How Did Mike Discover the ‘Ain’t No Homos Gonna Make It to Heaven’ Church? June 19, 2012

How Did Mike Discover the ‘Ain’t No Homos Gonna Make It to Heaven’ Church?

Remember the video of the four-year-old boy singing “Ain’t no homos gonna make it to heaven”?

Initially, when the video was posted, no one knew which church that was.

A guy named Mike figured it out, though. The most amazing part about it? Anyone with basic Internet-stalking skills could’ve done it. Morgan Watkins of The Indianapolis Star explains:

So he decided to find the video’s source, starting with the user who posted it, Funnyman1972. A search of the user’s videos revealed he was from Indiana and his children’s names.

An extensive online search yielded an AOL email address, which triggered a result on The name from Spokeo provided a result on for a 40-year-old man from Greensburg. His birth year, 1972, coincided with the username Funnyman1972.

Mike matched the name to the Facebook profile of a Greensburg man whose friends list included children with the names mentioned in the user’s videos.

One of his family members had ‘Liked’ the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle on Facebook.

Digging into Google, he found interior photos of the church, and they matched the room shown on the video.

“It was like, ‘Bingo,’ ” Mike said.


(via Joe. My. God.)

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  • yeah that happens all the time. People on 4chan have used these basic skills to track down and harass people “for the lulz” so often. It’s actually quite shocking and scary how easy it is to track people down based on their internet footprints.

  • jediofpool

    Ain’t no heteros going there neither.

  • It’s amazing how much everything is connected here. Slightest detail becomes the biggest reveal.

  • Rennie

    Can you say “cyberstalking”?

  • I didn’t think that 4chan was a huge secret…

  • It’s not. But some of the people who frequent it like to think it is.

  • Yeah, it’s pretty easy. I try to keep my info to a minimum. But for example, If I shared a photo from my Facebook profile by re-uploading it somewhere else, I’d have to rename it because it’s formatted like this:

    Where all the capitals are numbers. The middle set of numbers takes you directly to where that image is on Facebook. This means anyone with the file name from Facebook will be able to track you.
    There’s tons of other little things like that, but who can know them all?

  • Mike, please keep using your powers for good, not evil.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Sadly a lot of people are not aware how easy it is to track someone via the default facebook photo file name.

  • Rather than using a tired meme to try and make your point, please explain how using non-private information that is readily available to not harass someone is ‘cyberstalking’

  • TiltedHorizon

    Oh yes, Mike was the problem, how dare he connect the dots using publicly available information to expose the source of such a bigoted video.

    Another theist turning a blind eye. What a surprise….

  • Baby_Raptor

    I dated one such guy. Worst relationship I’ve had. Selfish, secretive, lazy, liked to purposely push my buttons…Ugh. 

  • Glasofruix

    And that’s why you authorise only “trusted” people to see your facebook page.

  • Yeah, that sounds pretty accurate.

  •  Uh no, it used to be a secret. in fact thats why anyone who reveals it is an enemy.  Its so polluted with wannabes now its not even the same place. it lost its charm long ago

  • Hate to admit it, but i’ve done the same thing, it’s so easy & you get all you need in about a half hour. Scared People?

  • HighPriestOfThePainfulTruth

    As a Christian I am sadden by this rhetoric.  It is people like this that push others away from Christianity and feed the hate towards Christians.  Christianity is grace based recognizing that we ALL sin and are ALL in need of a Savior, including the knuckle head spewing in the video. 

    The New Testement is clear about the truths I am speaking.  I frequently complain about how non believers twist the bible and mis-represent it, but the same goes here.  MANY in the name of Christianity mis-represent the bible and unfortunately it is FAR more damaging when done by self proclaimed Christians.

    You can make fun of me and my “invisible God” all you want, but you will be missing the point.  All homosexuals (or any type of sin which we ALL are sinners) will NOT be going to hell any more that ALL people who attend church will be going to heaven.  The New Testement is clear about this.

    Please don’t judge all Christians by the words of the knuckle head.

  • HighPriestOfThePainfulTruth

    The verses they left off were how repentance and accepting Jesus “washes are sins away.”  The bible also say the God puts are sins into a “sea of forgetfullness” and they are removed “as far as the east is from the west.”  There is also NO mention of any unforgivable sin.

    Again I know most of you don’t believe what I’m saying or knuckle headed pastor who put that poor boy up to singing that song, but please hear what I’m saying.  Those verses have been taken out of context and are not an accurate picture of Christianity.  Believe in God or not, but just know that the video is not Christian truth.

  • The Other Weirdo

     I’m pretty sure I read in the first 4 books of the NT that Jesus himself said that nonbelievers would face hell. Can you explain how your interpretations differs from all these other people?

  •  “New Testement”… Yeah, it fits. The Book of Nuts…

    I don’t believe in “sin”. I was born derserving to be punished for the un-knowing “misdeed” of somebody who supposedly lived 6,000 years ago?

    I don’t think so.

  •  And the people at THAT church think THEY have the “one True Word” and YOU are talking false doctrine. They’re right, you’re wrong, because THEIR pastor has the “annointing”.

    42,000 different flavours (denominations) of Christianity, all of them think they’re the “true” ones, all of them think all the others are wrong.

    Just like you.

  • Gus Snarp

    Kind of scary. People need to be aware of how much information can be gleaned about them. For example, I sure as hell wouldn’t publicly post anything with my children’s names, and I keep most of my Facebook stuff private, although this has inspired me to review my privacy settings and, of course, they’ve changed how they work AGAIN so that I can’t figure out how to make the changes I want.

    Of course, I also use a pseudonym for most stuff since I don’t want to be easily associated with it, and my pseudonym is completely unguessable and unrelated to my real identity. But then, I expect if someone dug hard enough they could connect me to my pseudonym too. So yeah, we should all be careful what we post on the internet.

  • HighPriestOfThePainfulTruth

    The video and myself are not talking about “nonbelievers” here that is another discussion.  The video and myself are talking about a specific type of sin.  Being homosexual doesn’t make you a nonbeliever anymore then being heterosexual makes you a believer. 

    Again THIS is not a discussion of whether sin is real or whether homosexuality is a sin.  I’m addressing the NON accuracy of the video in accordance with the New Testement.

  • HighPriestOfThePainfulTruth

    Sorry Jay but the video contradict the bible.  That is a fact no matter how you want to spin it.

  • Rennie

    Let me spell it out for you. I live on a public street, I shop at public markets, I work at a public business, I drive a car and I walk on public streets, I go to a public library and look at books, I attend public events. All technically non-private info but if someone was following me everywhere I go in public for the purpose of finding out who I was and what my personal habits were, I would call that stalking and I’m sure you would too. Is it crystal yet?

    So you explain why doing the same thing in cyberspace isn’t stalking. It may be perfectly legal, just as examples I gave above are legal, but it’s still stalking.

  • Sindigo

    “Charm” is an interesting descriptor.

  • The bible contradicts the bible.  It’s not hard to do.

  • Alan E.

    “Internet Research” should be a high school freshman class. 

  • cipher

    All homosexuals (or any type of sin which we ALL are sinners) will NOT
    be going to hell any more that ALL people who attend church will be
    going to heaven.

    But in the end, in your worldview, they are going to hell, right?

  • cipher

     So, in the end, we all of us, gay and straight, wind up in hell.

    Don’t worry, I won’t make fun of you. I find you far too appalling for that.

  • Guest

    Your Bible is OK with slavery and genocide. Despite what you say, the Bible does say that homosexuality is a sin (a sin worthy of brutal public execution) and that sinners go to hell. Of course, as noted above, the same book contradicts itself so many times and espouses such nonsense as talking donkeys and a man living in the belly of a whale for three days, so I don’t know why it really matters whether it says gays go to hell or not. The whole thing is a 2,000 year old concoction of myths and outright lies.

  • Richard Hughes

     Alright, well, okay, listen, you’re not gonna get a receptive audience here. But as a bisexual atheist, I do appreciate the thought very much.

  • Mike Webster

    Well, the only way into heaven is to accept Jesus as you lord and gardener, according to their beliefs.  We non-believers still get to go to hell, though.  

  • cipher

    I don’t think you understand him. He still thinks you’re going to hell; he just thinks you’ll have a lot of company. Apparently, he thinks that’s somehow better.

  •  sounds like your jimmies are rustled.

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