Edward Tarte Could Have Remained a Priest, But… June 28, 2012

Edward Tarte Could Have Remained a Priest, But…

Recently I made a YouTube video: “49th Anniversary of my Ordination to the Priesthood.”

One of my subscribers, DaithiDublin, made the following video using my voice as heard on the last half of my video, along with visual images of his choosing:

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  • Blanc_Slate

    Religious leader or Educator? The choice is simple…

  • Annie

    I think the video was very well done.  What do you think, Edward?  I hope you were happy with it too.

  • Edward Tarte

    Yes, I think DaithiDublin did a superlative job:)

  • OregoniAn

    The video was well thought out, but the words alone were enough for me. Well spoken Edward.

  • RickRayFSM

    More clergy are leaving the profession and seeing religion for what it really is-  “Poison “. 
    The Clergy Project is a wonderful thing that is happening for priests,  bishops and their like to go to in order to start a life of sanity.  This video was really well done!  Congrats on seeing the light of reality. 

  • Quick question (I wasn’t raised Catholic) :
    Do they actually say you will go to hell for sins like using contraception? We were always taught that if you were saved, you were forgiven of all your sins. So do Catholics have to keep going to confession to keep themselves out of hell?
    Do Catholics get “saved” or do they have to continuously ask for forgiveness?

  • Edward Tarte

    Unlike many Protestants who believe in salvation by faith alone, Catholics are taught that unrepentant grave sin will send a person to hell. So a typical Protestant can imagine that he is saved and headed toward heaven as a permanent condition. But a typical Catholic can imagine that he is headed toward hell and then toward heaven and then toward hell and then toward heaven alternately as he sins gravely, then repents, then sins gravely again, then repents, and so on.

  • sansreligion

    Everytime I see the pope, cardinals,bishops,priests,nuns,sisters,and brothers, I watch in disbelief how the faithful fawns all over them as if they were dieties themselves.  The pope is recieved by heads of state around the world as if he has respectful credentials. His ideas/commands on our lives …including our sexual lives…are held to be as credible as any world renowned scientist/doctor/acclaimed scholar.  It disturbs me almost every day of my life. I do my part in trying to enlighten people of how insane the things of religion are….how “diabolical”, contemptuous, how evil the core of their beliefs are .  I am comforted by the atheist community, those who stand for Science and Reason.  The owners of websites like this and people like Edward Tarte are among the true heros of this world.  YOUR lives are far from being wasted.  Your lives are worthy of praise….worthy of respect….worthy of admiration.  Thank you for this superb video !

  • sansreligion

    I can be found as “atheistexchristian” on You Tube and I am a longtime follower of Edward Tarte.  He has enlightened me as no other person online ever has .  To all of you….do check out his You Tube channel “EdwardTarte”as well as on this magnificent website…it will be well worth your time !

  • Edward Tarte

    Sansreligion, thank you so much. Your constant support truly lifts my spirits.

  • Oh wow…Now I understand why so many ex-Catholics talk about how terrified they were of hell when they were children.
    Thanks for the clarification!

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