Mississippi Humanists Attempt to Help Community Members ‘Beat the Heat’ July 13, 2012

Mississippi Humanists Attempt to Help Community Members ‘Beat the Heat’

Humanists in Northeast Mississippi are trying to raise money to buy air conditioners for the 105 people waiting in line for an air conditioner in the area.

Because we believe in social justice and we know that no gods are going to solve this problem, we humanists are ready to do something about it! We want to raise as much money as possible to buy air conditioners for these families so they will not needlessly suffer through this incredibly harsh summer. Even a small window unit will make a big difference – especially for those people who have allergies, breathing disorders, or are at high-risk for dehydration. And the best part is that this air conditioner unit will give a family several years of relief. The small investment you make now will pay out immediate and long-term benefits.

Information for donating can be found on their website. It would be great if they were able to purchase at least a few A/C units with the funds!

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  • Joe Zamecki

    That’s really nice of them. I was going to say it’s really cool….but y’know.  Still, it’s cool! :o) 

  • Donated. Good for Deep Fried Freethinkers. I like these very local, practical efforts that immediately help people in need, as well as the more far-reaching charities that Foundation Beyond Belief does.

  • unclemike

    Just donated $25. Wish I could give more.

  • Guest

    I’ll donate $5. I’m one of those people who absolutely cannot function in the heat. My own air conditioner just broke and won’t cool the room to any less than 78 degrees at best, and even that’s just killing me. $5 won’t fix my air conditioner, but if I can help someone else avoid this, I’ll do it.

  • Deven Kale

     I wish I could manage that, my A/C won’t get me below 86 for the better part of a week now. I feel lucky for even that much though, considering that it’s been 110+ most of those days.

  • The people who run DFFT are members of my local atheist group and they are fine people. Thanks for calling attention to this campaign. I think a big part of fostering acceptance for humanists and non-believers is to make visible, public gestures of goodwill and generosity. It’s worked for churches, regardless of the beliefs that back those efforts. 

    Thanks again, Hemant!

  • Deepfriedfreethinkers

    We have raised over $750 in just 6 days!!!

    Wow, Thank you every one and please share the link above.

    We are going to try and keep this going until the end of the month.

    We are in the process of purchasing the first of what we hope will be many A/C units for these people in need

    Thank you again!!

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