sure there is even more in Advanced Prayer

  • You forgot Super Saiyan.

  • Blanc_Slate


  • Wait… did this person post this on Facebook thinking it bolstered hir position of faith?

  • dearestlouise

    That was my initial reaction too. I’m not really sure if he/she understands the message of the chart.

  • Stev84

    “Pray harder” looping back up to “did it work”.

    By the the way, the symbols are wrong. Square boxes are actions and diamonds are decisions/questions

  •  Ok, good, I’m not the only one who noticed that and did a perfect imitation of my dog. *cocks head in confusion*

  • viaten

    That can’t be right.  There’s no infinite loop.

  • Istj04

    So what exactly IS the “point” of this “praying” (BRAYING!), if this “god” thing, is going to do whatever the fuck it wants to do? Is it a “mental masturbation” exercise? A form of early onset schizophrenia? Any other ideas. . . .???

  • Bill

    For folks who might like to do something like this in the future, flowchart 101:

    – a box is an action
    – a diamond is a decision
    – you don’t need boxes for “yes” and “no”, those are just labels on the lines comming out of the diamond

  • Lurker111

     And here I was going to post the same thing and expose myself as an old nit-picker.  😉

  • pureone

    forgot “My faith isn’t strong enough” after “no” and the loops and so on…

  • Just wondering

    What about the conclusions? Do they have boxes or diamonds or what…?

  • claudia


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