Maybe the Anti-gay Christians Can Remind Us Which Kind of Parents Are Bad… June 27, 2012

Maybe the Anti-gay Christians Can Remind Us Which Kind of Parents Are Bad…

Lucas Black also summarizes which parents are ideal and which are bad in the eyes of conservative Christians:

A straight man and woman.
A homosexual man and homosexual woman.
A bisexual woman and bisexual man.
A homosexual man and a straight woman.
A homosexual woman and a straight man.
A bisexual man and a homosexual woman.
A bisexual woman and a homosexual man.
A hermaphrodite.
Fred & Rosemary West.
Pre-op transvestite….?

Straight single parent.
Homosexual single parent.
Bisexual single parent.
A straight same sex couple.
A homosexual same sex couple.
A bisexual same sex couple.
The Pope.
Mother Theresa.

Maybe if the Pope and Mother Teresa got together… but by themselves?! Totally irresponsible.

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  • Stev84

    While studies on gay parenting are interesting, as far as the law is concerned they are kind of silly. There are other family structures that have demonstrably worse effects than a stable two-parent relationship. Yet, I don’t see anyone trying to restrict the rights of single parents for example.

  • Tainda

    I’m going to hellllllllll.  I guess I should have stayed with my abusive husband.  

    No wonder my daughter is so messed up.  Oh wait…. no she’s not.  

  • Forgot if it was the Atheist Experience or Godless Bitches, but the argument was made (more or less, I’m paraphrasing and building upon it myself) that you could have a study that shows that parents who play the guitar could have better or worse children than those who do not, but that should not be a basis for banning/requiring guitar playing.

  • I don’t see bisexual man and heterosexual woman. Is my family in some sort of limbo? Well, I should just assume we’re all off to hell.

  • Alex

    Wait, opposite-sex gay couple I can see, social pressure and all. But a same-sex straight couple? Does that even happen?

    Besides, I suspect that in the eyes of conservative Christians gays are of the devil regardless of their relationship status.

  • SteveS

    Let’s face it – gays and atheists are the best thing that ever happened to fundamentalists. We make it so easy for them to get up on their soap boxes and point out the differences between us and them.  It is just my own observation, but they seem to be mostly of the extremely judgmental personality type with no small dose of paranoia mixed in. They are also increasingly calling for suppressing the civil rights of anyone on their hate list. What I don’t see is them going out en masse and adopting all the children in ‘inappropriate’ families to spare them this trauma.

  • Freak

    Wasn’t that the plot of Chuck & Larry?

  • Good and Godless

    Don’t forget “abstinence only” birth control failure Mary.

  • Gaby A.

    I can’t help but wonder if being gay as to the argument that it is right or wrong, has become part of a series of proxy skirmishes between atheists and christians (and other religions)?  Not that gay folks shouldn’t get our full support for complete equality, but I’m wondering if the religious and non-religious camps have decided it’s easier to define the parameters of their conflict in terms of these issues, as in the past with women’s rights (abortion and reproductive), etc., rather than debate each other on the intractable differences in their ways of thinking?

    For example, I can’t reasonably argue with a fundamentalist on matters of faith and interpreting what’s in the bible or making them see the inconsistencies, but arguing about evolution, reproductive rights, or gay rights is something easier and tangible that both sides can define the parameters for.


  • Zeggman

     Oscar Madison and Felix Unger, but their kids didn’t live with them.

  • Important distinction: transvestites != transpeople. Transvestitism is generally a sexualized activity unrelated to gender dysmorphia or gender identity. Transfolks who have not had any of various forms of SRS may be pre-op, if they are intending to have any of these surgeries, or they may be non-op, if they are not.

  • Kodie

     You kind of have to apply the thoughts to actual situations. If Christians didn’t apply their thoughts to actual situations that cause conflict and harm, atheists would not tend to have as much of a problem with them or their beliefs, even if they are wrong. It’s the wrongness of the beliefs applied to society, politics, laws, etc., that cause atheists to push back.

  • Grumble F Kitty

    Full House?

  • Sindigo

    My Two Dads?

  • cipher

    He forgot about the Pearls, the king and queen of Christian spanking porn.

  • Pascale Laviolette

    I think he’s confusing transvestite with transgender.

  • Nicolás

    I’m from Chile and in the 90′ in the Miss Chile the contestant Caroliña Zuñiga, to the cuestion: “in the case of a nuclear holocaust, who do you select to repopulate the Earth?” and she answered ” The Pope and Mother Theresa”

    this is a link to a notice about ehre in a chilean newpaper, so you are not the first to think in that
    (sorry if my english is bad, to lazy to use traductor to check)

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