nakedpastor: Purge June 23, 2012

nakedpastor: Purge

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  • Not amused

    Um, bulimia is a serious problem. I don’t like to be a buzz kill, and I like the free exchange of ideas, but I find myself truly offended by this.

  • Guest

    This doesn’t strike me as a positive depiction of deconversion.

  • Nope

    Humor is humor. Some is dark, chill out PC squad.

  • Carrie

    “Politically correct” is usually used by people who want to deny other people the right to point out jackassery. Take your tautological cop-outs somewhere else. 

  • Ibis3

    Wow. Making a joke out of a mental illness that kills people? Yeah. Not funny in the least. I’m not offended, I’m appalled.

  • george.w

    Deconversion is a step toward Mental Health. This comic suggests the opposite. Will she binge after she has purged?

  • OregoniAn

     Um, immediately assuming that any girl throwing up is automatically  “bulimic” is totally sexist. You should work on that.. I for one say “hurl that religio-spew out as fast as you can – and give that bowl an extra flush for good measure!”

  • Tymne

    I think this goes well beyond political correctness. It’s just poor taste all around. Even disregarding the fact that it inappropriately makes light of a very serious problem, it’s COMPLETELY the wrong message.

  • Guest

    “Purge” in relation to throwing up is usually a reference to bulimia.  

  • Guest

    I think it has more to do with deconversion being depicted as an unhealthy thing.

  • george.w

    Maybe if she were emptying a box of religious books into the recycle bin…

  • Not amused

    Not every bulimic is a girl / woman. Sexism has nothing to do with my feelings on this.

  • Not amused

    You would probably be surprised at some of the things I can / have joked about if you think this I’d just me being PC. as others have noted, this suggests either a.) abandoning religion is unhealthy or b.) bulimia is not. Both those ideas are offensive to me.

  • Anon

    Some anorexics purge, too. But not every one that purges has an eating disorder.

  • Sarah

    It’s a pretty safe bet that when someone is “purging” in relation to throwing up it is to do with an eating disorder. 

  • Anon

    But we’re not talking about safe bets, we’re taking about this picture. Sometimes poison control or health professionals will advise throwing up or provide the medicine to make you throw up if someone injested a harmful substance. I’d say it’s more likely this picture is referencing the later.

  • My reading is somebody throwing up (purging) all the crap they’ve been fed all their life (maybe force-fed). I don’t think of an eating disorder at all… indeed, the very idea makes no sense in this context, as nobody “binges” on religion and then purges themselves of that in a cyclic way. People who escape theism only purge once… exactly like somebody who has eaten something toxic.

  • Forsaken102

    I thought purging was also in reference to OD’ing? Might just be the midwest drug culture I grew up around, but around here I’ve always heard of throwing up after too much alcohol as purging.

  • Glasofruix

    Also when you eat something poisonous you tend to throw up.

    Just saying…

  • revaaron

    I’ve done that before, after taking an accidental overdose of a drug. Rather puke it up than be to high and putting all night…

  • revaaron

    If it isn’t a gender assumption thing, what is offensive about it? The use of metaphor? The word “purge?” The act of expurgation?

  • revaaron

    Where is the joke?

    Let’s how no one ever refers to religion as a cancer, poison, or an epidemic of irrationality.

  • revaaron

    Poison is unhealthy. If I am forced, coerced, or tricked into swallowing some and do not wish to be harmed, I purge it. It’s not like purging was invented by those with eating disorders.

  • revaaron

    Unfortunately, that wouldn’t make the same statement.

  • I guess maybe because I’ve never had an eating disorder this doesn’t come across as negatively to me as it does to some.  This comes across to me as religion, particularly Christianity, being toxic and the person is purging themselves of it.  Throwing up isn’t always an unhealthy thing.  It is our own body’s natural way of healing itself of unhealthy things.

    Though I can see why it might me offensive to someone who has had or knows someone who has had an eating disorder.

  • Raavequeen

    I also agree that this sends the WRONG message. You’re comparing purging- a dangerous activity that is part of a deadly mental illness that disproportionately affects women over men- a BAD THING- to the “purging” of religious ideas and influence. THAT IS NOT A GOOD COMPARISON TO MAKE. THAT IS A TERRIBLE COMPARISON. 

    I get that this is supposed to be a play on words, but it’s not. It’s just bad taste. “Purging”- with or without the context of a *woman barfing in a toilet*- definitely means something negative; an activity that is dangerous and unhealthy.

    Oh, and yes, ignorant commenter: ALL PEOPLE WHO PURGE HAVE A PROBLEM. Doing it once because you overate? Probably not a good idea, but not a disorder. However, any other level of purging, habitual or ‘occasional’ IS A DISORDER.

    Also, it’s not ‘sexist’ to make the connection between purging, this picture, women, and bulimia. Please. Not only is the image in question of a FEMALE, but it’s common knowledge (not just a stereotype) that the majority of people who suffer from this are female.

  • Anon

    So if my child accidently swallows something toxic and is made to purge , she has a disorder?

  • Guest
  • splodie

    If you go to the ER with an overdose you are far more likely to have a nasogastric tube shoved into your stomach and activated charcoal poured down it. Doctors rarely pump stomachs or induce vomiting anymore. It does more harm than good by the time you get to the hospital.

    I have to admit this is a disappointing piece. I like nakedpastor a lot, but I think this is a serious miss.

  • nakedpastor

    i personally know many young women purging themselves of religion. the word “purging” doesn’t belong to eating disorders only. it is primarily used in reference to ridding the body of poison. just sayin. 

  • Blanc_Slate

    A nice illustration of what I experienced in the 12th grade, except mine didn’t take the form of vomiting. Rather, I did like Descartes and started with the few facts I knew to be true and I worked my way up from there; no different from the act of “un-brainwashing” oneself from irrational thinking. 

  • OregoniAn

    Say what you will.. Use ALL CAPS to emphasize every little DETAIL you wish to point out. In  the end it’s still just an image of a girl regurgitating all the religious crap she’s been fed all her life.  A simple iconic image. Rock on!

    I have no problem with this cartoon – and YES it IS quite sexist to immediately connect a picture of any woman puking to automatically be construed as being bulimic. The MAJORITY of women who puke are those who are simply PUKING.

  • If Only People would use there eyes .. what does the picture show the person Vomiting ??????
    jeez it aint rocket science …..  Lighten up

  • splodie

    I understand completely what you are driving at. Unfortunately, the image you chose is one that has become loaded with other meaning in our world, and that meaning is linked with the illness and deaths of young people – primarily young women. I have followed your images and words for a while now, and I find it difficult to believe that you would not have known this reaction would have occurred.

    I wonder what the reaction would have been if the image was of a young man.

  • snoofle

    I’m a woman, and a feminist, and I don’t find this offensive. I understand that some people may, but that’s because of the strong imagery which is valid in context.  It can be read different ways, which makes it more powerful – it can be seen as simply someone throwing up something poisonous (the bible), or you can go deeper and see it as a comment on religious misogyny, and how this affects women.  I see it as a bulimic gorging (metaphorically) on the bible, perhaps at church, or in a bible group, and then going home, and purging herself, hating what she’s done, before later going back to gorge on the thing she hates so much, yet feels compelled to ingest.  I wouldn’t like people to censor themselves for fear of causing offense – especially if it’s a comment on something that does terrible harm, like religion. 

  • There must be a better way to depict deconversion.  I really can’t think of any positive associations with the word ‘purge’ or the image of a woman vomiting.

  • snoofle

    That seems to be the point to me – it’s a horrible process while it’s happening.  You may eventually feel better, but at the time it’s awful. 

  • The original text accompanying the artist’s drawing:

    There is a saying, “Eat the meat, spit out the bones.” Why are there so many bones?

    Most of our spiritual walk seems to be purging ourselves of all the bad stuff we were fed. Spiritual food-poisoning.

    But we must do it. It’s part of the healing process.

    I wish this blog would print the accompanying text. I find the artist’s drawings to be more interesting when I actually know the context in which he drew them. Sometimes, I’ve completely misinterpreted the artist’s message until I read the accompanying blog entry at the artist’s personal website.

  • amycas

    No…just…no…I’m sure others have elaborated…

  • amycas

     Notice she said: once due to overeating is not a disorder. I would assume that if poison control or a doctor advised purging (which they normally don’t do now) it would not be considered a disorder.

  • amycas

     I admit, I wouldn’t have had such a visceral reaction to this comic if I had seen the original text along with it.

  • NickDB

     I’d like to thank the nakedpastor for this comic, for another reason entirely.

    The comments below highlight perfectly that as a group, us Atheists are still just as bad as the religious when something offends us.

    A LOT of people just saw the picture and immediately complained about it because they only saw one interpretation and one message been sent and they didn’t like it.

    Not a particularly good example of; Investigating, getting evidence, using reason, speaking to others to see to hear view points and being rational guys

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