Mr Deity Presents: My Best Friend, the Torturer June 8, 2012

Mr Deity Presents: My Best Friend, the Torturer

The always excellent Mr. Deity presents us with an absurd situation that is simply accepted by so many: loving someone who is set on torturing your loved ones.

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  • MegaZeusThor

    Brian has great way of presenting things. It’s like fine Science-fiction.

  • As much as the message was not out-of-line with my own views, the delivery was so strong that I felt like I’d been hit.  This one isn’t funny like his other videos.  At least I sure didn’t crack any smiles.

  • Gwen


  • Thin-ice

    I think that was his point. The doctrine of Hell is not funny. Not one damn bit. Imposing it’s belief on young children is a form of torture in itself. I’d like to show this to every christian member of my family, if I had the nerve. We need to start shaking up the evangelical community with the reality of what a monstrous belief this is. 

    For myself, and many other ex-believers, the absurdity of Hell was what finally made me give the middle finger to my religious faith of 46 years.

  • I’m sure that many Christian apologists will point out that it’s Satan who tortures people. Jesus merely decides who gets sent to be tortured. So to be accurate, the video would have had Josh stuff Connie into his trunk, and his subcontractor Bill would have done the actual torturing (while providing Josh with a video feed).

    Thus, since the video isn’t 100% accurate, it’s 100% wrong. There! Problem solved!

  •  It’s too bad the script didn’t include ‘torture by somebody else’. Would have been far easier to share with others that way…

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