Say It Proudly: I Am An Atheist July 8, 2012

Say It Proudly: I Am An Atheist

What an awesome video from the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Central Florida:


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  • MegaZeusThor

    Good video.

    Atheism: not believing in gods or a deity. It should be about as controversial as not believing in leprechauns.

  • Joe Zamecki

    Very nice video.

  • And this is why I plan to go to UCF. Sadly, equality is a bit farther than just standing up and fighting for our rights.

  • Hibernia86

    Something very similar happened to a friend of mine recently. I don’t know if he is an Atheist, but he isn’t very religious. He had been dating a girl for a while. He went with her to pick out an engagement ring her and later proposed. She said yes, but then 48 hours later said that she decided not to marry him because he wasn’t “Christian enough”. You’d think the dating period and picking out the engagement ring would have given her plenty of time to think about it rather than accepting and then tearing away 2 days later. Then again, she graduated from Liberty University, so maybe he is better off marrying another girl. It will be much better for his future kids if he does. 

  • Shayne

    Awesome video, this club rocks!

  • Yarbrough Dan

    Hey Alexander! I’m Dan Yarbrough with UCF Secular Student Alliance and it’ll be great to have you at our school. Here’s our Facebook page:

  • Probably never happen, but this needs to be on TV.

  • Cole92

    I’m actually a student at UCF and I had no idea we had an SSA! Now I have something to look forward to come fall semester. =)

  • newavocation

    Excellent video. Rights are not given, they are taken!

  • newavocation

    My daughter goes there too and didn’t know about the group. Is it new??? 

  • Guest

    Say It Proudly–“I am an atheist”.  The thing is, in real life (not college…sorry SSA), you get fewer clients and friends than if you leave that issue alone.–“atheist” may work out in San Francisco; but if you’re somewhere smaller, you must NOT proudly say you’re an atheist.  You’ll know because no one will contact you.  “Spiritual, but not religious” is the far safer option for the unreligious.

    When you get to know people as better friends, then you can be as proud as you want.

  • Miss_Beara

    I am an atheist!

    Nice video.

  • Shayne

    Hey, yes we started the group last year and officially became registered at the end of the semester. We are active over the summer and will be having meetings during fall as well. Trying to build the strongest secular community Central Florida has ever seen!

  •  I wish you guys had been there when I was still an active student. (class o’ 99.)

  • Why so serious

    This video takes itself way too seriously. 😐

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