One Way to Fix Your Mind… June 13, 2012

One Way to Fix Your Mind…

See if you can guess the punchline…

You can see the next panel here 🙂

(via Far Left Side)

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  • Artskibeach

    i quit  my religion…

  • Cheepak Dopra

    I don’t get it.

  • Mattsealjr

    Is there an email I can reach you at? I have an important question! I’d just comment but I think a more personal response would help better, rather than a bunch of comments.

  • Click on the contact form at the top! Or read the sidebar 🙂

    iTyped with my iThumbs.

    Please excuse the brevity, spelling, and punctuation.

  • Mattsealjr


  • I get it, but I think most of us are *done* with cancer analogies.

  • Coyotenose

    Dammit, I clicked to read the rest before realizing it was The Far Left Side. I didn’t and do not intend to visit that site again.

    I didn’t mind it when the author, Mike Stanfill, spent a week spouting long-disproven 9/11 conspiracy theories and passive-aggressively not taking responsibility for them by claiming he was “just putting information out there” or something.

    I didn’t mind when he wrote a piece criticizing eating meat and linked a PETA piece that was chock-full of misrepresentations and deceptions.

    I did mind when, after some regular readers rebutted his meat-industry piece in the comments, where debates are considered the norm, the comic author then erased all the comments that didn’t support him. It’s worth noting that all of the comments I saw were respectful and intelligent.

    I most definitely fucking minded when, after robbing those commenters of their voices, the author of The Far Left Side proceeded to insult them and claim they were irrational because they didn’t agree with him and the overt nonsense he had linked.

    I wasn’t one of those he went after. I signed in early and read the first comments, went to work, then came back later intending to comment. I then saw that they’d all been deleted and the commenters badmouthed.

    Mike Stanfill has lost his skepticism, his perspective, and my respect. And I rather wish he hadn’t, because he was often a good read.

  • Cheepak Dopra

    Actually, I do get it. It’s just not funny.

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