Flying Over New York City Tonight… July 4, 2012

Flying Over New York City Tonight…

The skyline looks lovely (click to enlarge):

More information on the American Atheists’ banner is here 🙂

(Thanks to Brent for the picture!)

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  • Beautiful.

  • Annie

    What a great picture!

  • There’s plenty of pearls getting soaked over at WND

    (Hi Buffy 🙂

  • Paul Sunstone

    It reminds me of George H. W. Bush’s remark that he didn’t think atheists could be patriots. 

  • Sindigo

    Sorry, “pearls getting soaked”. I don’t get it.

    The comments over there made some entertaining reading though. I particularly enjoyed your contributions.

  • I was trying to reference the idea of clutching pearls and crying.  Didn’t really work.  I guess commenting over there sucked all the creativity out of me.

  • Sindigo

    OIC, I’d never heard that expression either but Urban dictionary helped that time. I’m going to use that one in the future though.

    I’m not surprised if that convo is anything to go by. I’ve not really read the comments at WND before. Are they all like that?

  • It kind of says: “Atheists are job killers. Manhattan wouldn’t have all those new construction jobs if religion didn’t exist.”

    PS- Although I don’t believe religion caused most of those men to destroy the WTC, I do realize that it was religion that allowed those men to justify their behavior.

  • They’reAllTheSame

    I was at the 125th street boardwalk  all day with friends waiting to watch the fireworks. When the plane was overhead  my friend pointed it out with excitement and said “aren’t you an atheist!?

    It sparked a great conversation within our group as to what the meaning of the sign was, and made me smile knowing groups like that are active.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    What’s that off to the left side? Is it a squadron of fighter jets sent by General Jesus H. Christ?

  • WND is extremely right wing Christian.  They once had an editorial that praised the vandalism of atheist billboards.  They did carry one letter from an Evangelical who was opposed to school prayer, after he had to stand through a Buddhist prayer before a HS football game in Hawaii.
    But mostly, they’re Teaparty types.

    The one that’s got me LOLing right now is ‘bruce lee’, since Bruce Lee was an atheist.

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