I Found You a New Desktop Background July 5, 2012

I Found You a New Desktop Background

More on the American Atheists’ banner here and here.

(via iCNN — The great picture was taken by @JoyfulGypsy)

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  • …a bit low rez for desktop wallpaper, these days.

  • heretic

    Yes, indeed! Atheists are patriots, too!! 🙂

  • Lance

    Okay so atheists can be patriots too, but how does that make atheism patriotic?

  •  I’m inclined to agree. It is one thing to counter the simpletons who think atheism necessarily means (fill in the negative). It’s quite another to advance a positive message that is just as simple, just as essentialist, and just as foolish.

  • ara

    i was going to say… can we get a higher res image?

  • …because atheists and agnostics are the mountain that the theists can’t move in their attempts to create a theocracy from a multicultural democratic republic.

    …because atheists believe that laws and morals are HUMAN divined and thus, should reflect the society which they serve versus being a list from thousands of years ago to be blindly obeyed without question, regardless of the changes in social orders, structures, and interactions or even considering the various dubious interpretations of said lists.

    …because atheists believe in reasoning and critical thinking, two very essential skills in problem solving, versus imagining that some solution will just appear and fix everything without any involvement from ourselves.

    Should I continue…?

  •  In other word, …because essentialism.

    Number 1 side-steps the numerous efforts by liberal Christians and various groups outside mainstream Christianity to curb establishment in order to pretend that it is atheism and atheism alone that stops a theocracy from coming about.

    Number 2, all well and good, but it doesn’t equate to patriotism.

    Number 3, as a general rule yes, but as a categorical proposition (the form your own argument uses), then no, and more to the point, this too is off topic.

    You can strong all manner of wonderfuls together, and after properly qualifying them, the bottom line is it still just doesn’t add up to the sort of categorical proposition on that banner. Letting that topic slide is falling well short of the very critical thinking skills you lay claim to in point 3. And while I certainly don’t think atheists have any monopoly on critical thinking, I do tend to think we have a slight edge in the department. We lose that edge precisely insofar as we indulge in sloppy thinking like this.

  • Edmond

    Meh.  I see what they’re going for here, public acceptance and all, but I don’t see any point in being “patriotic” in the first place.  Should I be excited about America JUST because I was born here?  If I had been born somewhere else, I’d be expected to get excited about THAT place.  If I only think a place is great because I was born there, that’s pretty self-centered.  Doesn’t really say anything about the country itself.

    Instead of being “patriots”, couldn’t we all be “globalists”?  THAT is the inclusive community we should be investing in, not the Balkanized tribes of humanity, who recognize their enemies by the lines on a map.  Let’s be “patriotic” about EARTH.

  • My apologies… I was tracking six children at the same time as writing that. 😉

  •  LOl, you win! I just have cats.

  • Lance

    I enjoyed your attempt to make me seem feeble minded.

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