If Atheists Had Church Signs… July 11, 2012

If Atheists Had Church Signs…

(via ThreeDigitIQ)

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  • That soundtrack is horrid.

  • Liquidsiphon

    I have a church near me that had my favorite sign.

    “Fight like a Christian”

  • Deven Kale

    I love all the symbols! Especially at 0:46 though, that one’s gotta be my favorite.

  • Now I want to start a bar called Bob’s Atheist Church and Bar like on the video! And of course one of the signs would be ‘NO GODS, NO MULLETS’.

  • Intelligent Donkey

    Why is a series of still images presented as a video? Just to add a crappy soundtrack?

    That was really annoying.

  • Ryan Jean

    Oh, wow. The signs were kitschy fun, but the symbols on them were absolutely golden. My favorites are the “power” button that we find on most computers and the Stargate symbol for Earth.

  • Secret Agent Woman

    That was too dull to sit all the way through but … orgies?  a church called Tytty?  One with the naked woman symbol used by chauvanistic truckers?  Really?  We’re supposed to equate a lack of belief in God with a lack of a moral code or sensitivity to women’s issues?  That’s offensive and that’s not MY atheism. 

  • eonL5

    Sorry. I found it boring. But I used to live a few blocks from an old theater apparently called the “Terminal” (Big red letters above the yellow marquee) that had been converted to a “Church – Cathedral of Deliverance” Great signage: Terminal Church… Still have the photo on my office wall.

  • Borax

    The sign I would like to see would say “Closed Sunday through Saturday. We have better shit to do.”

  • Glasofruix

    As in turn the other ass cheek?

  • *snort* That was WAY better than the actual video!

  • Randy

    Actually, no, it’s not offensive.  And it’s not lack of a moral code.  It’s not YOUR atheism, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out than atheism itself is not yours.

  • Secret Agentwoman

    Thank you for deciding what is offensive to me.  And I didn’t say atheism is mine, I said that this is not my atheism.  

  • Brittany Barclay

    i loved the symbol’s the most, stargate and second life being my fav. im a happy nerd XD

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