Two Priests Want Edward Tarte to Repent July 12, 2012

Two Priests Want Edward Tarte to Repent

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  • Takes courage. My hat’s off.

  • Jill

    Great video!

  • Ryan

    He is very clear with his language but still manages to be “strident”.  I love it!

  • Sarah

    Well put!

  • The admonition that you must continue to be religious like this reminds me of the Milgram Experiment, where people are thinking that they are shocking people and if they want to stop (which they are told up front that they can do), they are told 1. Please continue  2. The experiment requires that you continue  3. It is absolutely essential that you continue  4. You have no other choice, you must go on.  And many people delivered lethal shocks to the other person (they thought they were, but don’t worry, no test subjects were harmed).  They did this because the person with the white lab coat and clipboard told them they had to.  In the case of religion, no one is told going in that you can quit, and if you have doubts you are told by the guy in the white vestments that “your salvation requires that you continue.”

    Many people believe that it would be unethical to replicate the Milgram Experiment today.

  • Dbaker13

    I love how “no-nonsense” Edward is. There’s no flair to distract from the message he wants to send; it’s straight forward.

    I’m a huge fan of these videos. Edward, thank you for making this series.

  • Edward Tarte

    Dbaker13, thank you so much.  If you haven’t already, I invite you to access my YouTube profile page (search edward tarte) and investigate my play lists there. Sincerely,  Edward Tarte

  • I just can’t get over the disconnect in the statement “Gawd really, really, really **LOVES** you,  but if you don’t really, really, really love him BACK, he’s gonna torture you for ever and ever in a lake of real fire…”. Gawd is obviously a narcissistic sociopath.

  • Very interesting about Milgram.  Religion indeed has a very strong relation to the Milgram experiment. 

  • viaten

    Edward, you have a lot of sincerity and honesty which fortunately has won out over your regrettable, but not really shameful, gullibility of long ago.  But do those priests that are so critical of you really still have the same gullibility as they had when they were young or as you had?  It seems much of their gullibility has been given over to insincerity.

  • My first thought on reading the title of this post was, too late, he already has, and I’m happy that Edward’s thoughts ran in the same direction. (I do think he was a little hard on himself, perhaps.)

    The topic has injected a little ear worm, however, which has been with me a day now. From Leonard Cohen’s powerful song, The Future,

    When they said REPENT REPENT

    I wonder what they meant…

  • I just want Edward to know how much I enjoy his videos, especially as someone who was raised catholic (but never really believed as a child – and I left at 13), and whose family was very involved with both the church and with catholic school I attended. Edward, thank you! I love hearing your perspective.

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