Jesus Died for Myspace in Heaven July 4, 2012

Jesus Died for Myspace in Heaven

Reader Myra sent along this church sign she saw in her area:

But what does it mean…?

Is Facebook screwed in the afterlife?

Is it a list of three things that don’t exist?

Friendster’s gotta be in hell, right?

Her daughter offered this insightful suggestion:

“Those idiots probably just got burned by Facebook’s IPO and think Zuckerberg made a deal with their devil.”

Makes sense 🙂

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  • fett101

    It means they’re behind the curve, as usual. No one uses MySpace anymore.

  • Michael A

    How witty and clever! Uhhh, yeah…..

  • …Jesus died in heaven…? Now, this IS a very different church than I’m used to seeing…

  • Toddhebert

    It’s confusing and fails to get its point across, but I believe it means that Jesus died for my ‘spot’ in heaven. As in: because jesus died, I have a space in heaven. 

  • Yup.  Most of these “clever” church sign sayings seem to come off chain emails they pass around, so it looks like they just used one a few years old.

  • allein

    One of the churches I pass every day has “OUR FIRST VETS DIED TO WORSHIP GOD” (put up the over the weekend before July 4th) on one side and “OUR CHURCH IS PRAYER CONDITIONED” on the other. The first one had me scratching my head for a minute (my first thought was that it was a little late for Memorial Day) but I’ll admit the other side made me laugh.

  • Aaron Scoggin

    Too bad nobody uses Myspace anymore. Well, at least not down here on earth, anyway. 

  • The Other Weirdo

    My guess is they don’t know what MySpace is(it’s based on science, after all, and computers which spawned it are tools of the devil) and think it’s just a teenager misspelling of “my space”.

  • M J Shepherd

    I saw this on a T-shirt worn by one of my co-workers.

  • Jesus and ad men are all things to all people.

  • Alright, Tim.  Remember you go put up the new sign out front make sure to use some of the talk the kids are using these days.  We gotta seem “groovy” if we want all the young “hip cats” to come to service this Sunday.

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