So That’s Why the Church Opposes Dungeons & Dragons… June 9, 2012

So That’s Why the Church Opposes Dungeons & Dragons…

The rest of the strip is here 🙂

(via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

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  • forever alone.

  • Hey now that’s not funny. You guys with your damned sick joking prejudices and screwy, damn, damn, damn, You YOU,you, damned you bastards for this one. You just can’t post stuff like that and expect to just about about a saturday like this, and I don’t even think this mak…

    …okay, it might be just a little close to home.


  • TiltedHorizon

    I’m interpreting this comic as portraying those who play D&D too geeky to win the affections of the opposite sex. Therefore D&D is a form a birth control.

    I would cry foul but it does explain the entire period of  celibacy during my adolescence.  Damn you multi-sided dice!


  • Most of the gamers I know have wives or husbands…

  • Also in D&D when a priest prays to their god, something happens! D&D presents a world as it would be if the claims religion makes about prayer were true.

  • John F

    If it weren’t for D&D, I would never have met or hung out with my wife, so it kind of had the opposite effect for me.

  • HowlerUK

    I’d say 95% of the gamers I know are atheists… 

  • Ida Know

    Ahahaha! D&D players and geeks in general are pathetic virgins!  Hohoho!  Never heard that one before!


    I guess my D&D friends who have kids must have used the Summon Baby spell.

  • Jennifermn21

    I love Dungeons and Dragons. Depending on who you play with, it can be a really exciting (and often really funny) game. The stereotype that it’s just for introverts, nerds, and virgins is ridiculous, because once we’re in character, we’ll run down the halls of my school attacking random people with our imaginary swords if we feel like it, and I know a lot of the guys that play with us are way too hot to be virgins by anything but choice.
    But yeah, we’re all nerds. 😀

  • advancedatheist

    Notice that when a fictional story shows religious woo working, we usually call it “myth,” “fantasy” or “horror.” Of course, fictional accounts can also show, say, firearms working, but we usually call those stories by other names depending on the context like “Westerns,” “detective stories,” “political thrillers” and so forth, because we know that firearms, unlike prayers, work in the real world.

  • MegaZeusThor

    As an aside, Dungeons and Dragons was the first place I came across a definition for raise dead and resurrection. (I may have heard of resurrection before, but didn’t really clue into what it was supposed to be all about.)

    DnD made religious ideas seem like they should be in a fantasy novel, not real life. Good stuff.

  • MichaelD

    Roll eyes…. 

  • Edmond

    I didn’t think it could be the dragons, just ask Ken Ham…

  • Dukebooty

    Wait, D&D is for virgins? I can remember at least one occasion where I encountered a Giant Beaver, and let me tell you, I slayed it.

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