This One’s for You, Nakedpastor July 10, 2012

This One’s for You, Nakedpastor

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  • Brilliant Matthew 🙂
    Love it…

  • Spazticus

    I gave up caring about Nakedpastor a while ago.  As much as I want to like him, in the end I picture him as a variation of the character “The Sphinx” from the movie “Mystery Men”:

  • No matter how much he may seem to question or rebel against the
    established Christian status quo,  his cartoons and his posts presuppose the existence of a deity and a character named Jesus. He only goes so far and then for reasons that I cannot figure out he always puts on the brakes and goes no further. He’s been consistent in this aspect and I find it to be stultifying and incredibly frustrating.
    I like the guy and care about him as a person, but he’s made himself wholly irrelevant in the wider discussion of atheism vs religion or even  the peaceful coexistence of the two. After a very long time of interacting with true believers and new age types on his blog, I’ve concluded his appeal is mainly to those who still want to or need to believe in a higher power yet don’t want to follow rules or be told what to do. They want to make up their own private religion as they go along. That’s fine with me, as long as they leave me and my government alone. Happily, most people like that DO keep their religious silliness to themselves.
    David flirts with atheism, but he’s certainly not taken the final (and necessary) leap to be considered an atheist by me.

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