I’m Appearing on CNN Tomorrow… June 15, 2012

I’m Appearing on CNN Tomorrow…

These things are subject to change barring breaking news, but if things go as planned, I’m going to appear on CNN Saturday night at 7:00 (ET) to talk about the future of religion. Jesse Galef will be there as well! I’ll post video here afterwards, but my Twitter account will give you the behind-the-scenes experience if you’re interested.

And, coincidentally or not, Dave Silverman is doing double-duty tomorrow, appearing at 8:30a to talk about the recent Gallup poll results regarding Creationism and then again at 10:00p to talk about who knows what.

CNN rocks.

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  • Definitely going to TiVo this!

  •  CNN rocks.

    No, Hemant. I’m glad they are at least presenting the viewpoint, but CNN most decidedly does. not. rock.


  • Wont be able to record it but i hope it’s a productive discussion on CNN.

  • Muxika

    Sunday morning will be Atheist YouTube Day!

  • MegaZeusThor

    When you’re asked about atheism, could you point out that it’s simply not buying that there are deities. 

    Some journalists lean on the idea that “religion is the norm.” I say remind them how silly the ideas behind them are. God(s). Talk about Poseidon or Odin if needed.

  • Annie

    I just experienced an atheist miracle!  I think I properly set the DVR (my husband or daughter usually help me with such things, but they’re away at an anime convention).  Good luck tomorrow.  I look forward to hearing what you and Jesse have to say.

  • dangeroustalk

    Address misconceptions made briefly and then get back on point. Don’t let a misconception go unanswered. If you don’t want to get into it, just say that it is a misconception and direct them to a website where viewers can find out more information. 

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I shall be watching my sexi mexi man….

  • DG

    How interesting.  I’ll try to watch. 

  • anon

    Why is that article relevant?

  • Oh, you and Jesse- I vote you do a synchronized David Silverman WTF face

    There surely will be a worthy question.

  • You don’t know? Really?

  • Represent!


  • Dark Jaguar

    Good that you are able to get ideas to a wider audience, but CNN is… aweful.  Fox News i the channel of the Republican party.  MSNBC is “better” in that my politics more closely align with them, but they’re just as foolish in the other direction much like Bill Mayer.

    CNN however is a station so utterly dedicated to not taking a side that they will fail to report anything that could possibly be interpreted as taking a side, whether it’s an uncomfortable fact or just pointing out that something a politician stated is factual untrue.  There’s also their completely insane focus on things like the Royal Wedding.

    Of the 3 big news stations in America, not a single one has any real integrity left.  It’s good that you’re on the show to reach a wider audience, but I won’t be in it.  I get all my news online now.

  • Saw it.  “Stirring up trouble” is the host’s summary?  After you two teddy bears give the least offensive interview conceivable?

  • Annie

    I thought Hemant and Jesse both did a great job.    My favorite part was when the host said something along  the lines of, “So you’re saying people can be good, moral people without believing in god?”  The emphatic  heads shaking yes was perfect.  Good control of a reflexive eyeroll after the host said you guys were “stirring up trouble”, Hemant!

  • Blanc_Slate

    I saw the interview and I agree with Annie. It was unfortunate though that the interviewer didn’t touched on any new questions except for the one dealing with the millennials’ decreasing belief in a deity, everything else was the just redundant. 

  • Can you post a link to the interview?

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