He Interrupted His Grandmother’s Funeral to Preach About Christ June 13, 2012

He Interrupted His Grandmother’s Funeral to Preach About Christ

This is seriously despicable.

John McGlone‘s grandmother passed away on February 20th. Her funeral was held a few days later. Like you might expect, it took place at a church. A pastor delivered a eulogy. Nothing too out of the ordinary. It’s what the family wanted.

At the end of the eulogy, the pastor recited the typical “God loves you” bit. He said that nothing — not hardship, not distress, not peril, nothing — could ever separate us from the love of Jesus. (I know, I know, he’s wrong, but that’s not the point here.)

McGlone didn’t agree with the pastor because he believes sin separates us from Christ…

So instead of taking it up with the pastor privately, he began yelling out his theology from the back of the church hall.

During his own grandmother’s funeral.

He began preaching Christianity… to a room full of Christians… at the most inappropriate possible time… while wearing a long-sleeved shirt reading “TRUST JESUS” on the back. (As if none of them do.)

Start the video at the 1:38 mark below to hear the end of the pastor’s eulogy…

At around 4:00, family members urge McGlone to leave. “Think of the family,” they tell him. They call the police on him. Even the priest joins in. They all tell him to leave the church… but that only infuriates him further. He’s not in a real church, after all. He’s in a Catholic church.

No one can talk any sense into him because he’s brainwashed by his faith.

At 5:45, McGlone says, “Keep your hands off me, uncle!” It’s the first time I’ve ever heard that phrase and been on the uncle’s side.

At 5:57, someone starts to play the organ in an effort to Keyboard Cat him out of there. Or at least drown out his testimony. It does the trick.

McGlone leaves the building… but keeps preaching to anyone who will listen.

From the caption to his video, it sounds like McGlone was surprised to be invited to the funeral in the first place — as if he’s done something like this before and he couldn’t believe he was given another opportunity.

Talk about a regretful decision…

(Thanks to @serialmatrix for the link)

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  • Mental illness. I’m surprised he didn’t open fire. Social services needs to check on this man.

  • Gus Snarp

    This video just sickened me. I do like that it was a woman much smaller than him that physically escorted him out. When you’re dealing with someone who refuses to stop interrupting and refuses to leave, you’ve got few options, one of them is to physically make him leave. Given standard societal assumptions about women, a woman physically making him leave is perfect. You never look good when you have to force someone out, but it was done without real violence, and he basically had to comply or suddenly he’s fighting with a woman, which is going to look really bad on the camera.

    Also, while I abhor violence and wouldn’t want to have to deal with that situation at all, I still had to harbor the fantasy that as an atheist I wouldn’t feel any need to be particularly non violent because I was in a church and could just punch him in the face.

  • But members of his family are unrepentant Catholics and Methodists!  I’m sure he was forcibly dragged into this Methodist snakepit.
    As funny as infighting is, I shudder to think what would happen if one denomination ever got a strong majority in the US. 

  • Tiffany


  • What a twat.  Indignant twattery.  Convinced of his own righteousness.  Another case of “he actually believes this”.

    Note on youtube where he makes the comment “The true and perfect religion of following Jesus causes divisions between families and friends. Jesus said it would cause that. In fact Jesus said the world hates Him and will hate the true follower of Him.”  Thus not only attempting to justify his personal delusions of grandeur but to make himself feel holier because others hate him.
    Of course no one hates him because of his  “true and perfect religion”, they hate him cause he’s a dick.On a side, I though it was funny when the lady pointed out he was cheating on his pregnant wife and he exclaims “And god forgave me, hallelujah”, pathetic.

  • Wow…. just wow.
    I believe that the term “batshit crazy” applies here.

  • TheAnalogKid

    The arrogance and self righteousness of religion.

  • I wonder if it ever occurs to fundamentalists that hearing them being rude like that just turns people (even other Christians) off of their message.   

  • Karol Stasiak

    Douchy shirt – $30
    Hiring a cameraman for few hours – $80
    Pissing off all your family – priceless

  • “If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be My disciple.” Luke 14:26

  • It’s really amazing what a powerful meme like Christianity can do when it completely inculcates a brain like that. Totally supplants any and all cultural etiquette. It’s like Daniel Dennett’s talk about the fluke and the ant on TED.

  • Lee Miller

    He is ratchus!  RATCHUS!  How can you call him mentally ill?  He’s a ratchus man.

  • houndies

    i totally love how the men just stood around and it was the blonde woman who finally put her hands on him and shoved him out the door.  what a prick! she exercised more restraint than i would have.

  • Ooh, have a read of his profile on their site.  John McGlone that is, no the other guy.


    Anyone with a basic understanding of psychology will be going “Ah, that explains it” by the 2nd paragraph.

  • Justin Miyundees

    Hey – someone got delusional at church.  Dog bites man.

  • Wow, classy guy.

  • SpontOrder

    There is a pattern we see here and other places, where does this come from?  We’ve seen this Trust Jesus shirt before usually worn by the carriers of the tall, long signs that God hates . . . followed by a long list of types of sinners.  Who are these guys?  Who started their evangelism method?  It appears this ‘gentleman’ brought along a friend to video tape his embarassing side show.

  • Susan

    My grandmother’s funeral was similar, except it was my cousins HIRING their “pastor/friend” to do this from the pulpit. It was obscene and my grandmother would have hated it.

  • https://www.facebook.com/john.mcglone.777, post from Monday in part reads:

    I have decided to finally make this video public as the sting of the loss of our loved one is not so fresh. 
    I was surprised to hear from my youngest sister the call telling me of our grandmother Ruth’s death. It was not unexpected as she had been in an elderly care home for years. I did not expect that my family would even invite me to the funeral knowing my witness to them for Christ over the years. As you will hear in the video, I am now dead to them.”So it seems the family invited him along, doing the right thing, and he still couldn’t help himself. Just damn rude…

  • Justin Miyundees

    They had to know this was going to happen – he’s pretty far out there. 


    Hopefully people who see this will see how wackawackawacka you look when you REALLY believe….

  • That just made me want to see that guy, “James the Preacher” and Shirley Phelps Roper in a cage match.  That shit would be  hilarious !



    Add deadly weapons to the debate and you have the bloody, gory, history of Europe.

  • Rich Lane

    Who video tapes a funeral?  

  • Lucilius

    Yeah, but that’s drowned out by their corollary belief that such reactions are just “persecution,” and Jebus told them being persecuted is a hallmark of righteousness.

  • The preacher’s buddy.

  • Martin

    I love the part where the sister points out how he got his first wife pregnant while married to his second, and then he goes on to call them fornicators.  Gotta love the ignorance available to you when you are religious.

  • Rich Lane

    I just saw the end and realized now the whole thing was staged to be videoed by this nutjob and a conspirator.


  • Fentwin

    I don’t think  they care what the “audience” thinks. All  they care about is that they are out witnessing for jebus, and the louder and more obnoxious then all the better.

    They are literally preaching to hear themselves talk so they can go home and feel righteous about themselves.

  • Annie

    What a bio!  It’s hard not to feel sorry for this man.  No question he needs help, and lots of it, but his past experiences must have paid quite a toll on his emotional well being.

    That being said, I was terrified to read that he qualified to adopt several children. I can’t even imagine growing up in an environment like that.

  • CoboWowbo

    Anyone know the location of the video?

  • Annie

    If you strip away the empathy one feels for the mourning family, and just look at the bare plot of this video, you basically see a group of people who believe in a mythological being who will protect them and help them being appalled that someone else believes in another version of their mythological being who will protect him and help him.

  • Sugar_the_pill

    I thanked him. He concisely exposed the delusions that Jesus’ teachings were infallibly wise, loving, or wholly good guidance for moral behavior.

  • Fsq

    Mental Illness + Religion = DANGER DANGER DANGER.

    This guy is one bible verse away from a mass killing spree.

  • Fsq

    Had a similar experience when my grandmother died. The ceremony was largely absent of religion – it was held at the funeral home, not a church – but one family acquitance decided she had to loudly exclaim PRAISE JESUS after everything everyone said.

    I leaned over and told her to zip-it, because this was not my grandmother’s way, nor if she were alive, would she appreciate it. I felt like slapping the daffy bithc on the head, but the fact I told her to knock it off worked just as well.

    And because of the ol’ Scottish heritage, my grandmother’s request for was bagpipe players to play as her coffin was lowered into the ground. That was almost as obnoxious as the praise jesus lady!

    And joke –

    Why do bagpiper’s always march?

    They are trying to get away from all the noise!

  • observer

    Jeeze, what an asshole, he’s acting like the peachier is in a conspiracy to damn everyone in the church.

    Bet he’d berate Jesus Christ for not living up to his (the guy in the video) exceptions.

  • scinquiry

     Unfortunately, I see that characteristics amongst us atheists as well.

  • Phillip

    No, it doesn’t. They just don’t get it. This guy is mentally ill, but even those who aren’t just don’t understand that rudeness and volume doesn’t make it easier to believe the crap they shovel.

    And I will add cheers for the blond (and the little gal in the group of men who put her hand up to keep him from walking back into the church).

  • Tinker

    I was moved to leave two comments. This nutjob replied almost immediately. I get the feeling that he has nothing better to do all day than to monitor this video.

    He is seriously mentally ill and it is a shame that we can’t lock him up for his own protection.

  • scinquiry

     I take that back after watching the video.  He’s crazy.  Much more than a dick.

  • TiltedHorizon

    John is a “True Christian ®”. Makes me wonder why Christians feel insulted when we tell them they are nothing like John. 

  • m6wg4bxw

    If he was correct about the god he described, its expectations, and the prescribed penalties for disobedience, his actions were reasonable.

  • DG

    It’s hard to believe tht out of a faith of over 2 billion people you’d be able to find a few jerks, but apparently it’s possible.

  •  Yeah, obviously as a woman she was supposed to be clutching her pearls, or maybe fainting from the stress of it all.

  • Troy Truchon

    I think I finally understand religion, it allows you to convince yourself your a celebrity, and a wise-man when your a total imbecile with a beer gut. 

  • Tinker

    You are indeed correct. However, I would not want to go to a heaven with the god that he describes in charge. I mean he KNOWS that his ENTIRE family is going to burn for all eternity? Wow, I can’t imagine hating my family that much.

  • Looks like a paranoid disorder with delusions. The long text at the end of the video reveals his painful obsession with his “family,” which seems to include his immediate family, his family of origin, and his extended relatives. He’s convinced of his special importance and of his singular persecution because of that importance.  So when people react to him with fear, anger, and eventually shunning, as most people will with someone so seriously disturbed, he sees all that painful rejection as yet more confirmation of his special importance. So it goes, round and round in a self-reinforcing circle.  Scriptural references to the righteous being persecuted don’t necessarily cause this, but certainly help to reinforce this.

    One of the saddest parts of this is at the very end where he writes that he has sent this video to the viewer privately, and asks them not to download and reload it to the internet, or to forward it to anyone whom they are not certain are “born of the holy spirit.”  I think he anticipated on some level that this would bring even more rejection, ridicule, and revulsion.  Someone “leaked” it to the rest of the sinners, and now many thousands of us are watching his humiliating deterioration. Now his pain is even deeper.

    Unfortunately, no one can force him to get psychiatric help until he seriously breaks the law or shows an intent to harm himself or someone else. I hope that whatever it is is not too severe. Otherwise, I fear we’ll hear about him again, the next time on the news.

  • ruth

    My brother is like this.  It is very sad.  If anyone is fantasizing punching him in the face I hope they keep it to fantasies.  I worry that he might get hurt someday when he is out street preaching.   

  • ruth

    It is rare for mentally ill people to be violent.  You want to correlate types of people to violence?  The higher risk is with young men.  Not mentally ill middle aged men.  

  • Wowza.  Get this man some Haldol.

  • ruth

    It isn’t hilarious at all when you have a family member like this. 

  • m6wg4bxw

    My perception of such situations is that a hostile man will more likely tolerate physical  manipulation by a woman than another man.

  • Christian

    It’s amazing how atheists will think it’s so wrong to impose views(especially religious), and act like the dead SHOULD be respected—so inconsistent, in your view the person is gone and never returning—it’s just a carcass like every other billion human beings out there who have died.   Cultural and societal norms can be a joke, you act like one should HAVE to abide by them—as if they trump the laws of God.   No carcass is more special than another, they’re dead and gone in your view—-just like every other being that exists and dies, whether human or not.  

      I wondered why so many atheists were coming to this clip–now I understand.

    We have the commentary by the ignorant atheist that made a blog not understanding anything about the history, the context, or the faith.  

    If you think Catholics are Christians, you’re seriously not even knowledgeable enough in the Scriptures to be speaking how “everyone there was a Christian.”  If EVERYONE there was a Christian, why did they allow the preacher up front to rip apart the entire letter of Romans 8 and skip all the hard parts?  If you’re going to make a serious commentary on a video, you should at least recognize the preacher rebuking was only trying to get the FULL TRUTH OUT to his family one last time at one place.

    It’s like if you went to a funeral and person in the casket abused you as a child yet everyone there didn’t know except the pastor up front and the pastor lied all about how great the person in the casket was, and amazing person, and loved everyone and was a wonderful person.  You would allow the lies to go on?  For what?  “respect?”  Respect of what?  False respect trumps truth I guess… that’s your view?

    If you knew the Scriptures at all to commentate on this video, then you’d KNOW that there are false teachers, and they’re to be rebuked.  Especially if they’re tickling the ears of your own family members with lies.  This is what proves you don’t even understand the context, because I’d rather my own family hear truth rather than LIES, especially when their eternal soul depends on it…

    He’s not even in a Catholic church… this blog is a joke, read the video text–it says “Methodist” right there in the beginning.  You’re supposed to be a teacher too?  Glad I never had you as a teacher.

  • Lee Miller

    OMG.  You’re just like the guy in the video!  Srsly, dude, you two should start a club. Mutual admiration society.

    Ask Catholics if they’re “Christians.”  Ask Mormons.  Ask Baptists.  Ask Copts.  Ask snake handlers.  They all say yes.  And you know what?  That’s how it works. And that’s why the word “Christian” is really as meaningless as the word “phthiff.”  It can mean whatever I say it means. 

    Whatever medicine crazy man in the video starts taking, you need some too.  You’re supposed to be a good person?  I’m glad I never had you in my family. 


  • As a Canadian I’ve been jabbed pretty hard by some theistic Americans that wonder why we still have a Queen. The usual retort is: “Why haven’t you guys grown up past being ‘subjects’?” Yet in the same breath, they’ll demand that we “Obey God because he is our LORD.” (See the video above.)

    The Queen is purely ceremonial in Canadian life. We see her on the $20 bill and our coins. Meanwhile, the LORD (why the FUCK do theists capitalize that entire word all the time?) is commanding Christians to commit genocide, slay their children to prove loyalty and to behave in strange, self-harming ways that please his whims. The Christian god is less like a deity and more like Emperor Ming the Merciless.

  • Funny that. We atheists are only trying to get the FULL TRUTH OUT too (you know, that there’s no evidence of a god and your B.S. beliefs informing your decisions has created great harm in this world) and yet it’s clear in the U.S. that Christians would like nothing more than to silence the atheists, or anyone who disagrees with Christian beliefs for that matter.

    The difference is that we don’t come across as desperately needing a straitjacket.

  • Thanks for the insight Richard. It’s always good to understand what’s going on in the mind. Your posts are always informative.

  • TiltedHorizon

    A few ‘jerks’ are easy to hide, when its more than a few it becomes much easier to spot. Try as you may to downplay it, these ‘jerks’ exist in more numbers than you care to admit. Just ask ‘Christian’, his post shares the same ‘jerk’ sentiments as John McGlone’s video.

  • LOL He looks like he’s pregnant.

    I already got into a little “conversation” with him and this is what happened:


    That’s a whole new level on a**holish behaivior. Jebus would be very proud,
    That’s what happens when people take their imaginary friend way too seriously.

    Mocker you are mocked from heaven by God as you live and then you will die and face Jesus.

    That’s really cool you know. Papa Smurf never mocked me and I didn’t
    like that. When I die I’m going to ask that bury me in a comfortable
    position because it looks like I’m going to have to wait for a long,
    long time.

    Let’s see if he answers something else, surely it will be fun.

  • “You’re going to Hell if you don’t repent!” To which I would have replied, “You’re going to the hospital if you don’t shut up.”

    The mindless fanatic has a website, too: http://www.pinpointevangelism.com/

  • Nigel Poncewattle

    http://youtu.be/JrNm4RNaros — his other video is far more disturbing.  Watch starting at 11:00 —  there’s your Christian Taliban.  Don’t say that couldn’t happen here.   How dare that woman wear shorts and tempt good Christian men into the sin of lust. 


    your very ignorant and don’t hear well she was speaking concerning his stomach  noT fornication REPENT YOU SINNERS LEST YOU ALL LIKEWISE WILL PERISH …HELL IS EVERLASTING WHERE THE FIRE IS NOT EXTINGUISHED AND  THE WORM NEVER DIES! 

  • BeReconciled2God

    NO WARNING IS TOO STRONG!! Praise God for a faithful bold brother as John!

  • Christian

    How illogical… it doesn’t mean whatever we want it to mean.  It means how the BIBLE defines it, and how Jesus defined it as a true follower of Him. 

     I bet if you walked onto an commercialized airplane and asked the first person you saw if he was the pilot and he had on shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, and said “Yes, I’m the pilot!” you’d believe him.  But follow him around for a week and you’d see he works at McDonalds.   Get real, you know that’s not how words are defined, I thought atheists used their minds.  Just because someone professes something doesn’t make them one…  you are an atheist, I don’t profess to believe in the God of the Bible and call myself an atheist, WHY?  Because it has a definition of not believing in any god(or later definitions that make the claim there IS no god).  Wake up, it’d be a contradiction.”good”—define that standard now, with what standard do you judge who is a good or a bad person?

  • Christian

    I’m not out to silence you, I have no issue showing you how illogical your beliefs(or lack thereof) are in a public or private area… I used to be a philosophical nihilist, which you all SHOULD be if you were at least attempting to be consistent.  But you won’t be that way, you’re just like Romans 1 says–you suppress the truth because of your sin… just admit it, you don’t like God and don’t want Him telling you what to do.

  • Servant_2

    Interesting…someone gives the word of God and it convicts those present.  Those that want him to leave never uttered the first word of the bible that they supposedly believe.  
    They believe God loves everyone and they are deluded and deceived.  One man continues to give the word of God and warn the people that the message they are hearing from the pulpit is a pack of lies.  

    Many just their ears tickled. God will not be mocked.  of curse, if you do not believe in his God……..then prove His God wrong.

  • Annie

    Please show us.  We love proof over here.

  • No, we just don’t want you telling us what to do quoting your god as justification, because a) your god has a history of demanding some pretty horrific things and b) if you can use your god to tell us what do to, then why can’t someone else use another god to tell all of us what to do?

    Just because you need to believe in a god to give you purpose doesn’t mean the rest of us do.  The suppression of truth is your own.

  • Jett Perrobone

    your very ignorant

    I call Poe.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Wonder if the wife forgave him. Not that her forgiveness matters to him, probably. 

  • For me personally, when I say out of respect, it usually refers to the grieving family. Yes that body is now just worm food nothing more, but it was a person that was loved. If I had been abused by said dead person, I would go to see them dead and leave. I have common courtesy for others, though apparently it is not so common any more.

  • Trickster Goddess

    The video wasn’t “leaked”. He posted it himself on his own YouTube account.

  •  Bauhahahahaha!!!… oh sorry , you’re joking right?

  •  Are you talking about Westboro?

  • SpontOrder

    No.  This looks to be a different group.

  • amycas

    It seems he planned the whole thing too. I’m pretty sure he hired that camera man because at one point somebody else tells them to turn off the camera and they never do. 

  • amycas

    ” It means how the BIBLE defines it, and how Jesus defined it as a true follower of Him. ”

    Well, Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Scientists, Church of God–they all claim to be the true Christianity based on the Bible. Why don’t you guys all get together and figure out a way to agree on what the Bible and Jesus would call a “true Christian,” and then get back to us on that definition. As far as I can tell, there is no consistent definition of a Christian, or the beliefs of Christians. With thousands of sects out there, all claiming to be based on the Bible, how am I supposed to know which one is correct?

  • amycas

     Philosophical nihilist =! atheist

    Unlike “Christian,” the word atheist actually does have a definition. It means a lack of belief in god. That’s it.Anything else is extra.

  • amycas

     Wow, the styles of Servant_2 and Christian are disturbingly similar. They are also similar to that of the man from the video. Methinks there might be sock-puppets afoot…

  • Melody

    Yes…but if this had been a Sunday family lunch with a couple of wines and a cheesecake, you could just laugh it off, or tell him to go home and chill. Being at a family funeral (religious or otherwise) renders his conduct appallingly inappropriate, callous and more than a little bit loopy.

  • He’s actually completely right.

    If you believe that the new testament represents the literal truth, the actual word of a supreme being, then everything which follows would lead one to act this way.

    The reality, thank goodness, is that most religious people don’t really take every single word at face value (as we all know here). But if they did, and remember that they are commanded to do so, this is the result. This is what everyone who is a religious Christian should be acting like: denouncing “sin” in public, praising the lord, trying to tear down the “houses of worship”, saying that *nothing* else matters but your acceptance of Jesus and rejection of “sin”, not caring a single moment for your family, your livelihood, or your friends.

    I can’t fault him for being this way because his stupid religious tells him to do this. Is he wrong to act this way when this is what he is commanded to do? As moronic, insulting, stupid, deluded, and idiotic as he is…he should be held up as an example of a real, true believing, Christian.

  • Sindigo

    But so many people interpret even what Jesus said differently and even the Gospels disagree over what he actually said: 

    (Matthew 10:10)  Jesus instructed them not to take a staff, not to wear sandals.  (Mark 6:8-9) Jesus instructed his disciples to wear sandals and take a staff on their journey.

    and, perhaps most saliently here:

    (Matthew 6:5-6) Jesus condemned public prayer.  (1 Timothy 2:8)  Paul encouraged public prayer. 

    So how are you supposed to know which bits to follow or not follow? If I were the all-powerful creator of the universe and I was going to leave a magical instruction book to my creation as a guide not only for how to live their lives but also how to avoid eternal punishment I would make damn sure that it wasn’t so easy to misinterpret.

  • Your god isn’t real. You have yet to prove he is. Therefore, anything you say stemming from that assumption can be classified as complete and unadulterated bullshit.

  • Sindigo

    It often has nothing to do with respecting the DEAD (see, we can all capitalise words randomly you know). It’s about respecting the still-LIVING and giving them their time to grieve. Not doing that is asshattedness of the highest order. Shame on him and shame on you.

  • NickDB

    Religion = Mental Illness = DANGER DANGER DANGER

  • NickDB

     Maybe we should start calling them all “True Christians ®” with subtle hints pointing towards this John guy. Then let them argue about what is or isn’t a “True Christian ®”


     I fully agree with him and BERECONCILED2GOD’s comment below.  Richard you should be called the ignorant atheist. His message has nothing to do with being religious, you are missing the point if you think this is an outrageous thing to do at his own grandmothers funeral.  The message, coming from the pulpit was so weak by the man speaking. In fact I would prefer Mr. McGlones message over what was coming from the white robed, monotone, tickle your ears, make you feel good – churchy message.  The family needed to hear it, and the so called clergy needed to here it too.  Thank you Mr. McGlone for having the courage to share the truth, and the real love of Jesus with all present at your grandmothers funeral.  The best funeral I think I’ve ever heard.

  •  I don’t believe in you Annie..

  •  I think you must be talking about yourself above.

  • Alan Christensen

    Well, as Karen Armstrong quipped, what good is religion if you can’t use it to condemn others?

  • I have absolutely no idea how to respond to such an incomplete argument, as it does not specify anything whatsoever.

    Much like religion.

  • Mental Illness + Atheism = DANGER DANGER DANGER and the LAKE OF FIRE!

    The fool has said in his heart there is no God, they are corrupt! Wake up you sleepers.  Read God’s word, time is short.  Sincerely repent and trust Jesus Christ before it is too late.


  • Camorris

    I hope this self-righteous-preacher has a real job to support his large family. I shudder to think support comes from contributors to his ministry.

  •  If anyone is mentally ill or needs psychiatric help it is you Richard. The road is wide that leads to destruction, and many are taking that easy road.  The way is narrow that leads to light and life, and few are those who find it.

  • Annie

    That’s OK Mike, because unlike your god, I continue to exist whether you believe in me or not.

  • Frank

     You got me.  Your almighty caps lock has shown me the error of my ways. 

  • I agree with this analysis. My initial reaction was that this was a response essentially to dealing with a loved one, since different people react to grief very differently, and a temporary bout of religious hysteria would be a possible such reaction. But it seems clear from the video, both in how the family reacts (being ready to call the police immediately) and the text at the end that this is not at all the firs time he’s acted this way.

  • What a really nice deity that makes a world where it is easy to end up suffering for eternity. Yep, that sounds like a moral one to me. 

  • ragarth

    That guy’s a jerk. 🙁 Honestly though I suspect some kind of mental illness at play, likely undiagnosed.

    That said, who wants to take bets that his shirt is made from mixed fibers, that he eats shellfish, etc.

  • SphericalBunny

    Matthew 5:22. It’s your book.  How’s about you bother reading it first?

  •  A McGlone sock puppet. How quaint.

  • A Reader

    Wow…he interrupts one of the most difficult moments of this family’s life to tell them that oh hey, by the way, you’re all going to hell unless you believe exactly as I do. At least he didn’t try to steal from one of the deceased’s friends. That’s what a certain “aunt” of mine tried to do at my dad’s funeral. Stay classy, America.

  • We will see, won’t we Annie?

  • Ha! very funny Frank.

  • How about you bothering to read, Psalm 14:1 “The fool has said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable sins, there is none that does good”. (including spaced out atheist bunnies.

  • Much like yourself you mean.

  • No, I believe “Repent and beleive in Jesus, before it’s to late” applies.

  • How about if you read the Qu’ran where it tell you to pray facing Mecca five times per day.

    We have no reason to care what the Bible says any more than any other holy book.  You’re the hypocrite for not following your own rules.

  • What do you expect him to do with this woman who is a family member.  Do you think he should have stopped her by knocking her down.  Yes he has sense enough to know its biblically wrong to start a  physical fight with his family, but it does not mean he still cannot verbally warn them, which he did,! and was not intimidated by their threats of police action or their biblical ignorance.

  • “Righteous” Lee not Ratchus…..

  • SphericalBunny

    Oh sweetie, didn’t you even look it up?  “whoever says, ‘You fool,’ shall be guilty enough to go into the fiery hell.” Don’t you know apologetics exist because the Bible can be read as saying so many contradictory things? According to this site;  http://carm.org/bible-difficulties/job-song-solomon/can-we-call-someone-fool-or-not  which desperately flounders with the disparity, you just claimed to be on a par with your God…would you like me to tell you about the 10 commandments next, and the false idols bit?As Rich mentions, since I don’t believe in it, I don’t really care, but it’s always interesting to see a Xtian condemn themselves with their own faith. Have fun with that 🙂

  • I share them also –  oh most wise Tilted Atheist one.

  • We will see who the nutjob is later Tinker.  Are you sure it is he that is seriously -mentally ill?  Read your bible. You might just change your mind…

  •  According to what I read on his wepage his job is preaching outside of college, his wife and seven adopted kids eat just some vegetables chicken and eggs they raise.

  • We should start blog pool for how many times we can get Ratchus Michael Corrothers to spank us.  Proceeds to #SSAWeek.

  • amycas

     So do you think his behavior was appropriate? He stood up in the middle of a funeral for his grandmother and started yelling that everybody was going to hell. These people are grieving. Would you want them to go interrupt your family’s funeral during your grieving process? Seriously, empathy, get some, it is not a finite resource.

  • amycas

     That sounds a tad creepy and threatening…

  • amycas

     I’ve come to the tentative conclusion that Repent Trust Believe, Michael Corrothers (and there are at least two others) are all the same person. I’m almost tempted to conclude that they are actually all just sock-puppets of the guy from the video. Really, we don’t normally get the kind of lazy, RandDOM CapsLOCK crazy sounding theists like these guys.

  • amycas

     along with BERECONCILED2GOD and Michael Corrother

  • Mr. Bunny rabbit. It is obvious you think very highly of yourself.  In regard to Matthew 5:22, you like so many other Atheists read the Holy Bible (out of context).  It would not be contradictory for you if you read it – in context.  The 10 commandments are a standard that God gave mankind to live by, they also show mankind that we cannot keep them because we are sinners.  We will never be able to keep them as long as we live.  This is why Jesus died for you.  Who you reject, and don’t follow.  I know you don’t care. That is also obvious. It is easier for you to believe Christian’s are condemned by their own faith. Yet another lie.  Condemned by our own faith, what a  a ridiculous statement; but then again. Why am I attempting to blog to a individual who refers to themselves a spherical bunny. I might as well be texting “Bugs Bunny”.

  • Right Rich, what I do know about the Qu’ran, is it is the book of Satan, meant to deceive many.  So you should care.  I don’t care if you call me a hypocrite, if you will stop believing a lie from the pit.

  • Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.– Archimedes

    Your fulcrum is your assumption that the Bible is right, and everything else is wrong.  But your fulcrum is just as vacuous as the Muslim’s.  He touched your heart?  Well he touched billions of Muslims too, and told them something different.  Not to mention the billions of Hindus, something else yet again.

  • SphericalBunny

    Ooh, this should be good…please explain, with context if you prefer, how you think that one part of the bible (Matthew 5:22) that contradicts another part of the bible (Psalm 14:1) is actually non-contradictory. 

    I must admit, I love how you refer to your God as a trickster (gives humans rules he knows we cannot follow) – I’m sure there was another big ol’ trickster in that book too – oddly enough, I can’t think of a name even tho I’m sure he had legion. Fortunately, as you allude, he sent himself to suffer a very temporary inconvenience for an immortal unkillable being, so he could forgive humans for doing exactly the things he, as an omniscient creator, set them up to do. I’m not sure why you think ‘Christian’s are condemned by their own faith’ is a lie, when you actually already agreed with that statement – you believe in the 10 commandments, you believe that they are unkeepable, you believe that you are a sinner – by your beliefs, you have faith that you are condemned. Whether you think Jesus provides a get out clause or not is irrelevant to the initial point (if you didn’t have faith you were condemned, you wouldn’t need a Jesus).

  • m6wg4bxw

    …and I thought, naively perhaps, that the annoying “priceless” meme had died.

  • I’m referring to God’s judgement, in which we will ALL stand before God’s throne to be judged for and good, and bad we did here on the earth.  Some will receive rewards, and some unfortunately will be cast into the lake of fire.  You should be even more concerned about God’s justice, because that will be even creepier for some of us, than my previous statement above Amy.

  •  Wow Martin, you just don’t get it do you.  His previous wives were before he became a born again believer.  Ignorance is in the eye of the beholder when you don’t believe in God.  “The gospel is foolishness to those that are perishing”.  Yes that is a bible verse my Atheist friend.

  • Annie

    Michael Corrothers wrote: “The 10 commandments are a standard that God gave mankind to live by,
    they also show mankind that we cannot keep them because we are sinners. ”

    Michael- which 10 commandments are you referring to, because  Christians always seem to use one set, but the bible says that set was broken and god made another set.  Why do you use the broken set and not the final set?  (Exodus 34, though I’m sure you already knew that.)  There are certain things that are very easy to abstain from, but not soaking a baby goat in it’s mother’s milk??  That’s just crazy talk!

  • Annie

    Yes it did Amy… reminded me of the bible. 😉

  • Christian

    Sure, why don’t we first start with the very glaringly obvious inconsistency–to which every person who claims to be an atheist on this site can answer—so please, read and answer all.

    Why are you all so upset with the Christian preaching the Scriptures inside the supposed “CHURCH”?

    Next, where are you getting this standard by which you are so upset and denouncing this act? 

    Is it from yourself?  From your mind?  A made up thought and standard from your mind?  Go ahead, judge people by your invisible made up standard and opinion—you’re no different than the preacher in the video, except your hypocrisy shines bright because WE don’t believe in your invisible standard of morality.

    If you say this standard comes from “society”–it’s just another cop-out, that’s no standard—it’s a bunch of statistical averages of people who agree—it just means you have more people with made up invisible standards of morality they came up with in their mind—still no issue, we don’t believe in it.  Oh and don’t forget that it’s pushing the line of ad populum fallacy(if not crossing it) to claim a standard of right/wrong acts based on sheer numbers of people who agree or disagree with you.

    Basically, you’ve all got this metaphysical standard you came up with in your mind–and then many of you will turn around and say “oh yeah, Morality is relative” while you decry this act with objective claims!

    Prove your standard, then we can move from there.

  • Annie

    You’re not very familiar with how normal conversations work, are you?  I asked you to show me proof, and you respond in a rather verbose and serpentine way, ending with “Prove your standard, then we can move on from there.”   Nice try.

  •  I’ll tell you what, nonsensical bunny, you only have maybe 20 or maybe
    30 years left in your life.  When you stand before God, He is going to
    judge you. You can file your complaint with him.  He is a good judge, and
    He will hear your case.  If you repent and sincerely believe in Jesus
    Christ.  You may receive rewards; however, if you did not repent, you will
    be judged by a Holy and Righteous God.  It’s God’s word against
    yours. Either way we will both see.  But are willing to take the chance
    that you could be wrong in your stance, and about the God you are calling a trickster?  I have
    nothing to lose and everything to gain. On the other hand bunny I’m not going
    to lie to you, I’m not going to sell you; I’m not going to soften the blow. Bunny
    you will die one day, we all will. This is a fact.  Additionally, there is
    an eternal hell. This is not a point for philosophical speculation, it is
    a fact.  There is a real hell; that will be full.  bunny you may say:
    “I don’t believe that”.  Dear bunny come to Jesus, or you will
    experience it.  And if I’m wrong,  I have nothing to lose, and
    everything to gain.  If you are wrong; you have nothing to gain, and
    everything to lose. And don’t believe the cartoon’s, and don’t be a fool. Satan
    does not rule hell, – Jesus does. Jesus is Lord of All. Jesus rules heaven, and
    Jesus rules hell, Jesus says in John 5 that he will be the one who will judge
    you.  Bunny you have probably said to family and friends. “YOU CAN’T
    JUDGE ME” The truth is “Jesus will. You will die, and when you die
    there is no opportunity for salvation. The door slams shut behind you, and you
    will stand before Jesus, and he will sentence you to a punishment in hell that
    absolutely fits the degree of wickedness that was present in your life. but all
    who fail to pass through the narrow door will suffer, and they will suffer
    forever. Many people will not pass through the narrow door. They will die on
    this side of that door, and they
    will stand before God to be judged for their deeds, and misdeeds.  In your case
    bunny for all of your days you will regret your own folly, and the opportunity
    that you allowed to pass you by, and you will have no one to blame but
    yourself. Not me, and definitely not any of your atheist friends. I don’t have the time to debate you any further, So this is Michael Corrothers, Signing off.

  • Why are you all so upset with the Christian preaching the Scriptures inside the supposed “CHURCH”?

    When he was asked to leave, and refused, he was trespassing.  End of story.

    ‘Prove’ our standard?  It’s against the secular law of this land.  You don’t have to like it, but the rest of society can toss your ass in jail for it.

    And that standard is a damn site better than a book of fairy tales that nobody can agree on.  Take a look at the clip I posted elsewhere in this thread, and tell me God’s objective position on wearing a ‘Superman’ shirt, or a woman voting.  Go ahead, ‘prove’ it.

  • TiltedHorizon

    Oh good, that makes a pair of nuts. Are you both carrying sacks of religious righteousness?

  • Aaand Pascal’s wager.  To paraphrase Hitchens, you sound like someone who has never read any of the arguments against your position.

    Pascal’s wager?

  • Christian

    Matt 10:10 and Mark 6:8-9 are simple, one says “take” and one says “provide” which means to acquire.  He’s just allowing them to take what they have and not to try to gain more.  If you think this difference isn’t of a matter, then you should read the Greek because they’re two completely different words. 

    The next one is just … well somewhat upsetting that you don’t read the context.  Matt 6 is Jesus rebuking how the Pharisees showboat their godliness by giving long prayers on the street corners to be seen in public by others(for that very reason)—1 Tim 2 is about Christian meetings(in a private manner) to pray together and pray aloud together.  This is not about public prayer on a street corner for pretense.  

    You can keep trying all you’d like, you’re not going to find an obvious contradiction.  Some seem that way, no doubt–because ambiguity is a part of language, but context gives the answer and so does study of the fact that these are written testimonies.  People see and record different things in a testimony.  

    Not like this would be comparable to Scripture, but did you know that people who watched the Titanic go down in person–the day after the sinking were questioned and many gave contradicting answers on whether or not the boat broke in half and then sunk or went down as one whole?  But did anyone there argue that the boat didn’t sink… no.

    So you’ve got quite a mountain to try to overcome, and with the ideal that you’re searching for contradictions it shows you don’t understand historical testimonies–let alone testimonies in a court and how they can be reconciled by different vantage points.  Some people see different things and record different things, that’s about the simplest way to put it.

    People mis-interpret(like yourself) by not reading the context.  It’s pretty simple, especially because the English language has ambiguities–it’s even easier in our language.  I’m not even acting like I’ve never mis-interpreted something, but correction is part of learning.  Translations aren’t inspired, if that’s what you’re getting at by your last comment.  

    And just because people DO interpret things differently, doesn’t mean there should be a meaning that should be searched for… I mean, in your comments, do you expect me to try to figure out you main point or interpret it in the way I see fit?  If I write words(or speak), I want them to be understood–just like you do.  To act as if they cannot be understood would destroy communication.

    You still didn’t answer the questions either.

  • Christian

    “…how am I supposed to know which one is correct?”

    Study the Bible for yourself.

    People redefining things doesn’t change the truth anymore than me trying to claim an atheist is someone who believes in the God of the Bible.  That would be clearly me attempting to redefine(or lie, which I wouldn’t do) what the word means, either by deception or because I’d be deceived on what the word means.

    I’m in the US, supposedly people claim 75% of this country is Christian… that’s laughable, it’s probably closer to less than 5%.  I haven’ t met everyone, but by general consensus in preaching most professing Christians cannot even quote 5 Bible verses.  They don’t know a thing their Lord said even though they claim to know Him… doesn’t that sound contradicting?  Think about it, it’s hypocrisy.  They are the reason I rejected much about God because the visual church is just a farce.  The true church is preaching the true Gospel, living holy and being rejected just like Jesus was… He was HATED, and killed, and said we would be treated the same.  Read the Bible for yourself…. I occasionally find some atheists who I at least have respect for the fact that they know most professing Christians don’t know a thing about what they claim to believe, and those atheists know more about the Bible than them.

  •  Rich, you don’t need a lever, fulcrum to read the bible, in fact even Archimedes could read it. Hinduism , Islam, Catholicism or any other religion for that matter can not save you from Sin, Hell, and Death. These belief system are  not the way. Jesus Christ is the only one who said “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the father (God), except through me.”  He is the only one who made this claim, and rose again from the dead.  No one else could.  Jesus is the Son of God, and he died for you, to pay for your sins. Your choice, believe it or not.

  • Annie

    Tell us about your childhood, Christian.

  •  Ms Amy, no sock-puppet here.  I guess you have never used more than one account to log into patheos.  Well guess what –  I do.  And yes your conclusion that Repent Trust and Believe, is also Michael Corrothers is correct, and I log in with different accounts depending on where I’m located.  I’m definately not random, or lazy, perhaps that is a Freudian slip on your part.  Crazy sounding theist or not, here I am.  So you don’t have to be tentative any more. Except with your Christian friends.

  •  Joshua, morals or not you will have to answer to Him (God).

  • No, he’s not the only one to make the claim, nor the only one supposedly risen from the dead.  History is riddled with prophets and messiahs.  You’ve picked the one you were probably taught as a child.  You know because you know.

  • So to be clear you are asserting that the sole reason to accept your deity is the threat of punishment? So this deity isn’t a source of morality, has no moral or ethical standing, and a normal five year old child has more empathy than it? If you honestly think that, what makes you think this entity has told you the truth about the nature of the afterlife? It creates a universe where it tortures people for eternity but doesn’t ever lie? 

  • Annie

    Didn’t you say you were signing off over an hour ago?  If you are still on, please answer the questions posed to you.  You are using the tactic of avoiding topics you can’t answer and trying to distract people with more nonsense.  Either answer people’s questions or go to bed.  I don’t want to give you the false sense that you had any credibility in the first place, but every time you skirt a question, you lose even more.

  • Brojim3

    I am pro choice in this matter.  I may not have done as John did, but if John wanted to do it then that is his choice to do so.

  • Jo

    “Yes that is a bible verse my Atheist friend.”My goodness a Christian quoting the bible?? Now I’ve seen everything

  • Myclad

    “But woe to you Pharisees! For you tithe mint and rue and all manner of herbs, and pass by justice and the love of God. These you ought to have done, without leaving the others undone.

    The devil blinds many street preachers from seeing and diseminating the LOVE OF GOD! What John M. was preaching was correct biblically but it was the wrong place, wrong spirit, wrong tone and wrong heart!

  • at least you tried

    lol, prove it

  • SphericalBunny

    “Bunny, I don’t have the time to debate you any further” You didn’t ‘debate’ me in the first place, snookums, but thanx for admitting you had nothing but bald assertion and you were unable to reply coherently to anything I said.

    You also said that God was fair + would ‘hear my case’ after I died, then asserted that actually no, by the time I was dead it would be too late. So, you think your God is an unfair trickster now? Sounds marvellous, but I’ll pass, cheers 🙂
    ” I’m not going to lie to you” You have. Repeatedly. You’re a terrible excuse for a  Christian really, aren’t you?

  • Belinda

    Never heard him yell or scream in the video….he should have been allowed to speak at his granmothers funeral without all the nuts jumping up after him because HE WAS telling the truth….

  • XD

    Ummm…. that wasn’t conviction you were seeing: that was annoyance and sheer pissed-offness his family was exhibiting. Mr. Jesus T-Shirt Inconsiderate Funeral Interrupter guaranteed 100% that nobody would be “convicted” by his message through his insensitivity and rudeness. Too bad, Servant_2! Guess PREACHIN’ an’ TEACHIN’ “GOD’S HOLY WORD AMEN BROTHA GET SAVED” doesn’t work too well when you’re just being an asshole now, does it? Thought so. 1st requirement for an evangelist: don’t be an idiot! Wow, who’da thought?

  • Bsix

    Um, I’m not sure I want you to “show” me anything in a “private area.” Typical child molester “christian” on the loose!

    But seriously… atheists aren’t people who don’t like God. They just don’t think he exists. At all. It’s not that I don’t like the pink unicorns; it’s just that I don’t think they exist. Guess ignorance breeds ignorance. :/

  • Belinda

    Its a chicken and coward who deletes comments that dont agree with their issues….This man should have been allowed to speak at his own grandmothers funeral……thats just ludicrous…Like I said BEFORE, he was telling the TRUTH!!   It’s alot easier to and normal to believe there IS a God than to believe there isnt…..

  • belinda

    So what if he eats healthy…more power to him!!

  • Nobody has deleted your comments.  They’re all here.  Just refresh the page and ‘load more comments’ at the bottom.

    Free speech doesn’t you mean everyone else has to listen.  He has lots of other times and places he can babble.  If they let him interrupt the funeral, he would have gone on all day.  That’s not fair to the rest of the room since they had all heard it before, and didn’t go there to hear him.

    Just because something is ‘easier’ to believe doesn’t make it true.   It’s ‘easier’ to believe that a 6″ ball of lead will fall faster than a 6″ ball of wood.  But that doesn’t make it true.

  • Christian

    “When he was asked to leave… End of Story”

    It’s his own grandmother.  He could have easily asked the others to leave for not allowing him to speak at his grandmothers funeral.  Now it’s trespassing for them. This is not a standard, it’s mere numbers… might = right? wrong.

    What’s MORE embarrassing to refute your claim of the “law of the land” is that since the preacher was not arrested, but I know the police eventually DID catch up with him to ask him about the situation down the road.  The people  who attempted to stop him from preaching LIED and claimed the preacher assaulted them—but then he showed the officer the video footage and asked if he wanted to press charges against his family.  He declined and forgave them.

    Keep trying, I’m waiting for this invisible standard why this is such a “despicable” act…  I see no proof of it, give me evidence I can use my 5 senses to appeal to it being true!  I think it’s really all just in your mind.

  • Annie

    Well said!

  • Christian

    Quickly put, raised in a professing Christian American home, was forced to go to a Methodist church with a male pastor, then later a female “pastor.”

    About 14 rejected God and parents despite still being forced to go to the building once a week until I was 18.  The day I turned 18, stopped attending with them.

    About 19 declared atheism openly and debated parents all the time–and by 20-21 was a nihilist.

  • Christian

    You asked for proof that your views were illogical, I gave you questions—maybe you should go re-read the questions.  Unless I’m wrong in my assumption, I assume you agree with the original blog post for the most part?

    I’m showing you proof how your views are illogical, answer the questions honestly.  

    Where are you getting this standard by which you, as an atheist are judging this act of preaching in a church(at a funeral) as wrong? immoral? despicable?

    The proof is in the fact that you’re contradictory in your own worldview, and attempting to borrow from mine to make your “standard.”  Answer the above question.  You in effect are proving my view with your own words.

  • It doesn’t matter who’s in the coffin.  That doesn’t give him carte blanche to take over the proceedings.  He can arrange is own funeral for his own grandmother and speak to his heart’s content if he wants.  Unless I’m very much mistaken, he didn’t make the arrangements for his grandmother’s funeral, did he?

     If he had asked for a specific amount of time on the agenda to speak, and been refused, then I might have some sympathy.No, might doesn’t equal right.  Nor does being loud and obnoxious.  Just because he was willing to interrupt someone else and talk louder than anyone else doesn’t give him the right.  The family’s mistake is that they were too polite in the first place.That he was not arrested doesn’t affect whether he was breaking the law.  And the actions of the family (if they did indeed lie to police) say nothing about his actions.  A second wrong doesn’t make the first wrong right.And no I’m not going to ‘keep trying’.  You hold being an asshole as a noble venture.  Since you’re so big on absolute morality, I’m sure you have a Bible verse for your “Thou shalt be an asshole”.

  • Annie

    Christian wrote: “Where are you getting this standard by which you, as an atheist are
    judging this act of preaching in a church(at a funeral) as wrong?
    immoral? despicable?”

    (These are my personal views and are not at all intended to represent everyone here.)

    Every species on this planet has one inherent goal- to make sure its species survives.  This is why we see such fascinating ways plants have evolved to disperse their seeds, and why certain animal groups behave the way they do. 

    Humans, are a communal animal.  Our species has survived and flourished because we benefit from others in our tribe through shared work, innovation, etc.  Try to imagine the industrial revolution if humans were solitary… it would have never happened.

    Because we are communal animals, and benefit from others, we need to get along.  Doing good for another person is the same as doing something good for yourself- at advances your tribe.  The downside to this is that some people have yet to accept our species as a global tribe, and so we have negative aspects of tribalism as well (bigotry, hurting or even murdering people who are different from us, fear of others, etc.).

    Be being kind and helpful, and basically by making my world a better place, I help insure that my offspring will live in a good place too, and survive long enough to reproduce.

    You stated that you are an nihilist.  I am not.  I think morality is the byproduct of this inherent need to perpetuate a species. 

    And yes, I disagree with the idea of using a ceremony for people to mourn and grieve in community as an opportunity to spread your own beliefs, regardless of what those may be.  McGlone’s tactics lacked sympathy, certainly empathy, and most basically, tact.  His premeditated bullying tactics were not welcome, and when he first was told to stop, he should have.  They showed empathy for him by inviting him to the ceremony, even though they probably knew this could be the outcome.  He returned their kindness by being disrespectful.  And personally, I don’t think he came there to try and convince them to repent, I think he came to show them how much of a “better Christian” he is than they are.  At least that was my impression.

  • kaydenpat

    “Keyboard Cat”

    I’ve never heard that term before. LOL!

  • kaydenpat

    What does believing in God have to do with this man disrupting his Grandmother’s funeral?

  • Something else I thought of over night, a useful gauge for the ethics of  a question is: what if everybody did this?  So, in this case, what if every person in the church decided to interrupt the proceedings and speak their piece out of turn ignoring everyone else?

  • Annie

    Excellent point, Rich.  Also, I would probably have a little more sympathy for McGlone if I thought this was an impulsive outburst brought on by grief… but the cameraman at the ready tells us this was planned.

  • amycas

    She said,”I continue to exist whether you believe in me or not” And you said,”We will see.” I misinterpreted it to mean that her continued existence is questionable.

    I’m not too concerned about this supposed god’s “justice.” If it exists and acts the way you say it does, then it is not a just god. I will have no part in worshiping or bowing to it. The fact that you seem to think it is justice is what’s creepy.

  • amycas

     Sock-puppeting is when you log in under different names in order to create confusion and build an illusion that a particular viewpoint is shared by many. You probably weren’t doing that on purpose, but it did create confusion, as I thought at first that the two nyms were from different people. I used to not have a permanent patheos log in, but when I commented I would stick to the same nym for that entire thread. Sometimes I would switch to a different nym on a different thread depending on the sensitive nature of some posts. But switching from one name to another in the context of one thread without announcing it and/or using a signature at the bottom of the comment creates unnecessary confusion.

  • amycas

    I believe that swooshing noise is the sound of Rich’s point flying way over your head.

  • amycas

     I don’t know how to do the little symbol 🙁

  • amycas

     I did study the Bible myself, that study did not lead me to any one denomination or sect, because every denomination and sect has verses that support their interpretation of what god/jesus want. My interpretation of the Bible was different from everybody else’s. How was I to know if I was right, or if they were right? You didn’t really answer my question.

  • amycas

    Why did you put quotes around pastor when it was a female? Are women not able to pastor or lead people?  Or is it the case where that particular pastor was just not very good at her job? If that’s the case, then you might want to reconsider your phrasing.

  • ®
    That is
    & #174;
    (with no spaces)
    http://www.ascii.cl/htmlcodes.htm for more

  • amycas

    What charges could he press against his family exactly? He was not assaulted. He was asked to leave and he refused. They helped him out the door. He was not handled with unnecessary force at all. Churches are private property, so if you’re asked to leave, then you have to leave, and they are allowed to use force to get you to leave.

  • amycas

    If you speak up at a funeral and your words are drowning out the preacher’s word (the preacher who has a microphone), then you are yelling. Why exactly would you characterize the family members who wanted to mourn their grandmother’s death in peace as teh “nuts” in this scenario? 

  • NickDB

     🙂 Other than copying and pasting it, neither do I 🙂

  • Hisholinessrev

    Go away, you dumb fundie.  Your a disgrace to the whole human race. 

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