It’s Secular Student Alliance Week! June 6, 2012

It’s Secular Student Alliance Week!

The Secular Student Alliance is hosting a BIG event online this week known as SSAweek (#SSAweek on Twitter if you want to follow it)! More than 20 people/bloggers are participating, donating their time and efforts to promote the organization and bring in funding for the upcoming school year.

It began today with an AMA on Reddit with Todd Stiefel of Stiefel Freethought Foundation. Todd also kicked off the campaign with a $50,000 donation to the organization!

SSAweek is actually 10 days long, but that’s because the goal is to raise $100,000 by the end of the week — in other words, $10,000 per day. Can they do it? They have a head start thanks to Todd, so I think it’s a pretty feasible goal. There are a lot of crazy blog-a-thons going on this week ending with Jen McCreight‘s annual blogathon, where she blogs every half hour for 24 hours (and hopefully doesn’t go insane in the process). You can check out the schedule for the week here!

If you want to show your support for the Secular Student Alliance, you can donate here. You can also show your support by changing your cover picture on Facebook to one of the images below!

I’m also participating in SSAweek, but rather than blogging myself into oblivion, I am crocheting a different item every day and auctioning them off on eBay. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Secular Student Alliance, obviously. Today’s item is a Flying Spaghetti Monster! I made these last summer for all the bloggers who participated in raising money for Camp Quest (which means Hemant has one!) and now you can be part of the elite few by bidding on it.

I have nine more items to make for SSAweek. so I’m going to need some inspiration. Leave your suggestions for items for me to make in the comments! 🙂

Also, Hemant says he’ll do anything you want* if you donate more than $100.

(Hemant adds: *With exceptions…)

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  • Julia

    Thanks, Kelley – I took one of the FB page covers 🙂 Happy SSA week!

  • Kate Donovan

    Hats! And then model them for Gordon’s Atheists in Hats tumblr! (which is also participating in SSAWeek)

  • Kathryn

    The crocheted FSMs are adorable! Where did you get the pattern? If you made it up, would you be willing to write it out and sell it for the cause? There are similar ones on Ravelry, but I think this one is my favorite!

  • ramenneedles

    It’s based on Sue Henry’s pattern on Ravelry. I do my eye stalks a little differently – rather than making the three separate pieces for the eyes, I crocheted them in the round and made them one piece. Does that make sense? 😀

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