Catholic Priest Sexually Abuses a Woman During Exorcism July 1, 2012

Catholic Priest Sexually Abuses a Woman During Exorcism

An unnamed woman from Virginia was sexually assaulted by a Catholic priest who was performing an “exorcism” on her years ago… but she’s fighting back.

Jane Doe (as she is named in the law suit) is suing the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, its bishop Paul Loverde (who is not being accused of sexual assault), and pro-life group Human Life International (which employed the defendant).

The allegations say that Jane Doe went to Rev. Thomas Euteneuer, then the sitting president of HLI, believing she needed an exorcism — evidently her case was “severe.” Over a period of two years, she submitted to him as he cleansed her of “unclean spirits.”

The exorcisms involved a whole lot of really inappropriate touching:

He kissed the corners of her mouth; stroked her legs, breasts and thighs; caressed her face; laid his body on top of hers; and frequently explained full, passionate kisses as ‘blowing the Holy Spirit into her.’

Doe is also alleging that that Euteneuer digitally penetrated her on six different occasions.

Rev. Thomas Euteneuer... *shudder*

When she realized the conduct was inappropriate, she complained to Loverde and the diocese, and Euteneuer resigned from his post at HLI and was recalled to the Diocese of Palm Beach.  In other words, in 2010, when the church found out claims of this nature were leveled against one of their priests, instead of investigating it (or something appropriate like that), they just shuttled him to another state.  Bravo, Catholics.  You guys are nailing this “protect your molester priests” thing.

The diocese of Arlington says they haven’t officially been served with the complaint, but upon hearing of the allegations that Doe believes they were responsible for a member of their clergy who was within their geographical borders, guess how they reacted?  Not “Oh no, one of our priests!  We keep an eye on them and make sure they aren’t raping people and whatnot!”  

Nope. They said “Well…even though he was physically in Virginia, he really was reporting back to the guys in Palm Springs, so it’s their problem!”

I’m sorry, am I wrong in thinking that a priest who has been allegedly been taking full sexual advantage of an extremely and admittedly vulnerable woman should be everyone’s problem? Clearly the Catholic church has given up on protecting their reputation as a whole and have resorted to playing Hot Potato with their molesters.

No, really, Catholic church.  You guys are doing a great job.  Keep doing what your doing, and hopefully Catholics will come to their senses and stop giving their money to these awful people.

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  • KeithP

    How on earth could she not…..ok, shutting up now.

  • beautifulblackatheist

     Keith, you took the words out of my mouth, ‘ When she realized the conduct was inappropriate…’  shutting up also 😐

  • Guest

    Obviously, she’s an idiot, as someone who believes their problems stem from being possessed by an evil spirit, and trusted the priest was doing the right thing. That doesn’t mean it was justified. That’s like saying why didn’t all those little boys raped and molested by the priests just start screaming and yelling and kicking when their orifices were being penetrated by “the holy spirit”. As ridiculous as it sounds to those of us with enough sense to have discarded exorcism into the burn pile, if she genuinely believed she was possessed, then she genuinely believed that the priest was trying to help her, regardless of his actions. 

  • Onamission5


    Part of the major problem with hardcore religious indoctrination is that it teaches someone from a very young age to not trust one’s own, perfectly rational instincts. So, the urge to run away when being sexually abused during an exorcism (for example) could be misinterpreted by the indoctrinated/brainwashed as Satan trying to take hold of you, therefore the instinct for self preservation is something that needs to be resisted. It’s all shades of fucked up, yes, but there you have it.

  • Patterrssonn

    I don’t think it’s too unusual for someone far in the grip of Catholicism to mistake that little voice of rationality for the devil. Also the guy was probably escalating.

  • ReenieBess

    his employer, Human Life International, is based in my town. It is so extreme that even the local papers sometimes  fail to call them a “pro-life” organization and use the more accurate “anti-abortion” term. I would say “anti real life values” or something of that sort! Those people are scary!

  • Baby_Raptor

    I saw an article on this guy yesterday. The comment section could be summed up thusly: Who cares if he made a mistake? It’s just one women. He PROTECTS TEH BABBYS! LEAVE HIM ALONE!

    It was sickening. 

  • In his nonpology about this, Father Fingerfucker said that although he was a naughty boy, his transgressions “did not involve the sexual act.”

    Oh, I see. So while some really picky people might say that sticking his fingers in her vagina might be a sexual act, that isn’t the sexual act. You know, the one that he’s so obsessed with, the one act that his twisted, schizophrenic religion insists that he must never, ever do, but all the adherents must constantly do without any interference, and all under the hierarchy’s guidance, sanction, and approval.  The one act that according to their divinely-informed opinion is the one that results in the beginning of life, but no, wait, life starts before that act, so we mustn’t let any rubbers, or pills, or handjobs, or blowjobs get in the way of sperms reaching eggs.

    Since this was an exorcism, I guess Reverend Digitaldick thought that the demon was hiding in her uterus, so he was bravely going in after it. I wonder what was he going to do with it once he grabbed it? “Ow! Holy Mother of God, that little bugger’s biting my finger! Somebody pour Holy Water on it!”

    I know why his exorcisms don’t work. He doesn’t use any raven feathers, powdered bat bones, or agrimony.  Stupid amateur. Sheesh.

  • It still amazed me that the Catholics are seemingly happy to hide these guys in another location where they can continue to commit these deplorable acts. Shocking!

  • Baby_Raptor

    Must protect the church’s image. And coffers. 

  • Yes. It’s really at the stage where if you keep giving money to any part of the Catholic church, you share moral culpability.

    (Catholics reliably hit the roof when you point this out to them. This makes it no less true.)

  • TheG

    I don’t know which is worse: My first thought being, “At least it wasn’t an eight year old…” or my Catholic sister’s response, “Well, at least he isn’t gay.”

  • Next time the Catholic church is demanding special rights to disobey some law (such as to provide health care to women in the businesses they run or to serve gay people in said businesses) or whinging on about the immorality of whoever, they should be told “Take care of your sexual predator problem first.  Until then you have no business talking about your ‘conscience’ or your ‘morals’ –or anybody else’s for that matter.”

  • Scott Maddox


  • Ok not to defend HIS actions, but has anyone got anything to say about the fact that she was “possessed” and that she was under the influences of the possession when these things allegedly occurred.  Not to mention that the devil can induce the exorcist to participate in the possession in matters of sin and he knows all the buttons to push.  I mean come on!  The Devil is going after the most effective targets, strike the shepherd and the flock will disperse.  I see diabolic effects on this man, and I see the weakness that all men, all sinners face in dealing with the Devil.  Pride comes before the fall.  As Fr. Thomas was an advocate for the Pro-life movement, a voice of authority in the world of recognizing demonic influences on culture, I can see how he fell and why.  Why would any your biased anti-Catholic people be so outraged with this anyway?  I dare to say that I think after reading his book on Demonic Abortion that I know this priest better than you.  You have no right to judge him based on the statements of a possessed woman, and you have no right to smear a Church that is made up of sinners.  Christ is the center of the Catholic church and so the Deceiver will do everything in his power to treat to your PRIDE and arrogance to bash men who wear collars and who have Christ’s own authority to forgive sins, to transform Bread and Wine into his Body and Blood.  I fear that if you don’t learn to recognize EVIL’s attack on the Mystical Body of Christ through its priesthood’s corruption then there’s nothing I could say to show this man is innocent.  Of course Fr Euteneuer has been removed from his exorcism duties and his books are harder to find on EBAY than dragon’s teeth.  So I guess the Devil brought a real blow to the efforts of this poor man’s life and vocation.  Fortunately for us  there are thousands of GOOD and PURE priests who will carry on the fight against evil.  Don’t judge these men to be all perverts and child molestors, because that’s a LIE from and of the Devil and if you do believe that all Catholics are evil then I tell you that you are DECEIVED and deluded.  I am not brainwashed.  I too fell in sin and then came back years later to discover the truth.   Christ is real, and the Devil is real.   I am a believer in the Son of God and I see this as just an ancient foe rearing up new forces against the Church in the unschooled, the pre-biased, and the poorly formed Christians who don’t believe what I believe.  I am praying for you all and for the victim, the priest, and this blog to research the truth and to experience conversion of hearts and minds to Christ.

  • The Devil Made Me Type It

    You are retarded

  • So your defense is “She’s lying because she was possessed, and if she’s not, we can’t blame him cuz the Devil made him do it”? 



  • Mike

    1. Prove that the devil exists.

    2. Prove that she was possessed.

    3. Prove that this priest was an effective target.

    4. Prove that “demonic influences” exist.

    5. Prove that Christ existed.

    6. Prove that your church has anything to do with him if he

    7. Prove that bread and wine turn into flesh and blood.

    8. Prove that the flesh and blood are Christ’s.

    9. Without having evidence for any of this, you call us
    “DECEIVED and deluded?” Really??

    10. You are defending a sexual predator. STOP DOING THAT.
    Regardless of what you believe.

  •  I don’t need proof, I believe it… the reasons I believe are mine alone.  I am not forcing my belief on anyone else.  It’s as much as a private revelation more than scientific evidence.  So with that I will say the evidence of EVIL and the Devil exists.  I am sure you’ve heard of the book and movie the EXORCIST which William Peter Blatty based on a real case of Demonic Possession.    Through out history people have reported visions of Heaven and Hell, some who were not raised Catholic ie Todd Burpo’s book Heaven is For Real.  I tell you that there are things we cannot see that do exist.  It doesn’t take a genius to know that things happen that could only be either demonic or evil.  If you think that evil is simply a human trait, a person who makes consistent choices to hurt other people, I can tell you that the DEVIL is real and point to the choices they have made to hurt others.  The devil is in the fruit of their actions.    And possession is real.  It’s not the manic depressives or bipolar disorders who experience it.   A person is invaded by an angelic being and they have to open themselves up to that invasion.   Sin is the key, it unlocks the door, and all they have to do is allow the Devil a foothold and his minions and he will do the rest.  Their goal is to destroy souls.  They want to kill us all.  And from the news headlines it is very clear that they are succeeding at it.   So many people who heard voices compelling them, telling them to kill.  So many criminals who have no history of mental illness doing things to hurt people for no particular reason.  You think it’s all just a matter of bad people do bad things???  You show me proof the Devil doesn’t exist.  Show me proof that Christ didn’t exist and I’ll ask you what year it is/ our whole civilization came from people who believed in him.   TIME proves he existed.  So many cases of miracles when the Eucharist manifested as blood and human flesh.  All cases indicate Christ is AB blood type.  It also matches the blood on the Shroud of Turin.   The initial carbon dating said 13 or 14th century, but then the scientists said that a fire which the shroud was exposed to contaminated the test.  The linen the shroud is made from is from around 28 – 33 AD.  It has human AB blood on it, dirt and pollen from plants found in Jerusalem’s area.    The person who was crucified shows massive scourging wounds, and the image is consistent with Gospel descriptions of his wounds.  The evidence is there, but you don’t want to see it.  Investigate the number of priests who doubted about the Eucharist and had it change in front of their congregations, the church kept the evidence.  It displays them from time to time as relics.  So don’t you as me for proof, for I don’t need it, and I have seen Christ in the Eucharist for the last 12 years since I came back to the Church.  It’s not an illusion, I am not brainwashed.  I am a believer because of God’s gift of Faith to me… undeserving though I am, so you tell me why you don’t think that any evidence presented is real.    Thomas Aquinas would say “To those with Faith no proof is necessary, to those without faith no proof will ever be enough”.

  • Though as a Catholic I obviously don’t approve of this priests actions (I hope that’s obvious), I’m not entirely sure how just this case automatically puts the whole Church as culpable in such a manner as if they were doing what he’s doing.

    Clearly, this man was not supposed to be an exorcist–I think any exorcisms would have to have knowledge and approval from the Ordinary, so I think there is definitely fishy about the situation with this priest. (I’m well aware that hindsight is 20/20, but looking at “how” is occurred is important in this case).

    Other parts of this story confuse me, such as her claim “when she discovered it was inappropriate.” What does she expect from an exorcism? And if that’s the case I’m not sure why more people weren’t involved if it was severe.

    This article doesn’t seem to represent the side of the Arlington Diocese very well, since if this priest (and woman) endeavored to keep this private, I’m not sure what we were expecting. But given that this priest seems to have been in residence there, the Ordinary of Arlington can’t rightly do much–and I’m keeping the considerations simple for brevity’s sake.

    I dunno, it just seems unfair to the diocese to just come out and say what they’re doing is deflecting responsibility when it feels like there’s a lot more to this situation than what’s presented here. As all of us are looking from a distance it’s easy to criticize actions.

    No one should excuse this grave injustice, but indicting the whole Church just seems like a reaction and/or emotional journalism than anything else.

    This situation really is a tragedy, for her and the faithful of Arlington.

  • NickDB

     Well considering the Catholic Church (and Christianity
    as a whole) is based upon “eating from the tree of knowledge condemned us
    to hell” it’s no surprise that rational thoughts and logic that go against
    what the priest is saying or doing is seen as the devils work.

  • Mike

    1. If you don’t need proof to believe something, how do you know it is true?
    2. No, you are not forcing your belief on anyone else. You are using it to defend a sexual predator. Stop doing that.
    3. I used to be Catholic. 14 years of Catholic school. They have not shown me any evidence for: God, Satan, Heaven, Hell, or the soul. All that anyone has ever shown is that people believe these things. They have told me these things exist, but they have yet to show me that they do. And since you have refused to show me any evidence of them, I must now believe that you have no evidence. See point #1.
    4. We have proof for the existence of many things that we can’t see, such as atoms, radiation, and sound, but no one has shown any evidence for demons. If you have some I would like to see it.
    5. You can tell me that the devil is real, but you have yet to show me that it is. Even if you show me that the devil is real, You still would have to show me that ze is the cause of human evil. And you have to define evil, so we are not talking around each other with different definitions. For instance, I think banning abortion is evil. I am pretty sure you would disagree with me.
    6. You are making the claim that the devil, and Christ existed. Therefore the burden of proof is on you. If I say that I believe that God exists as a malevolent entity who wants to make life on earth as miserable as possible, and then send everyone to be tortured for eternity, I would have to prove that. I would not then be able to say to you, “Prove me wrong.” I am not the one making claims. If you disagree, Prove that Thor, Zeus, The Dagda, Indra, Huitzilopochtli, Mithra, Amaterasu, and Thoth do not exist.
    7. If time proves he exists, then how do you say that any of the gods I just mentioned do not exist. Modern Pagans still believe they exist. Also How do you prove Mormonism wrong? How do you prove Taoism wrong? How do you prove Buddhism wrong? Both Taoism and Buddhism have been around in a continuous line of decent for much longer than Christianity.
    8. Your “evidence” about the shroud of Turin is wrong. See
    9. You have repeatedly said that you don’t need proof. I understand that you don’t need it. You are defending a sexual predator without providing any proof of your claims. Do you see why this is a bad thing?
    10. Could you Catholics stop quoting Aquinas? This is the third time this week for me. Appeals to authority and tradition don’t prove anything. Aquinas was a pompous ass who argued against imaginary criticisms of religion that he himself created in order to prove himself right. He is no more correct than Plato who did the same thing in his Dialogues with the character of Socrates.
    11. Why do I not believe you when you tell me your so called evidence? It is because you have yet to provide any.

  • se habla espol

    Mary Liz 

    don’t need proof, I believe it… the reasons I believe are mine
    alone.  []  It’s as much as a
    private revelation more than scientific evidence.

    Yes,Mary Liz, we understand the arrogance of the christianities, the arrogance that says “I believe it, therefore it’s Truth, reality to the contrary notwithstanding.”  The humility of science, in insisting on evidence, cannot stand up to this Catholic Arrogance.

  • Sindigo

    Did the devil take away your ability to write in paragraphs too?

  • Ida

    Because she had been suffering (spiritually or psychologically, I’m not arguing the nature of it) for a long time, and he promised a cure for the suffering. It’s a very old and disgusting tale and while there’s no excuse for the priest involved, you don’t need to be Catholic to fall for the basic scam.

  • Ida

    Not excusing him, not excusing Arlington diocese – this happened on their watch. In the absence of criminal charges from Jane, however, Palm Beach diocese is doing the best they can by yanking him back home where they can keep him on a very short leash. He’s NOT now permitted to act as a priest, let alone as an exorcist.

  • Vision_From_Afar

    Don’t be too hard on her, it’s the fear talking. I kind of pity that worldview, because it gives up any semblance of personal repsonsibility or empowerment.

  • Vision_From_Afar

    As for her claim, I think it’s safe to say that this woman was not in her right mind. If you are that out of your mind with fear, convinced you need an exorcism from an offical, you’re going to do whatever it takes to get out whatever it is you feel plaguing you. Eventually her rational mind overrode the fear to tell her, “this isn’t what you need, this isn’t even right”. For a while, though, she was probably like putty in his hands, and it makes me sick to think about it.

  •  It’s fair to think that, and most of it is probably true. Like I said it doesn’t excuse the priest’s actions at all. If she was that ‘out of her mind’ I’m still puzzled why she didn’t tell anyone else.

    I know, I know that fear, shame, or something else probably kept it hidden–but I still think that if she was devout enough to know about exorcisms (maybe I’m off the mark) then others should have known. But, then again, if the priest kept this information (which is even worse, even in another scenario where nothing happened) that’s a huge problem.

    There’s little doubt that this woman was taken advantage of, but this sort of stuff–namely, taking advantage of women–is not exclusive to Catholicism, it’s a world-wide problem. But, sadly, when its a member of the clergy its a terrible tragedy. (This article kind of makes it seem like it’s Arlington’s fault which I would like to protest a bit).

    I agree though. Thank God her ‘rational mind’ took over. Fear can make people very vulnerable, and it’s sick that people take advantage of that.

    I really do pray that she can have solace and healing.

  • jenesaispas
  • Ida

    Matt, he was known for his work as an exorcist while residing in Arlington diocese. Jane’s contention is that he sought and received permission from Arlington to perform an exorcsm on her; if so, the diocese does bear responsibility. Arlington is saying now that they didn’t give that permission, and somehow I can’t picture Euteneuer being above lying. He may well have been playing again on he trust and her desire, then as now, for anonymity. That’s what the court case is there to prove, or not.

    In any event, thank you for your prayers for her.

  • Spherical Basterd

    Uh, well uh, I hate to tell you this but if you have information of a crime, especially as heinous as this and you lie and cover it up, you are just as guilty as the perpetrator. That is the issue with the Catholic Church, they protect their own.
    Unless of course, she always dressed like a slut and drove the good father to his sins of the flesh .

  • Erista

    This pisses me off so much. If he’d ORDAINED her, they would have defrocked and possibly excommunicated him so fast that it probably would have broken the sound barrier. But because he MERELY stuck his fingers up her vagina, he gets moved to another Diocese. BAH.

  •  Uh, well none of that was really part of the story as far as I can tell, so thanks anyway.

  • Mike

    Mary Liz is defending a sexual predator and blaming the victim of his actions. Are you saying that we should just let that pass without commentary? Should we pity Mary Liz any more than the victim of a sexual predator? Defending a sexual predator over their victim and supporting the predator is unequivocally
    evil. I do pity Mary Liz for becoming another victim of the religious mindset which makes a virtue of faith and a vice of doubt. However, that does not excuse hir actions. If you are saying that we should leave hir alone, I must tell you that I, for one, cannot in good conscience do that. Also by saying that we shouldn’t, “be too hard on her,” you are distracting from the issue and supporting hir statements and worldview. Do you see why supporting somone who is defending a sexual predator and blaming his victim is wrong?

  • Vision_From_Afar

    Are you saying that we should just let that pass without commentary? —
    Not at all, merely attempting to point out that her worldview won’t be altered by any commentary here, so being too overly critical, in an attempt to point out the flaws in her worldview is pointless.

    Should we pity Mary Liz any more than the victim of a sexual predator? 

    Less, although her worldview is a perfect gateway into the kind of situation that the victim found herself in. I hope this kind of thing never happens to Mary Liz.

    Also by saying that we shouldn’t, “be too hard on her,” you are distracting from the issue and supporting hir statements and worldview. Do you see why supporting somone who is defending a sexual predator and blaming his victim is wrong?

    I’m attempting to point out the apparent level of conviction Mary Liz espouses, which will be unshaken by anything we say here. I don’t support her worldview in the least, because as I said, “it gives up any semblance of personal responsibility or empowerment.” She is defending the symbol of her faith, the priest, against the common foe of her faith, (ostensibly) lies and deceit. It’s uncomfortable to read, but nothing you or I say will change her mind.

    That’s all I meant to say.

  • ScottInOH

    The story says the Church learned of his actions and took him out of his position at HLI and recalled him to Palm Beach.  Perhaps they also reported him to the police, but the story doesn’t say they did, and this was the pattern with previous sexual abuse: move the abuser somewhere else; don’t tell the authorities.

  •  The story doesn’t say either way. But even so if he is under Palm Beach’s jurisdiction then that’s also what they have to do. It’s not like they erased his name from the record books.

    The previous sex abuse problems came from an inability to report anything at all (this is similar to the Sandusky case) where how we dealt with sexual abuse was very poor, all things considered–and this was across the board.

  • beautifulblackatheist

    I’m not saying the woman deserved to be sexually assaulted. I didn’t say that at all…nor did I infer that from my few words…it’s just-nevermind, that’s what I get for clicking on the link and reading the story..smh

  • Mike

    1. Do you really think that someone’s world view can’t be
    shaken? Do you have any idea how many atheists used to be religious? Some of us
    were young earth creationists. Some of us were preachers. Edward Tarte, who
    posts on this blog regularly, was a priest.

    2. Since, “her worldview is a perfect gateway into the
    kind of situation that the victim found herself in,” it is a kindness to
    try to shake her worldview, and the worldview of anyone who shares her beliefs who
    might see this exchange.

    3. I admit that it is impossible to get everyone to see
    reason. That does not mean that we should not try to correct someone defending a sexual predator.

  • Forrest Cahoon

    Keep doing what your doing [ … ]

    Your means “belonging to you”.
    You’re means “you are”.

  • Well. I suppose it was one way of trying to drive out the Devikl.  In all honesty If I was digitally penetrated by a priest then my immediate desire would be to FLEE..
    Pity the demon in this case and the poor woman in this case.

  • Well – she was also in league with a fellow dressed in funny clothes and likewise suffering many delusions. One of them is that there are invisible good and evil entities flowing around.
    Not sure WHO is the more deranged here.  Atleast she admists of having a problem.

  • Actually I believe in Santa Klaus, the Easter Bunny, and Fairy’s at the bottom of the garden. Does not make my claims any more believable than yours. And as for the Relics – during the Middle Age’s there was more ‘foreskin of Jesus’ floating around to cover 3 football fields.  And even the Church would admit to most Relics being fake.

  • And Mary Liz. The Sun goes around the Earth. The Earth is the center of the Universe. The Earth is only 6000 years old (any scientific explaination is just to try and mislead the devote) and it was made in 7 Days.
    Likewise old women convicted of witchcraft will floatwhen thrown in water, and drown if they are innocent.
    All the above is true because it’s in the Bible

  • Arse politico

    going to get an excorsm is at minimum, an admission that one doubts one’s perceptions enough to believe one is already out of their own control.
    And as very predator knows, people who believe they are helpless are ripe for manipulation.

  • kso

    B.S. – no moreso than by paying taxes you are morally culpable when a school teacher sexually abuses a student. Its a criminal act, not the act of the church as a spiritual body. Besides, donations do more than just support the priests.

     Today at mass we passed the collection plate to raise money for a historic inner city Catholic Elementary schoo that has been struggling financially. Kids who attend this school have a high school graduation rate of 98% as opposed to the 60% grad rate for kids in the same neighborhood who did not attend this school. The school serves the population of the neighborhood, not just Catholics.

    Everyone wants to point out all the negative crap that goes on with the Catholic Church, but there is is tremendous good happening as well. I will not forfeit my Catholic Faith because of the bad behavior of a very small percentage of its temporary leaders.

  •  See what I mean?

    It’s not a tax unless you have government-level force taking the money from you. You give them the money, you have the power to stop giving them the money.

    You pay for priests to fuck little boys, and for it to be covered up. Every week you show up and give them money, you vote in favour of this. You personally. If you don’t want this to be true, you need to stop lending them your support. It’s not like their behaviour is in any way ambiguous by now, or there’s any question as to the facts.

  • Melissabcool420

     Please don’t insult Schizophrenics by labeling Catholicism as Schizophrenic. There is nothing wrong with being Schizophrenic, it can be perceived as a gift, however Catholicism is a tool of EVIL!!

  • j.f.c i think micheal jackson missed his true calling he could have molested till his little dick fell off and never got charged never had to pay hush money to keep his faggotrysa underwraps his bitch ass would still be alive because he wouldnt need all the dope to sleep he could jusy say 1000 hail marys each night and be forgiven of his sins sleep like a baby and have some kids dick in his faggot mouth the next day my point isFUCK THE HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH THANKYOU

  • Aj27117


    I’m not here to defend the Catholic church because I also don’t agree with some of its practices, but geez, come on people, are you really that stupid? Why do you blame God for the evil things that you see?

    It’s like your parents taught you not to use drugs and do shitty stuff but you wouldn’t listen. Then the cops caught you with drugs and jailed you and then you blame your parents for your miseries.

    This is exactly what you guys are doing right now. Nobody listens to the righteous teachings of the Bible but everyone is blaming it for the evil and miseries of the world.

    And you are wondering why they say that the dumbest people are in America. The fact that I have to explain these things to people who are twice or even thrice my age only serves as a proof.

    By the way,  Catholicism nowadays is full of crap. The Bible didn’t even
    forbid anyone from marrying, but here comes some smartass pope declaring
    that Priests shouldn’t marry. Then the next day, you see them raping and
    molesting. Statues and images of God is also forbidden, and is even written as the 2nd Commandment, but even the Pope himself violates this commandment blatantly.

  • Jace

    all of you should stop acting so clean..
    why not state all your religions here and i will write a true articles
    on how dirty you are because ive been through a lot of religions and theres no 
    difference from it.
    although im not a catholic but my mom is.
    that crime was made by a single person and you like pointing to every single catholic in the world. why not look at your self in the mirror first because maybe you would realized that evil is true and ITS IN FRONT OF YOU.. 

  • JesusChrist

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. John 8:7

  • redscream5

    Are you mentally handicapped, or just willfully ignorant?

    The act of deliberately seeking to discredit the testimony of  a sexual abuse victim by blaming a non-evident (EVER) supernatural event so that the priest responsible can continue to do as he pleases is straight up evil.
     I don’t care WHAT your heart tells you, or what your intentions are. You are wrong, dead wrong. 

    You are a part of a quickly-declining mentality that allows for good people to become victimized without justice just so that YOU can maintain your unlearned, deliberately ignorant world-view instead of admitting truth to yourself.

    Personally, I don’t care if you want to believe Russel’s teapot is up there flying around, but if you try to hurt someone either directly or indirectly through your moronic ignorance, you can go to the hell you fight so hard to assert as true.

  • redscream5

    Violence and sexual crime deserves punishment. Your religious book is IRRELEVANT in the light of common decency. If you want a theocracy move to Saudi-Arabia.

  • redscream5

    No-one is blaming the Bible or the Christian god for this happening. People are blaming the Catholic Church for failing to follow through in disciplining one of its own and upholding the morality system that it preaches.

  • redscream5

    Christianity is not like schizophrenics, because Christianity is voluntary. It’s not a mental or physical disease or deformation, it’s simple and deliberate ignorance.

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