Dave Silverman Goes on FOX News to Discuss Obama’s ‘Attack’ on Christianity June 25, 2012

Dave Silverman Goes on FOX News to Discuss Obama’s ‘Attack’ on Christianity

Earlier tonight, American Atheists’ Dave Silverman appeared on The O’Reilly Factor (with guest host Laura Ingraham) to discuss how religion has influenced Obama’s policies as well as the latest Gallup poll showing how only about half of Americans would vote for a qualified atheist for President.

Mediaite has the clip:

Silverman called the trend “a progression towards tolerance,” or “the de-bigoting of America.” It doesn’t mean we’re going to become an anti-religious nation, he said. “But you would prefer that,” Ingraham responded, which Silverman refuted, saying we need to “get to a point where people can be who they are and not be judged simply on that fact.”

Because he’s an atheist, Ingraham said of Silverman, he doesn’t understand. He doesn’t understand that people of faith feel like “second-class citizens” under this administration.

Apparently the fact that shows like Modern Family are popular is evidence that our country is anti-Christian. (Gay families are happy?! YOU’RE MAKING BABY JESUS CRY!) Also anti-Christian? Obama wanting employers to provide employees with healthcare that includes contraception services. Doesn’t Obama realize that giving other people access to birth control prevents Christians from controlling them?!

Dave Silverman didn’t make his rageface, but it was called for during the entire segment.

It was an amazing demonstration of Christian privilege in action.

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  • 11% still think Obama is a Muslim? Freaking facepalm.

    Kudos to Dave Silverman though on being composed and rational.

  • DigitalJedi2173

    Anyone have any links for HHS Mandate that isn’t from a Christian point of view?

  • Cmclaus

    The big gold cross around her neck was not lost on me.

  • Luke Allport-Cohoon

     how about the unnecessary “God bless you, David,” at about 3:30 haha

  • Rhys

    “…and so many willing to vote for an atheist”. It’s funny how the 53% is a cup half empty from her perspective

  • I can completely understand why Christians feel persecuted in this country.  I mean, they’re under attack from all corners.  Look at the two young women who were just shot (one dead) in Portland, Texas, possibly because they were Christi- no, wait, it’s probably because they were lesbians.  Christians don’t have to fear for their lives and well-being simply because of who they are.  Get the fuck out of here with your second-class citizen bullshit.  That you could even suggest that’s how you feel shows us how out of touch you are with the truly marginalized.

  • Keulan

    I don’t know how Dave Silverman remains so calm and composed with those morons. I was facepalming at nearly everything Laura Ingraham and the pastor said.

  • MyScienceCanBeatUpYourGod

    “He doesn’t understand that people of faith feel like “second-class citizens” under this administration.”

    WAAAAA We don’t get to push everybody else around like we used to! It’s not fair! It’s not! It’s not! It’s not! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

  • Baby_Raptor

    Second-class citizens? Someone point out to me when a Christian was last killed for believing in God. Or when a Christian was last discriminated against because their “lifestyle” offended someone. Or the last time someone said that the government should round up and kill Christians. 

    The list goes on.

    Whining like this is just one of the MANY things causing people to run from Christianity. 

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    What a complete bitch. Does she always talk over her guest when they are making their point and just cut them off? If Silverman hadn’t been on the show I never would have made it to the end.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    When that one gets dropped on me I respond with “which god?” which tends to piss them off even more.

  • Jeffrey Handy

    With all of the banter, they couldn’t answer his one simple question. Silverman FTW – once again!

  • Guest

    Dave was in fine form! Wow. How does he stay so composed?

  • Wahhh, other people of other faiths get to lead happy lives, My God makes says I am a sinner who doesn’t deserve happiness, therefore I am a second class citizen!

    Now it all makes sense 

  • I love how she cuts off David, but then tells him to let the pastor finish! Talk about a biased news cast!

  • I was making the same faces as David when she went on her tangent!

  • It’s fox news I didn’t expect  much..

  • Blanc_Slate

    …And the most annoying bitch of all time award goes to!!!!!!!!!………(drumroll) 
    Laura Ingraham!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave called him “not a bigot” right after he said being “pro-marriage” (aka anti equal rights for gays) was a criterion for president.  What a load of crap.  He is a bigot, and Dave should call him out on that.

  • Blanc_Slate

    You’re exactly right. Christian privileged is slowly dying and like all formerly held powers, the people want it back. 

  • Blanc_Slate

    I noticed that as well. She said it with such disdain that it became more than apparent she wasn’t being “fair and balanced,” as her network would claim. 

  • Laura Ingrahm’s arguments are absurd. Is President Obama responsible for the content on tv? Also, American Christians feel like second class citizens? Isn’t this the group who wants to amend the constitution to deny certain citizens the right to marry who they want to? Isn’t this the crowd that wants to force women to carry pregnancies to term regardless of their wishes or risks to their health?

    Just who are the second class citizens?

  • Mike

    Practice. He gets lots.

  • revid

    I guess I don’t watch enough cable news to understand what the hell is going on here. Why are they jamming a 30 minute conversation into under 5 minutes? How did hit and run discussion become popular like this? I guess it suits the people with the undefendable positions well.

  • AxeGrrl

    Laura Ingraham…..*rolling eyes*  she’s an even more annoying/less entertaining version of Ann Coulter.

  • I kept thinking of the recent CNN interviews.  What a difference a network makes.

  • Gordon Duffy

    The Fortnight for Freedom is Slavery. 

  • Every time that I see Dave Silverman going up against these “devout” on TV, I like him even more. He does an amazing job of staying on message and presenting the case. I can’t think of a better spokesman who can handle soundbite after soundbite session than him (and that is a compliment – most Atheist spokesmen aren’t the “soundbite” type, or haven’t been trained to be).

  • Sinfanti

     I don’t watch a lot of Fox News, but when I do whichever host is talking tends to try to talk over any dissenting opinion.  One of the reasons I can only stand it in small doses.

  • Dan Fidler

    We absolutely cannot ignore the religious “hard done by” act. This disrespectful behavior is beneath any rational adult. Like any individual or group, they are fighting to keep what they have come accustomed to. If they were true Americans, instead of “God before Country” Americans they would be completely behind the 1st Amendment.

    Those that care more about their house than the sand beneath it, will end with nothing.

  • Dan Fidler

     Nancy Grace. Without any shadow of a doubt Nancy Grace sits on the throne of annoying bitch.

  • newavocation

    Or how about I’ll pray for you. How arrogant can a person get thinking they have a line to a supreme being.  

  • newavocation

    I wish Silverman would ask the minister why he feels he can talk and play politics and still not pay taxes.

  • I_Claudia

    “You have confused a war on your religion with not always getting what you want”
    Jon Stewart

  • kingasaurus

    Believe it or not, Laura Ingraham actually became even MORE annoying (if that’s possible) when she converted to Catholicism several years ago. She’s a horrible interviewer who is hopelessly in the tank for one side, and she constantly interrupts any interview subject she disagrees with. Every interviewer has political opinions, but at least have the journalistic awareness to know how to conduct an interview with your political opponents.

    The last time Hitchens was interviewed by her? Well, when the interview was over (after being constantly interrupted) Hitchens said, ‘You must have me on again sometime so you can tell me what you think.”

  • I just about lost it when she insisted that Obama must be anti-Christian because there is a movement going on that says he’s anti-Christian. Well…that wasn’t the question, was it? If you had asked Silverman, “Do you think other people see Obama as anti-Christian?” and he said no, that response would make sense. But she’s just saying that a lot of people feel that way, and since they’re on her side, they must be right.

  • CultOfReason

    “No, I don’t know that atheists should be regarded as citizens, nor should they be regarded as patriotic. This is one nation under God.” – President George H.W. Bush

    Who are the second class citizens again 🙁

  • Stev84

    Oh, they can list plenty of examples where they think they are discriminated against. Like being forced to follow the law and not getting some exemption from it. Of course none of them are actually discrimination.

  • Some guy

    I love how they go to commercial after they are unable to answer David’s question..lol.

  • Whyuse

    Please do not use the term “bitch” – it’s a misogynistic term used to perpetrate patriarchy.  Christian privilege may not exist, but you’re showing your male privilege.

  • Whyuse

    Sorry, meant to reply here:

    Please do not use the term “bitch” – it’s a misogynistic term used to
    perpetrate patriarchy.  Christian privilege may not exist, but you’re
    showing your male privilege.

  • Tgonzolisa1

    what a bitch. She only talked over dave the whole time. Why invite him on the show then. Great example of inequality.

  • Gunstargreen

    “That’s because you’re not a bigot Robert…”

    I wouldn’t go that far David, considering the only atheist he’d vote for would be a bigoted one.
    We’re about to see what little table scraps of Obama’s healthcare reform go down thanks to politicians duping Christians with fear.

  • Gunstargreen

    Would you prefer he use “asshole” or something?

  • Gunstargreen

    Is “dick” female privilege?

  • Tgonzolisa1

    I used the word bitch for her as well…and I’m a female. I used it because it applied perfectly.

  • It’s one of a few words that disparage maleness ONLY without blaming his mother, so yes. Just like “nigger” is black privilege.

  • Best moment for me was some very skillful work on Silverman’s part to stick to point and not get trolled.

    Silverman: It doesn’t mean we’re going to become an anti-religious nation It means-

    Ingraham: [cutting off] -But you would prefer that

    Silverman: -melting pot.  What? No, No I would not prefer that.

    Ingraham: [incredulously] Why?

    Silverman: [ignoring] What we need to do is get to a point where people can be who they are and not be judged simply on that fact.

    Her expression and tone on that “Why?” says volumes.  She is demonstrating the point he’s making.  She completely misunderstands his motives, and can’t fathom anything other than her own projection.

  • Alexandra

     Yes, I think so. 

  • Blanc_Slate

    We have “bitch” for women, we have “asshole/dicks” for men: Seems pretty equal to me. 

  • Jett Perrobone

    If you say “What a bitch!” to a woman, you’re insulting the woman.
    If you say “What a bitch!” to a female dog, you’re complimenting the dog.

    I think we have found an example of canine privilege!

  • Yoav

     I wander if she feel the same way about the results from the same survey showing an increase in the percentage of people willing to vote for a qualified candidate who happen to be female or catholic, some of them may even be willing to vote for a female catholic like Laura Ingram.

  • Coyotenose

    If only we had actual curse words for white males (like myself) to level the playing field a bit. Unfortunately, patriarchal privilege is such that those words that exist lack any teeth. We don’t have to even try to laugh them off.

    It may be inconsistent, but even though I try to avoid other gender-based curses, I will tell off anyone who wants me to not say “dick”. We’ve got to have something to use that is short, sweet, and a noun instead of an adjective. 😛

  • Coyotenose

     Only in theory. In practice, “bitch” is a slur that carries the cultural connotation, “Her concerns can be dismissed because she is a hateful female.” “Bastard”, “Dick”, and “Asshole” don’t carry any significant baggage.

    This does make me wonder: why don’t we use “asshole” to insult a woman? A few people do, but I mean in general.

  • Forrest Cahoon

     I’m trying to avoid curse words altogether myself, but if one must make insults based on body parts, there’s one word that describes a part we all have, and fits this sort of behavior rather well. It’s just behind the genitals, in back.

  • T-Rex

    Up until now atheists have pretty much been unelectable in this country. Now slightly more than half of the population in certain demographics are willing to vote for an atheist…finally. But Christianity is under attack, right. Gotcha. And as usual, the FAUX “news” host cuts off the evil atheist because he is making valid points and she has no way to refute those points other than to cut him off and spin it as fast as possible to try and make the atheist look dumb/wrong/bad. Fair and unbiased, right. Gotcha. SMH

  • Ibis3


  • And those arrogant people are the best case scenario, given the number of times “I’ll pray for you” is clearly code for “Fuck you, I’m only saying I’ll pray for you to try to get under your skin”

  • T-Rex

    Male privelege? WTF are you talking about?  If the word fits, wear it. She’s an annoying bitch. If she was a guy, he’d be an annoying dick. Get over it Ms. Sally Sensitive. Just because you choose to take it as mysogynistic is on you, no one else. I guess calling her an annoying asshole would be more acceptable to you?  Your comment is one of the most rediculous ones I’ve seen here and I’ve seen a lot. Congratulations!

  • T-Rex

    Oh you are out of your fucking mind. Grow up.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Fine, I’ll call her an annoying cunt next time. Is that better?

  • What about gay men?  Or is bitch one of those words we should just never call anyone, along with ‘faggot’, ‘nigger’, ‘retard’ and ‘redskin’?

  • Xaurreaux

    The age of the political dominance of the aging white, Christian male is coming to an end andit won’t go quietly. Secularism is for grownups.

  • I understand where you’re coming from; I really do. I get a sort of knee jerk reaction when I hear that word, because I’m used to it being used in a sexist way. I typically hear women being called bitches for being assertive, but men would never be called out for the same behavior. It’s really fucking annoying.
    However, I do think that this case is different. She’s not being insulted for not acting like a proper woman. She’s being insulted because she’s very obviously taking sides, not listening to what Silverman has to say, and then saying condescendingly that he just wouldn’t understand because he’s an atheist.
    That earns her the bitch label. Or an asshole. Or just a very mean, stupid woman if you don’t want to swear.
    I’m sure there would still be plenty of insults thrown at Bill O’Reilly if he had done the interview and cut Silverman off like that. O’Reilly’s a dick.

  • My boyfriend calls me an asshole sometimes (in a totally playful making-fun-of-each-other sort of way). It threw me off the first time because I’d never been called one before. Now that I think of it though, I do prefer it over bitch. Being called an asshole somehow makes things more equal in a weird, insulting way…

  • Stev84

    It depends on the context. Here the word isn’t used based on stereotypes about women or their behavior as it is in other cases. That should be ok

  • I love how atheists so often get attacked for painting Christians with a broad brush, and then these idiots get on TV and talk about how anything that supports liberal social policies is anti-Christian. Uh, HELLO. There are liberal Christians! (But I’m sure they’re not TRUE CHRISTIANS™).

  • Michael

    I think there is an analogy that needs to be made more often… and perhaps it has but I’ve missed it… I think our demanding equal footing in this nation needs to be compared to the plight of african-americans during the civil rights movement.  When confronted with the statement, “people of faith feel like second-class citizens under this administration”, Dave and others need to ask if white americans were made second class citizens in assuring equal rights of colored peoples.  I realize there will be some who say “Hell yeah!”, but I doubt we’ll ever make headway with them anyway.  In this, I’m talking to people who consider themselves fairly open minded but who have bought into the fear mongering pandered by fox news.

  • Seladora

    Lawd that woman is annoying. I don’t know how either of those two got through this interview.

  • Yeah, an atheist wouldn’t know what it’s like to feel like a second-class citizen in this country.

    To people of faith, it’s only when they don’t get to run everything and legally discriminate against everyone else that they start whining about “feeling like second-class citizens”.  After all, it’s not like they actually face any discrimination or lack any civil rights.  

  • allein

    I love how he just keeps talking in the same tone of voice, no matter how much she tries to talk over him.

  • amycas

     How about we stop using gendered insults altogether? Why can’t we just call people assholes? Everybody’s got one, lots of people are one.

  • amycas

    Or we could just not use gendered insults, and call O’Reilly and Ingram assholes.

  •  I’m not sure I understand why any atheist would go on Fox News… it’s pretty obvious that this is the kind of treatment you’ll get if you choose to go there.

  • Dan Fidler

    No it’s not. Your mixing origination with your argument and it doesn’t apply in most cases, including this one. The modern usage is akin to calling a man an asshole or dick. Call it the “feminine” version of those terms if you will.

    If I called a man a bitch then you would have an argument. This usage would infer a weakness based on a believed inferior trait of the female sex. That would be misogynistic. But to call a woman a bitch does not automatically mean it is the same. I have seen many examples, in the right circumstances where women feel proud or empowered by that pejorative.

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