Her View of the Colorado Wildfires July 12, 2012

Her View of the Colorado Wildfires

Kaleena Menke lives in Colorado and she has a powerful piece at the Foundation Beyond Belief blog about what the wildfires look like from her perspective:

I was still in Ohio finishing up my week volunteering as a camp counselor for Camp Quest when the Waldo Canyon Fire started near my childhood home in Colorado Springs on Saturday, June 23. By the time I flew home, the fire was already national news…

[My niece] Emily only had one day left in Colorado, and after she lived through the evacuation, I offered to have her stay with me to avoid the horror of watching houses burn and the poor air quality. On Wednesday, I had a full apartment when my friend’s parents took me up on my offer to stay when they were evacuated. I wasn’t expecting their arrival to overlap with my niece’s stay but opening my home was the least I could do. I had an overly full house for several nights.

Read the piece in full here. It’s not too late to help the firefighters in the area by donating the FBB’s Humanist Crisis Response fund.

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  • BenZ

    My aunt, Pat Baker, lost her home in that fire. Her home was the most gorgeous I’d ever seen, in the mountains and full of incredible art. It was surrounded by truly famous gardens that people have filled buses to tour. My family and I have cried together for how much we will miss that place, but if anyone can bounce back, it’s Pat.

    She was also fortunate enough to be able to afford insurance, something many can’t afford due to the high risk of fires in the area. Please give what you can so that those who could not afford insurance can stay afloat.You can see her in the news here:http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_20976750http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/weather/july-dec12/weather_07-02.html

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