New Billboard: Atheists Invade Denver (and They’re Bringing Their Children) July 5, 2012

New Billboard: Atheists Invade Denver (and They’re Bringing Their Children)

The Atheist Alliance of America is holding its annual conference on Labor Day Weekend (Aug. 31st – Sep. 3rd) in Denver and they just put up this nifty-looking billboard to promote it:

I love that it’s promoting the family-friendly aspect of the conference (with free child care for kids 5 and under and Camp Quest for kids 6 and older). About damn time that’s a selling point for a conference.

Registration is still open, the speaker list is here, and the schedule is now posted, too!

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  • I think things like this will become more common as the mean age of atheists drops.  No longer middle-aged men with empty nests, twenty- and thirty-somethings are coming out.  With that augmented diversity comes augmented needs.

  • Paul Christopher

    I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of this yet.  It looks like you will finally be coming to Denver.  Any chance of a meetup of some sort?  There are lots of good breweries around.

  • Richard Hughes

    No one be a creepy misogynist this time plz

  • I’ll figure something out closer to the date 🙂

  • Joe Zamecki

    Awesome billboard! It has a nice sense of humor to it. Yes!

  • Onamission5

    One of the primary factors which have kept me from gathering with other like minded folks since I embraced my atheism 26 years ago is that such gatherings are so often not child friendly. Even the wee local ones are held in bars, or at hours which are prohibitively late. To have kids be welcome and parents accomodated, that means a lot more people can be active, can be supported, and feel less isolated in their communities.

  • Lol, this is good.

  • LutherW

    On the offensive to religious scale this is less than Zero. First it touts atheists as equivalent to aliens*,  and Second it warns the population in case they want to take cover or lock up their children!

    * Not sure how aliens rate on the fear and vote for scales. My guess is somewhere better than atheists, socialists, terrorists, and vegetarians.

  • I love it.   

  • Deanna

    If your Labor Day weekend is still available, and you live close
    to Atlanta, I encourage you to check out Dragon*Con, which includes a Skeptic
    Track (one of over 35 tracks at the convention). Speakers include Benjamin
    Radford, D.J. Grothe, Dr. Eugenie Scott and Phil Plait, along with many more.  Plus, Dragon*Con itself has over 300
    celebrities from TV and movies.  To see
    who is coming, check out

  • Simon

    Sorry, I don’t like the ironic use of the term ‘invade’, nor do I like the tongue-in-cheek selection of UFO’s. It looks like a b-movie poster. I thought atheist conferences were supposed to be a celebration of reason, not regurgitating false stereotypes.

  • nickandrew

    It’s poking fun at the outrage usually associated with the mere mention of atheists to privileged Christians. I found it funny.

  • Sindigo

    I like it. Not only that but it looks like Atheists etc are finally getting their shit together when it comes to graphic design. It’s not perfect but it’s a huge improvement.

  • Offlogic

    My favorite atheist billboard so far!
    Great presentation at FreeOK, btw!

  • Thank you so much for agreeing to present, as well as for helping to spread the word! I hope your trip will be very enjoyable (and that they don’t keep me too busy to meet you).

    This will be Denver’s first major atheist convention in more than a quarter of a century, so we’re very excited!I hope you’ll be able to make the Monday picnic. So many of our local groups are involved in putting the convention together that if there’s a “meet-up” for a beer it may be a mob scene. And a trip to Denver is incomplete without seeing the mountains.

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