1is2many: The White House’s New PSA About Stopping Violence Against Women June 22, 2012

1is2many: The White House’s New PSA About Stopping Violence Against Women

This week, Vice President Joe Biden (who has a history of advocating for women’s rights) released a new public service announcement about stopping violence against women.

From the White House website:

Despite the significant progress made in reducing violence against women, there is still a long way to go. Young women still face the highest rates of dating violence and sexual assault. In the last year, one in 10 teens have reported being physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend. One in five young women have been sexually assaulted while they’re in college.

In response to these alarming statistics, Vice President Biden is focusing his longstanding commitment to reducing violence against women specifically on teens and young women ages 16-24. By targeting the importance of changing attitudes that lead to violence and educating the public on the realities of abuse, the Vice President is leading the way in an effort to stop violence against women before it begins.

What is exciting about this campaign is that the focus is not about educating women on how to change their behavior to avoid being abused (a.k.a. victim-blaming), but by demanding that everyone speak up and out about violence against women. Silence is a passive form of acceptance, and we all need to work towards being a part of the solution.

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  • Guest

    What does this have to do with atheism?

  • Another Guest

    You’re right. After all, we should stop talking about evolution because ya know, it has nothing to do with atheism. Hell, we should stop talking about morality and other philosophical idea because let’s face it – atheism is only the belief or lack of belief in god. And it’s not like the atheist community has any problems with these types of issues, because we’re all rational critical skeptical thinkers right? We’re obviously not part of this statistic because all of our women feel welcome in our community right? Am I right everyone?


  • Guest

    I think it’s a great campaign, but it relates to atheism just as much as news about state laws regulating tattoo shops or the legal drinking age. Everything can be related back to atheism or religion in some way, but I don’t read this blog to get those general news stories.

  • Franklin

    Apparently only women face sexual abuse.

  • TheAnalogKid

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

  • TheAnalogKid

    Yep, that’s the point of the video. You’re so fucking smart. 

  • This is Hemant’s blog, no matter who writes for it (Hi Lauren!). Hemant cares about women’s rights. So if Hemant lets someone write about anything, be it women’s rights, atheism, or magical sea turtles, they can. The great thing about the internet is that you DON’T HAVE TO READ IT!

  • Franklin

     “I don’t like your ideas so you should leave!”

    You’re a bad skeptic.

  • Franklin

     Cramming one’s feminist agenda everywhere they go just dilutes it and makes people resent it.

  • TheAnalogKid

    No, motherfucker. I didn’t say he should leave. He’s pissing and moaning about the content of the blog, so it seems that the solution is to not read the blog. Maybe start his own blog of 100% pure FDA approved atheism.

  • Franklin

    If you curse more maybe I’ll take you even more seriously!

  • cdm

    Where do these numbers come from? And what is meant by ‘forced to have sex’? Also what is the time frame for these events occurring? 

  • Franklin

     Doesn’t matter. Hemant lets this junk on his blog without any details.  The last time was the whole fake “women earn 70 cents for every dollar men make” – proven false but Hemant leaves it up to white knight the ladies. 

  •  Well, see, once upon a time we thought religion was the primary factor contributing to  misogyny and patriarchy. Accordingly a blog that discusses the negative effects of religion would include things like misogyny, violence against women, gender inequality, etc. But after reading the comments here and the ongoing problems with harassment at TAM it’s obvious the issue goes way beyond religion.  Such a pity. 

  • So you resent women wanting to be treated like human beings.  Got it. 

  • Onamission5

    Guess what, naysayers and whiners: atheists are women, too, so issues which affect women also affect atheists and are relevant to atheism.

    Or did you think that the boy’s club was standard and women were “other?”

  • Franklin

    HA HA YES, “this atheism blog should be about just atheism” = “I hate women.” 

    BRILLIANT, Buffy.

  • Franklin

     HA HA YES, “this atheism blog should be about just atheism” = “I hate women.” 

    BRILLIANT, Buffy.

  • Franklin

     Read the title of the blog post, genius.

  • Hippobutt

    “Hold on – I sense a complaint somewhere about misogyny! Somewhere there’s a conversation that’s not yet about dude problems! I am needed elsewhere!

  • A) Asked and answered.

    B) Not what you said.  Apparently, speaking up against violence towards women qualifies as “cramming a feminist agenda everywhere.”  Anybody who resents equality for women because of this post is an asshat.

  •  Well, I didn’t see you pitching a fit on the thread about the bus monitor who got bullied.  It’s only when threads about LGBT people or misogyny that we start hearing people like you demanding that this blog be about nothing but pure atheism.  Naturally that makes us wonder why.

  • Franklin

    *goes out to dinner at a steakhouse*
    Me: Yes, but I came to this steakhouse for steak, not for feminist social issues.
    Kevin: YOU HATE WOMEN!!!!!

    Jesus Christ you people are stupid.

  • Ah, the old “you swore, so now I won’t take you seriously” routine. It’s old. It’s boring.

    Fuck fuck fuck, ass, shit, ass, shit, fuck.

  • Franklin

     Buffy, I am a professor of history, women’s studies, an Africana-studies.  Garbage that Lauren has been posting is intentionally-misleading nonsense that aims to rile up emotions instead of uncover the rational truth of gender inequality.  The fact that Hemant lets this garbage on his skeptics blog makes me wonder why he does what he does.

    But, your “you have a different opinion than me thus you hate me for being a woman and being gay” is fake-victimization at its finest.  Who needs to discuss issues when OMG PEOPLE HATE ME FOR BEING A WOMAN AND GAY.  You’re just as bad as Lauren.

  • Waterwood

     You eat dinner in total silence? Well, I guess if that works for you, go for it. I wouldn’t go yelling at the other steakhouse patrons for having conversation, though. That’s just kinda weird.

  • Franklin

    It’s funny how skeptical rationality goes out the window with you when your opinions are threatened.

  • Franklin

     You sure showed me.

  • Charon

    It would be valid to answer this by talking about humanism… But “Hemant and the other people who write here are humans with diverse interests” really is a valid response. They’re not hired by you to write exclusively on any particular topic.

    People get mad when Sean Carroll blogs about atheism because he’s “supposed” to blog about science. The politics site AMERICAblog sometimes posts about medicine or pictures of pet dogs. People have diverse interests. Live with it.

  • Franklin

     It’s polite, when responding to a post on the internet, to make the response about the post’s point.  Want a do-over?

  • And out come the people questioning the placement of content.

    Listen. Hemant is an atheist. A friendly one, at that. And he owns this blog. It’s called the Friendly Atheist, not Stuff That Only Has to Do With Atheism And Owned By A Friendly Atheist. The title of the blog describes the owner (formerly sole author). NOT the content.

    If he wants a certain type of content to be put up, then so be it. Don’t like it? There is nothing keeping  you here.

    This is why I call these people trolls. They come out of the woodwork, out of lurking, simply to complain about the type of content on a blog that they have no obligation to repeatedly visit.

    I have never — and I mean never — complained at any blog I frequent because I had the temerity to presume what kind of content should and should not be in said blog. If I don’t like the content, then guess what? I fucking leave. And I never return. I don’t say a goddamn thing. Because despite my own meaningless, personal issues with the content of the particular blog post in question, someone else might actually want to read it. With that in mind, I stop myself from acting like the Content Police.

    Once again: If you don’t think this belongs on this blog, then feel free to keep it to yourself. You will only end up annoying the hell out of people who may actually want to read such content. Nothing is holding you here. Nothing at all.

  • Cotter

     Oh, I didn’t realize talking about issues that feminists care about dilutes feminism. Good thing you’re here to explain social justice movements to the rest of us!

  • Franklin

    Lots of atheists eat tacos.  Based on your reasoning, tacos are a salient issue for this blog.  GG.

  • Waterwood

     I thought we were talking about steak? What’s going on? I’m so confused

  •  Actually, your use of “feminist agenda” gave that part away.

  • Franklin

     “If you don’t think this belongs on this blog, then feel free to keep it to yourself.”

    lololol pure gold that someone posts this on a skeptic blog.

  • Tell me, Guest Coming Out Of Lurking Just To Complain #4,835… where does it say that the only content allowed on this blog has to has some direct, tangible connection to atheism? Where does it say that no other content is allowed?

    Maybe… just maybe… the problem is your own assumptions about what kind of content should and shouldn’t be here. Maybe the problem is that you (and others like you) somehow got it in your heads that this blog should somehow only stick to atheism, and nothing more.

  • Franklin

     The point is that just because someone says topic B doesn’t belong in a venue that claims to be about topic A doesn’t mean that person hates topic B.

  • Franklin

     Perhaps you should spend less time in social justice movements and more time in literacy classes?

  • How dare you. Yes, I said it… how fucking dare you come on to a blog discussing a topic such as rape, and bitch about feminism being shoved in your face.

    People like you need feminism “crammed” in your face. Maybe you’ll finally get it.

  • Again, why is your personal definition of what should and shouldn’t be on this blog, the only valid one? What makes you think that you know anything about what should or shouldn’t be on this blog?

  • TheAnalogKid

    And where does it say only women suffer sexual abuse?

  • Franklin

    Feminism is about shouting down every idea around it in every venue it can wiggle into?

  • Hemant, have you ever thought about moving over to Freethought Blogs? You might have fewer people coming out of the woodwork to complain every time you dared stray away from purely atheistic content.

  • Maybe people wouldn’t take you for a misogynist if you’d simply express your skepticism about the material posted rather than going into “GRRR, stop cramming your feminazi agenda down our throats on this atheist blog!!!” mode.   Once you do that it’s pretty hard for you to convince anybody that you aren’t simply a misogynist troll.

  • TheAnalogKid

    Just as many men are raped as women; just as many men have the shit beat out of them? Is that what you’re saying?

  • Onamission5

    Because women aren’t really people, and thus should be compared to food preferences, rather than having the issues which affect fully half of the atheist population discussed on an atheist blog?

    Feminism is relevant to atheism because women are atheists.

  • Onamission5

    I love this idea Very Much.

  • Waterwood

    So you think feminism has nothing to do with atheism, even though pretty much all rationalization for oppressing women comes from religious justification? That modern-day society’s tendency to blame women for sexual harassment/assault isn’t rooted in the religious need to keep women from exercising sexual agency?

  • Franklin


  • TheAnalogKid

    You’re a professor, eh. What a waste of fucking money it would be to take your class.

  •  Like, stop cramming your MRA agenda down my throat!  You’re only allowed to talk about atheism here!  

  •  “Feminism is relevant to atheism because women are atheists.”

    Also because religion is a significant contributing factor in misogyny, and–as we’re finding out–sadly atheists are not immune to it.

  • Cotter

     Thanks for the idea, Anonymous Internet Man! I’m sure this section in Garner’s on the proper use of commas will teach me why I shouldn’t care about rape or how people in positions of power are addressing it.

  • Onamission5

    Something which affects a full half of the atheist population is relevant to atheism. Women aren’t “other.” We’re right here. Not talking about serious and life changing issues which affect half of the people with whom you will be interacting does all of us a disservice.

    Do you complain when atheist blogs talk about LGBT advocacy and racism, too?

  • No. Love it at Patheos 🙂 The crazy commenters are everywhere, anyway.

  • dearestlouise

    As a woman, who has finally started identifying myself as an atheist, I appreciate that Lauren, Hemant, and others are covering issues pertaining to women. 

    I grew up in a rural part of the Bible Belt and one of the first things that pushed me away from religion were the views about women and what our place in society was suppose to be. I began questioning that in the 6th grade and would not accept that women are less than because some random book said so. Unfortunately, questioning and push back  is not acceptable in Christianity and that often leaves one feeling very alone and on the outside. 

    It took me 13 years to finally call myself an atheist and come out to friends and family. I have just started looking into the secular community to decide if I want to be an active participant or not. 

    I have been following the recent discussions about women and sexual harassment; I was initially shocked that misogyny and harassment are such a problem, but my biggest concern is how the community is responding to this issue. 

    It’s blog posts like this that make women feel more welcome and let women know that we have a place here where we will be treated like human beings instead of a continuation of what we faced in our religious communities.

    So thank you Lauren, Hemant, and all the others who are blogging about the issues women face!

  • Rellian

    I have known it, feminism, or gender egalitarianism, is about looking
    at the way we live our lives and asking why we behave differently toward
    one gender than we do any other.   It makes the assumption that gender
    is not indicative of any kind of superiority or inferiority,
    lacking significant evidence to the contrary.  Feminism is about making
    the choice to evaluate the way we think about life in the context of
    gender and change our thoughts and behaviors as appropriate based on our
    personal evaluation and a belief in creating gender equality. 

    Working on that definition, feminism is a kind of skepticism, in the
    same way that atheism is a kind of skepticism.  As a result, it makes
    sense to me to talk about feminism alongside atheism.  It also makes
    sense to talk about feminism in any context where gendered people
    participate.  Women and men are both gendered.  Both participate in
    atheism.  Therefore, it seems logical to me to discuss feminism on an
    atheism blog.

    That said, feminists are not the only people who object to women being
    abused in any way, shape, or form.  I know very few people who think
    it’s okay to hurt women, regardless of whether they support gender
    equality.  Nowhere, in the video or the original blog post does it say anything about feminism or gender equality.  If any kind of agenda is being put forward in this instance, I would see it as an anti-abuse agenda. 

  • Feline256

    Claims of “cramming feminist agenda” along with claiming to be a women’s studies professor…

    Please don’t feed the trolling y’all 🙂

  • Rellian

    I don’t see any implication that women are the only people being abused just because women are the focus of this particular post.  However, it is unfortunate that the abuse men/male-identified individuals face is not discussed more.    I see no reason a companion post couldn’t be made about men.  You might consider emailing the author with a request, along with some resources.  It may not have occurred to her.

  • AxeGrrl

    I see no reason a companion post couldn’t be made about men. You might consider emailing the author with a request, along with some resources. It may not have occurred to her.

    Or why not email Hemant when a story about men who are abused comes up?  Or even better, why not write a post about it and send it to Hemant?

    Does this never occur to the people whining about every feminism-related post?

  • Patterrssonn

    You mean it relates to you about as much. It’s not an atheist issue for you therefore it shouldn’t be an atheist issue for anyone.

  • Patterrssonn

    If its not Franklin’s issue then we shouldn’t be bringing it up. It’s unbelievable that Franklin isn’t consulted first on what is or isn’t pertinent to atheism.

  • Patterrssonn

    Again I keep seeing this again and agin MRA idiots whining “it’s not an issue for me, then it can’t be an issue for atheism”.

  • Patterrssonn

    I know every time there’s a post about women’s issue the idiot mansplainers come out of the woodwork. “This is not about me! This is not about me!”

  • Patterrssonn

    Ah so you are just an MRA troll, thanks for clearing that up.

  • Yet again, it is a PERSONAL blog and you don’t have to read it.  If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. Contrary to what you may believe, The Friendly Atheist is not written specifically for you. The readership here has varied interests. What you and “guest” are saying is like if someone opened up USA today, saw an article about Europe’s financial crisis and screamed “THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE USA! WHY DO YOU KEEP PUSHING EUROPE ON ME WITH IT’S COMMIE SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE AND MONARCHY!!!1!!!”

  • Sooo… if you were really a Women’s Studies prof, which you said you were, you would know that the wage gap is there…

  • Guest

     I’d like to say that I also really enjoy posts about feminism, as well as LGBT and ‘general news’ type of posts. There’s no reason for this blog to be solely about atheism, and if anyone is truly offended or annoyed by ‘off-topic’ posts, I’m sure they can find an all-atheist blog elsewhere. No matter what the subject matter is, I find that the posts here are generally well-written and well thought out, and the comments usually provide intelligent conversation. That’s why I love this blog.

    So yes, just to be vocal, some of us do enjoy having these posts here.

  • anon101

    What about violence against men? Oh I forgot men are only second class citizens. Actually violence against men is not even morally wrong.

    Where I live I’m twice as likely two be the victim of a violent crime than woman. Therefore I very much appreciate a government ignoring my safety concerns and focusing only on the safety of women.

    I really don’t know what to be more depressed about with this video. The astonishing naivety or the blatant sexism.

  • Yes, tacos can be written about on this blog, because Hemant gets to pick what goes on the blog. If Hemant wants to write or have someone write about tacos, they can. Are you finally getting it?

  • Especially babies in taco costumes.

  • Lintrap

    “In the last year, one in 10 teens have reported being physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend.”

  • Franklin

     You’re like churches in a lot of ways, Hemant.  When someone suggests and idea that’s different from what you believe, you make fun of them and rely on a cult following to join you and shout them down.

  • Thalfon

    I’d like to toss my voice in here too. There have been feminist types of posts on this blog since I can remember, it’s one of the regular themes of this blog, albeit not the primary of course.  If there were one of those “keyword” or “topic” type lists on the side that told you what this blog was about, I’m almost certain feminism would be in the list.

    Moreover, I’ve always appreciated the discussions of feminism specifically within the atheist community. Like all groups, there are good and bad feminism, and we’ve even experienced that here (much of the posting after the elevator incident was far too incendiary to make good discussion until much later after the fact), but on the whole I’ve found that this community has been rather above average in the criticism and discussion of issues revolving about feminism.

    For better or for worse (having rather crappy internet here, I cannot watch the video in question to judge it, but it seems from others like there are legitimate criticisms both for and against it, as is the case with most things) this is something that will possibly affect quite a few people in the US, and depending on its success or failure, is something other countries may want to keep an eye on, to possibly try themselves or improve upon. It is perfectly relevant discussion material for our community, which has its fair share of feminist readers.

    Honestly, it’s pretty uncommon for a blog to be totally single-minded, and it’s not necessarily an advantage to be so in the first place. If you don’t want to read the feminist posts, there’s no obligation to. If you have some disagreement or criticism of the content of one, by all means, this ought to be a critical community, take part. But to suggest that feminist content oughtn’t be even posted in the first place, as though the very presence of it on this blog is somehow unacceptable, strikes me as a rather silly position to take.

  • Nah. If there’s a relevant current-events-y article about men getting abused, please send it to me.

  • allein

    I agree, it is silly, and rather annoying when there are 76 comments on a post and nearly all of them are just arguing about whether the post “belongs” here or not, and not discussing the actual content of the post. When the very first comment is “what does this have to do with atheism?” you can be pretty sure the conversation isn’t gonna go anywhere. There are multiple posts here every day; if one doesn’t interest you, move on to the next one. Why people feel the need to derail the conversation before it even starts, I’ll never understand.

  • Om nom nom! Baby tacos are delicious!

  • Hibernia86

    The correct method for dealing with this problem is to admit that women are far more at risk than men of serious domestic violence while accepting that any cases that do happen to men are just as serious as those that happen to women. That way, help will be given equally to those that need it.

    Yes, this post is somewhat off topic of the blog, but I decided that posts like these just give me more to debate about, which I love.

  • Okay, so write about it or find a good article about it. But why would you ever complain about helping women who are victims of violence? If an article comes up about a gay teen being bullied, do you come here and complain that you were also bullied for different reasons, but the article doesn’t mention your pain and suffering?

    What is wrong with trying to help a certain group of people, even if that group doesn’t include you? I don’t get pissed that people are trying to help LGBT avoid bullying even though plenty of straight people are bullied. I recognize that groups like this are against this type of behavior, no matter who is the victim. But when one group is targeted much more than another, there is nothing wrong with raising awareness about that group.

    Also, men are much more likely to be attacked by a stranger (likely another male). Women are more likely to be attacked by someone they know and are close to. Part of why it’s so important to get the message out there is that women are more likely to be in an abusive relationship. If someone sees that you have a black eye because you were mugged, there’s not much they can do about it. If someone sees that a woman has a black eye and she’s reluctant to talk about it, it’s important that people realize that domestic violence is more common then they think and that there’s a good chance she’s being hurt by someone she’s close to that can hurt her again.

  • For many women, feminism was what led us to atheism. I wouldn’t have started questioning my faith if it wasn’t for the fact that a book that was supposed to be the moral code told me that I couldn’t speak in church, that I should never teach a man, and that I should be completely submissive to my future husband (right next to where it tells slaves to submit to their masters, even if their masters are abusive).
    Feminism led me to question the things that I had been taught all my life. When I first started talking to people on an atheist forum, I shared my story, including a lot of my feminist thoughts. I had been so used to being shut down by people everywhere else on the internet whenever I brought feminism up and I was expecting people to respond negatively and shut me down. I was absolutely shocked when they responded completely positively and laughed at all the stupid things Christians teach about female submission.

    It’s interesting that after years of assuming that atheists were a hateful group of people, they turned out to be the most accepting, kind people I had ever met. Everywhere else I tried to talk about women’s rights, I was automatically shut down and insulted, but these people actually listened to me. Now I find it extremely disappointing that people are coming here just to point out that this stuff isn’t relevant. Maybe it’s not relevant to you or how you became an atheist, but it is very relevant to women and what led them to atheism. My favorite thing about the atheist community is their acceptance and how much they care for other groups of people. Now it seems like some people want to make sure that women only feel welcome and cared about in groups that are meant for women. While you’re at it, let’s make sure that minorities can only discuss racism when they’re on a blog about racism. Let’s make sure that gays can only discuss gay issues when their on LGBT blogs. Let’s make sure that everyone knows their place and we keep this a proper straight, white, middle class, male, friendly atheist blog and keep the whining and bitching out so these straight white males don’t feel threatened.

  • Spherical Basterd

    What does this have to do with atheism, you ask?

    Well as atheists, and I can’t speak for everyone here, we or at least myself consider the issue of non-belief and how we fit in our respective societies, political groups and families  to be a rational and reasoned conclusion to the very big question “Is there a god or god’s?”.

    As to how we “fit and contribute” to those around us in the every day world is very important to any discussion of atheism. Human Rights and equality just happens to one of the many points as rational people we discuss here.

    In closing my answer to your question I will again posit that we are atheists not because we are angry at any god, but we have reasoned and concluded that there is no evidence of the existence of the supernatural and the teachings of all the religions, present and past are all fallicies und untrue.

    So if you don’t want to join the discussion you are welcome to go stand in the corner and take a time out.


  • Erista


    Alright, here’s the deal. I am a woman, and I am an atheist. Amazingly enough, it is incredibly difficult for women atheists to deal with atheist issues while being beaten unconscious and/or until we are dead. Yes, it’s true: if you want women in the atheist movement, you can’t just ignore us while we’re screaming on the floor as someone rapes and/or murders us. I know that some people would prefer that we simply wear long sleeved shirts to cover our wounds and makeup to disguise our bruises so that we can be pretty eye candy at conferences, but it’s really hard to smile adoringly at you when our teeth have been knocked out, and it’s also really hard to make you a sandwich with a cast covering our broken arms.

    So! What does it have to do with atheism? It has to do with the fact that women are atheists, and as such, issues that impact women also impact atheists. Hell, even if the woman in question isn’t an atheist, she’s probably someones sister, lover, wife, daughter, friend, mother, cousin, boss, employee . . . well, you get the idea, or at least I hope you do.

    With this in mind, maybe next time you hear or see a woman being assaulted, you could call the cops or something, not just hurry on by as you rush to give a speech about how people use the Bible to support treating women poorly.

    Or not! I suppose you could just go and bemoan the fact that the Bible says that rape victims have to marry their rapist while ignoring the cries of the woman who is getting raped in the closet behind you. Either way. Who am I to judge?

  • Baby_Raptor

    Does society teach you how to avoid having a crime committed against you, instead of teaching women not to hurt you? Do you think anyone who hurts you will automatically get a pass, while YOU get blamed for “wanting” or “egging on” what they did? Do you honestly think that, were something to happen and you reported it, you’d not get justice? And I’m sure you take it as red that people would believe your story.

    See, women don’t get all those assurances. So that’s why violence against women is a bigger deal.

    Plus, you know, women are far often more the target than men. And probably also the recent debacle surrounding the Violence Against Women Act.

    So…It’s not that nobody cares about you poor, priveldged men. It’s that someone is finally starting to care about us women. 

  • Baby_Raptor

    RE comments on “on topicness”: It’s Hemant’s blog. Yes, the broader topic is Atheism. But does it really matter if he, or the other awesome contributors, go on tangents once in awhile? 

    Further, seeing people writing on womens’ issues makes me feel more welcome here. It means that I, and other women, matter to you guys. It’s a form of support. (Although that might just be me. I don’t know.) 

    If you don’t want to read posts about feminism, skip the post. It’s not that hard. 

  • dearestlouise

    Since you cannot watch the video it is essentially men (President Obama, VP Biden and popular male athletes and coaches) encouraging other men not to be violent towards the women in their lives. It also encourages men who witness such violence to speak up about it.

    I’m not sure why anyone would object to such a message. 

    Transcript via Feministing: “Hey Everybody Listen up, listen up guys, listen up.  No one should ever hit a woman.  Not their wife, not their girlfriend, not their date.  No woman should have to fear violence.  Especially not from someone they know and trust.  But that’s the reality for too many women.  We have to change it.  It’s up to each of us because even 1 is too many.  Violence against women hurts all of us.  Growing up I was ashamed and afraid of my father when he abused my mom.  The worst abuse of power is when a man raises his hand to hurt a woman.  We all have to take responsibility.  So if you see someone threatening a woman step up, speak out, and get help.  Dating violence hurts all of us so step up and help out because 1 is too many. One is too many. One is too many. One is too many. End the violence because it’s wrong. Because one, one is too many.”

  • Guest

    I’m a woman, too. Fancy that. 🙂

  • You know i can appreciate the points that feminist, and i agree with a large portion of them. But what i disagree with is the term feminism. i think we as a generally humanist group need to stop using it and use the term. Humanism for  all things feminist related. Because feminist issues are not just female issues they are Human issues. Human Rights are female and male rights. I just think we as a community should consider not relating rights to one gender. but makeing genders equal in all ways.

  • SilentBob

    You are absolutely right, Ben. Most gender-egalitarians (people who believe in equality regardless of gender) would never call themselves “feminists” for the reasons you mention, and also because of a long history of misandry (hatred of men) shown by many prominent representatives of feminism.

  • Erista

    Amazingly enough, that does not change my point.

    I have a book in my house which is contains a bunch of legislative documents. And in those legislative documents, you can find accounts of women testifying before congress that women should not have  the right to vote.

    This idea that a person’s behavior cannot negatively impact a minority group if the person is part of a minority group is baffling.

  • Dea

    Given that the atheist community is facing issues of sexual harrassment at conferences recently and debating and discussing sexism in general lately, I can understand why Hemant and his writers are bring women’s rights issues to the attention of their readers – they are trying to discuss current issues with their readership and given the discussion about sexual harassment at atheist events recently, I see this as relevant.

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