How Dare You Threaten Me with Your Harmless Opinion? June 19, 2012

How Dare You Threaten Me with Your Harmless Opinion?

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  • Michael

    Because the link is needed to go with it:

  • Actually…the poster Mr. Richards was putting up would be more accurately reflected by the cartoon if it simply said “Stuff I believe”.  His didn’t say that other people should also believe what he does.  It’s not really a threat as much as an insult, at best (which is also a violation of the Public Order Act).  In the U.S. you can print/say insulting things all day, as long as they are general.  “God hates fags” is okay, but “God hates John Smith…call him at 555-1234 and tell him” might start to be a little more of an issue if it incites something (WBC knows that distinction very well, being that many of them are lawyers).

  • M J Shepherd

    I wasn’t specifically trying to bring Mr. Richards back so much as show that his sign is not the only one or kind that could potentially be harmed by this silly bullying.

  • DG

    Welcome to the 21st century.

  • Coyotenose

     Religionists and ideologues have been threatening people for having differing opinions for a might longer than twelve years.

  • M J Shepherd

    Welcome to history.

  • DG

    Yes, M J Shepherd hits it on the head: welcome to history.  And the great thing of it Coyotenose?  As horrible as everyone says it is for having all the trouble over what people believe and say throughout the ages, and what do we have today?  In my almost 50 years I’ve never known our society (America, in case you live elsewhere) to be more intolerant or hostile to open debate and public expressions of speech.  All in the name of enlightened diversity – which is the real punch line.

  • steven

    Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.

    With my God beside me, I feel strong.

    Oh my God, a sign in a window! Somebody help me! Please help me! There is a sign in a window. Will nobody stop this?   

  • M J Shepherd

    I honestly wonder what you think about the McCarthy era.

  • DG

    That it is similar to where we are headed today, only with a more narrow focus on what we will oppress than we have today. 

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