Pushing Religious Indoctrination Into Public Schools June 25, 2012

Pushing Religious Indoctrination Into Public Schools

Katherine Stewart, author of the frightening and important book The Good News Club, recently did a couple of interviews with folks from the Richard Dawkins Foundation.

The first, with Elisabeth Cornwell, talks about what Stewart discovered about the group’s parent organization, the Child Evangelism Fellowship:

The second, a shorter video with Sean Faircloth, explores more of the legal issues with letting Christian groups into public schools:

If any of the parts stand out to you, please leave a timestamp and summary in the comments!

Incidentally, you can read this site’s review of Stewart’s book here as well as an interview with the author here.

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  • I’ve only just watched the first one, but I’m actually heartened by how narrow these people are.  If they show up in my son’s school, I’m going to hightail it to the local LDS church and start making noise.  Then I’m heading to the local Catholic church to do the same.  The number of people they think are going to hell is probably the biggest chink in their armor.  At 46minutes she talks about ‘Genocide’ in the lesson plan.  I’ve read it before, but hearing her read it- was chilling.

  • Intrinsic Dignity

    Minor correction: due to a change last year in CEF’s Good News Club curriculum cycle, the lesson on the Amalekites was already taught, last Fall, in the US.  But some 10-12 million children around the rest of the world — including Rwanda praise be to God! — will get it this Fall (for the majority Hutus, it’s only been 15 years or so, but — why not? — let’s have another round!). 

    If you would like to see an example of CEF’s presentation of the genocidal imperative — and it is really is worse than you want to imagine — sign up to see a demo of it (while you still can) at https://online.cefcmi.com/course/category.php?id=40. 

    But don’t be disappointed.  Coming this Fall will be a lesson on obeying “God’s workers,” and how God sent bears to kill 42 children who failed to “respect” God’s worker Elisha.  There’s a demo at CMI on that lesson too.  Sign up and get it while you can, before CMI takes it down.  After all, you never know when one of God’s workers will announce another God-given genocidal imperative, particularly when it involves people who “refuse to believe” in the one true God.  Children need to be prepared!

  • flyb

    I admit I had a hard time staying focused for that first clip and only watched the first few minutes. Too many ums and uhs from both women and the interviewer didn’t seem to know what she was going to ask next. Kinda awkward.

    But the little bit I watched has me interested in checking out the book. Thanks for the lead.

  • I just saw Katherine last night at a book reading at Majors & Quinn Bookstore in Minneapolis, MN, and had the chance to talk to her for a little bit afterward. She’s a delightful person and smart as a tack. Hearing more about her research was akin to watching a horror movie like “Children of the Corn”. These people are truly insidious in their efforts to indoctrinate children, and as a former fundie who was raised in an evangelical home and was brought up participating in proselytizing of this nature, I can vouch for everything in her book. It really is as bad as she makes it out to be. We have to fight these people on every front because they’re playing for keeps and it’s no hyperbole to say that they won’t be satisfied until they take over America.

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