Katie Holmes: Out of the Frying Pan… July 12, 2012

Katie Holmes: Out of the Frying Pan…

I haven’t really followed the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce story because… well… who cares. But if it’s true that Scientology was the reason she left him and she wants to return to Catholicism, then this headline from The Daily Mash, a British satirical site, is perfect 🙂

“I’m starting with the Pope and all his colourful brand of magical batshittery, then gradually working my way back to normality.

“I’ll hopefully be moving onto being a Methodist by the end of next year as they’re just slightly mental and a bit mean-spirited rather than tits-out crazy.”

The last line in the article made me laugh in public, which is never acceptable when you’re by yourself…

(Thanks to Matt for the link!)

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  • Kataton

    Overall hilarious, but I didn’t see the need for mean-spirited actor-bashing. Respect for the sciences doesn’t have to mean disrespect for the arts.

  • Sean Keeney

    The Daily Mash is like a British version of The Onion, and just as funny. It’s worth digging around the site because there are gems there.

    It’s crazy how people consider Scientology batshit insane, but not Christianity. On the flipside it’s always great when a Christian points out nuts Cruise is, because it gives multiple opportunity to dissect their arguments.

  • Heck, that wasn’t mean spirited. An actor chooses to open themselves up to public scrutiny, and all humor is at someone’s or something’s expense. Like you said, it was hilarious. (I especially liked the anti-homeopathy dig at the end.)

  • dangeroustalk

    I just wrote about this:
    Katie Holmes: Out of one cult and into another? – http://www.examiner.com/article/katie-holmes-out-of-one-cult-and-into-another

  • Kataton

    Oops. I should clarify. I have no problem with the article bashing Ms. Holmes acting skills. That’s fair enough. It was this line I was referring to:  “Helpers are also working to remove the healing crystals from her home, moving the furniture to what looks good rather than what is ‘proper Feng Shui’ and are patiently explaining that acting is just well-paid dressing up rather than the hardest job in the world.” I work with actual actors on a regular basis, sewing the very costumes they dress up in, in fact. Both jobs are genuinely hard work, when done right, Just sayin’.

  • Peter Hopkins

    I think maybe you’re not getting the cynical British humour in the Daily Mash! They do genuinely have a bash at everyone, and are entirely apolitical (in that they take digs at the left and the right equally, not that they shy away from politics!).

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