Kirk Cameron: Gay Marriages Cannot Provide Health or Happiness July 11, 2012

Kirk Cameron: Gay Marriages Cannot Provide Health or Happiness

Kirk Cameron wants you to know he still doesn’t want gay people to have equal rights:

It’s amazing how he gets though that whole video without once saying the word “gay.” He just uses the not-so-secret Christian code words of “family” and “faith”… positive language to cover up the fact that he doesn’t see any value in same-sex unions.

How can you be a “Champion of Marriage” when you oppose gay marriage? If he really deserved that title, he would be saying, “I oppose divorces!”

But, you know, that would be too logical. Cameron’s a joke. This is just bigotry wrapped up in fancy packaging.

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  • Nakattack

    Did that movie about the haunted box of porn with Cameron come out yet? Hilarious!

  • He’s starting to remind me of Mel Gibson… take a bath Xtian dude!

  • Randomfactor

    His inevitable outing is going to be epic.

  • In his case, I don’t think so.  I think he’s just suffering from “I can’t possibly imagine anything other than my own narrow point of view, so I know you’re not really happy.  Yes, I know you better than you.”

    That lack of ability to accept someone else at their word as to their own personal beliefs and feelings just drives me nuts.  I know I/we do it, but I at least try hard not to, and pay attention when someone tells me I’m doing it.

  • LesterBallard

     Cameron’s a joke.”

    No. Jokes are funny. Ask Daniel Tosh.

  • UUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHH *slumps dramatically*
    I have less of a problem with the dreamy eyed fairytale that Cameron thinks we should all be living and more of a problem with the language the dude introducing and closing the bit is using.
    Oh boo hoo! Kirk Cameron’s being “persecuted?” HARDLY. No one is censoring his crazy b.s., he’s not being denied basic civil rights, he can live his life in peace. It’s drives me crazy to hear these guys build up honest criticism as “persecution.” It’s like they’ll latch on to anything that will make them feel like they’re fighting this great spiritual battle that pastors everywhere encourage them to fight. To me it looks very similar to Blinken hacking the shit out of a wooden column with his sword. (Shut up….Robin Hood Men inTights is relevant ANYWHERE) It’s tiring work, but they’re missing the real battles entirely.

    They will never admit to it, but I will take a wild stab in the dark and say that the number of Christians who openly support this shite and face property damage and bodily harm is hardly a blip on the radar compared to the number of gays and lesbians who face ACTUAL harm and damage. I’m bisexual, but I absolutely dial back the PDA with my girlfriend when we’re outside of our safe areas where we live. We hear of way too many horror stories. I hear nothing about Christians being physically assaulted in this country for wearing a cross.


  • To be fair, it’s possible he simply thinks that a marriage is made stronger when it’s between a person who has exclusively same-sex attractions, and someone of a different gender who senses that something is wrong, but will never be able to put a name to the problem, until the growing tension destroys them both in a horrifying outburst that consumes them, their children, and basically everyone they know.

    … or is that not a “tradition”?

  • So, why isn’t Kirk marries to two sisters and their servants? 

  • JM

    Its total Poe’s Law. The man at the beginning is so extremist–I thought it was a parody. 

  • Fargofan1

    Thanks for articulating my biggest pet peeve. “I know you better than you” drives me cra-a-a-a-azy!

  • TiltedHorizon

    “The same god who designed the universe also designed marriage.”

    Well that explains the 50% failure rate in the US.

  • Anyone else burst out laughing when he refers to the Bible as God’s instruction manual? Then why wasn’t it written initially in every major language, like many instruction manuals seem to be today? I mean, this is God, so he could even write in Swahili, which technically doesn’t have a written language.

  • I’d never heard of Kirk Cameron until I started following this forum. I looked him up, and now I’m wondering why anybody really cares what a C-list actor thinks about gay marriage?

  • Dottiethompson

    How could anyone who lives in this country where marriage and promiscuity are becoming totally irrelevant. Of course we all want what he talks about but it has nothing to do with gay marriages. We should stand up for marriage for everyone.

  • Blanc_Slate

    I think you’re giving him too much credit by calling him a C-list actor.

  • Gordon Duffy

    Suddenly comments need to be approved on the video and cannot be rated. It’s almost like they only want to show the voices of agreement.

  • KnitWitch

    So, did he talk to a number of same-sex couples to come to this conclusion or is he just pulling this out of his a$$.

  • Stev84

    Christians love to feel persecuted. It’s what Jesus told them to expect. So the more they are criticized, the more persecuted they feel and the more determined they become that their religion is the One True Faith[TM].

  • Cue Condescending Wonka! “Oh, so you say gay couples cannot provide health and happiness for their kids? You haven’t met many abusive alcoholic straight couples, I take it.”

  • observer

    As I’ve commented elsewhere: I dunno about you,
    but the obsession these people have on family and marriages, especially
    other people’s, is really getting to the status of “stalker-boyfriend”.

    You keep using these words, Kirk: love, marriage, family, know,
    God. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

    Incidentally, that part about God creating marriage, it always grinds my gears when people say that. It’s like God created us to be conflictingly intelligent; we’re smart enough to figure out math and science. Yet we’re too stupid to grasp the concept of unity between two people, we need an ultra-powerful entity to figure it out for us.

  • The hope is this extremely narrow-minded opinion is on the wane.  It’s time to teach this kid a lesson in tolerance.

  • Glasofruix

    It’s a shitty manual then, i mean even the mounting manuals from Ikea make more sense than that piece of garbage.

  • Glasofruix

    Kirk who?

  • Modern religious progress and sexuality:

  • CS42

    Well, he’s right about one thing: gay marriage cannot provide health.

    The only things that can do that are good doctors and preventative care, and even that’s not sure-fire.

  • He was very famous in the 1980s. I grew up on Growing Pains and his sister’s show, Full House. Sad to see that they’ve both embraced extreme fundamentalism.

  • I’m almost laughing at “Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance.” It would be funny, if only it wasn’t an indication of how much bigotry still exists in the world.

  • observer

    Bigotry will always exist in the world, you can never get rid of it. All you can do is discourage it, and give as little power as humanly possible.

  • Glasofruix

    He’s a nobody then… So why is his mental retardation of any importance?

  • Drrjamd

    How typically Christian.  I clicked on the link and got a donations page asking for money . . .

  • The only think worse than a bigot is a bigot who pretends he’s not.  

  • Oh man, you are so right. I remember feeling this way when I was at the height of my sky daddy obession.

  • I wish he’d take a lesson from George Takei.  Who starred as “Sulu” along with Walter Koenig aka “Checkov”, who was also best man at George’s wedding.

    Walter is father of the late Andrew Koenig aka “Boner” who starred with Kurt on Growing Pains.  Kurt claimed to be a good friend of Andrew’s when Andrew went missing, sadly later found having committed suicide.

  • Heard of both, never saw either. But however famous he was 20 or 30 years ago, it appears he’s basically an unknown these days. His list of recent credits isn’t exactly impressive.

    I find it hard to believe he’s changing anybody’s mind about same-sex marriage (unless it’s increasing support by being such an obvious dick).

  • Randomfactor

    He’s making movies based on David Barton’s “Christian nation” mythology, for one thing.

  • TheKevinBates

    Surprise surprise.  Disabled voting and approval for comments.  Fuck that guy.

  •  You’re right, jokes ARE funny.

    Daniel Tosh isn’t.

  • Rufrufruf

    These people are fascinating.  What makes them tick? Where did their delusions come from?

  • Joshthepagan

    I’m sorry, but I have to post this.  It is a response from his peers on his recent outspoken views on homosexuality.  (Warning: naughty language).  If this is moderated, I understand, but it is still humorous.  =) 

  • Gunstargreen

    Looking a little disheveled today Kirk.

  • Dude, he is either really fucking high, or he’s coming off a three-day bender. Possibly both.

  • Deven Kale

     All the likes!

  • They’re acting like this is some sort of publicity contest: Coke versus Pepsi. If gay marriage does not provide you with health or happiness then I suggest marrying someone of the opposite sex and leaving other people alone.

  • LesterBallard

    Who said he was?

  • rudraksha

    how much good work ….

  • Rudraksha

    that was a great movie ……………
    which i would like watch once again , and once again
    awesome work guys …………..   

  • JohnnieCanuck

    It’s also an effective weapon to use against almost any criticism. You don’t have to acknowledge your error let alone agree that you need to correct it. Also the critic will hopefully be non-plussed by this tactic and lose momentum.

    Even better, you and your fellow Christians will be able to ignore the criticism as if it had never been made.

  • Just a thought

    “Love is just a trick the mind plays on us to get us to reproduce.”

    That being said and to play devil’s advocate since the video is a lot about family, can a gay couple ever naturally reproduce without help from outside the partnership? The answer is no. That which is not natural by definition is unnatural.

  • eltiochusma

    Male/female couples that cannot or choose not to reproduce are by definition unnatural.  

    Got it.

  • Sindigo

    So, you’re against adoption by couples whom god has chosen not to bless with the ability to reproduce, right?

  • Sindigo

    “good doctors and preventative care”

    I don’t suppose his followers are all for that either. But that could be an unfair generalisation, I guess.

  • The issue here is not Kirk Cameron, the issue is the brilliance of rhetoric from him and others who voice the cause of the religious right. They have rather successfully changed the conversation from gay rights to whether religion is being attacked. The actual persecuted minority is the gay community, but what Kirk and other religious leaders like him have done is hold themselves out to be “victims.” The Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance??

  • And the 400+ non-human species observed engaging in homosexual behavior in the wild, totally not natural

  • RebeccaSparks

    Think of him not as a child actor turned c-list actor, but occupying the same space as televangelists like Pat Robertson.  I think atheists keep tabs on them  because they are popular and influential among a certain section of Christians, and keeping tabs on them is a way to monitor the intellectual environmental they come from and the culture they are creating.

  • Gus Snarp

    This is just sad.

  • NewAtheist

    I pledge allegiance to the sane, to the free thinkers everywhere, and to the evidence for which we stand, one humanity, individuals, with liberty and marriage for all.

  • Just a thought…

    One is medical misfortune.  The other is genetic design.  Also, homosexuality existing in animal species that are over populated.

  • Sindigo

    Medical misfortune? God made a mistake then.

    Homosexual behaviour has been observed in animal species that aren’t overpopulated. Lions, for example and populations of Killer Whales. So that’s a ridiculous argument. Though I’ve never heard it before. I wondered how you people would spin that one.

    Also, if any species is overpopulated it’s human beings so are you saying it’s okay for us? Your argument also implies that the only reason that two human beings should be in a relationship is for reproduction and that is clearly false. Human relationships are a little more nuanced than that in case you hadn’t noticed.

  • I wouldn’t characterize their environment as intellectual! 🙂

  • A Reader

    I only made it through 25 seconds of this.

  • There are individuals who are born sterile, you know, due to recessive hereditary conditions or the imperfections of the reproductive process. That is just as much ‘genetic design’.

    ‘Genetic design’ is also the story behind the whiptail lizards – which engage in same-sex relations because they only HAVE one sex. They’re all female, and reproduce by parthenogenesis, but they still mount one another to trigger egg development.

  • Is this not making sense shtick part of the Devil’s advocacy?

  • Just a thought

    Then as a society where is the line drawn for sexual perversion? This is not what would be considered the norm as two healthy humans of the same sex cannot reproduce together.

  • Me

    Would seem to be the natural thing for an overpopulated species then (i.e us).  The world doesn’t need more people.  People are now free to go about their business.

  • ‘perversion’?  Given the loaded meaning of the word, what you’re really asking is “what sexual activities should we as a society prohibit”, right?

    How about “Those that harm someone, or that someone does not (or cannot) consent to”?

    We’re more restrictive than that now, but really, what justification do you have for prohibiting something that doesn’t harm anyone?

  • Me

    Fun is an abomination in the eyes of those not having any fun.

    But seriously, basic rules for a functioning society going back to “cave man”:
    Don’t kill your neighbor
    Don’t steal from your neighbor
    Help your neighbor

    We are all interdependent and this sort of thing is obvious.  Respect those around you and those around will respect you.  It only gets wonky when people get greedy.

  • I’ve never understood this fetishization of ‘the norm’.  You know what else isn’t in the ‘norm’? Having a singing voice like Pavarotti. Living to 110. Being 6’10” tall. Making a 7 figure salary. Being a Nobel prize winner in your chosen field. Enjoying drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth. Enjoying high-wire walking. Making a career out of creating tiny sculptures inside the eyes of needles.

    Would you isolate these people, or accord them different rights, as they are not ‘normal’?

  • You seem very invested in your sense of superiority. Here’s a newsflash: not everyone agrees with you that biological families are better than non-biological ones. My brother and I were conceived by donor insemination and raised by two lesbian moms. I don’t consider my family inferior or unnatural in the slightest. Whether a child shares genetic material with both parents, one parent, or neither parent has nothing to do with the worth of the family or the strength of their bonds. Who cares that same-sex couples have to get “help from outside the partnership” to conceive their children? Why is that a problem? You’re the one making it into an issue, shaming and stigmatizing people for not living up to your so-called ideal. Which, by the way, throws not only same-sex families under the bus, but also heterosexual families formed by donor insemination, egg donation, surrogacy, and adoption.

  • In Kirk Cameron’s case, he didn’t even have childhood indoctrination to blame it on. I can’t fathom why a person who had a normal upbringing would be attracted to such extreme fundamentalism. Become religious, sure, but go off the deep end into evangelical la-la land? I don’t get it.

  • True. I suppose it also helps to remember that these people are losing the war over gay rights. Progress is being made, slowly but surely.

  • Oh, I think Kirk Cameron overestimates his sense of importance. Most of the general public only remembers him from his teen idol days. He’s a rock star for the religious right, but outside the evangelical world, he’s not exactly popular or relevant.

  • Edmond

    Doesn’t matter.  A “family” can be only two people, the couple themselves.  They don’t have to have children to qualify.  Having children is not the end-all be-all goal of existence.  People who don’t have children are still perfectly natural, and families without children are still families.

  • Just a thought…

    I took a quote from Xena and ran with it.  Seeing as how all the conversation was definitely one sided.  Wanted to see if I could spark some interesting debate.  Like I said, playing devil’s advocate.  Brought up some questions to see what the responses were.  

    The issue is not as plainly one sided as everyone would like to believe.  Just look at California.  I thought for sure it would pass there but when voters were in the privacy of a voter’s booth without being judged they said no.

    I truly am on the fence about the issue.  Technically, any marriage before the state is a civil union and not a marriage.  It is a union before man.  That being said, civil unions should have the same rights. 

  • Just a thought…

    I took a quote from Xena and ran with it.  Seeing as how all the conversation was definitely one sided.  Wanted to see if I could spark some interesting debate.  Like I said, playing devil’s advocate.  Brought up some questions to see what the responses were.  

    The issue is not as plainly one sided as everyone would like to believe.  Just look at California.  I thought for sure it would pass there but when voters were in the privacy of a voter’s booth without being judged they said no.

    I truly am on the fence about the issue.  Technically, any marriage before the state is a civil union and not a marriage.  It is a union before man.  That being said, civil unions should have the same rights. 

  • Sindigo

    The line is drawn exactly where a sexual act ceases to be consensual. That’s it, it’s that simple. 

    You can enter someone’s home if you’re invited. If you’re not, it’s trespass.

    You can punch someone in the face in a boxing ring. You can’t on the street, it’s assault.

    You can borrow someone’s car with their permission. If you just take it, it’s grand theft auto.

    You can have sex with someone if they’re up for it. If you do it without their consent, it’s rape.

    The fact is that society has no right to impinge on an adult’s choice of sexual activity providing that all the parties involved are able to give their informed consent. If you’re worried for someone’s immortal soul then fine, pray for them but the God that gave them that soul also gave us free will. It is not up to society to take that away providing our behaviour doesn’t harm anyone else.

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